2015/2016 New Years AFFIRMATI0NS

om Lokah Samasta Sukinho Bhavantu (may all beings in all universes know happiness) om (Apologies for the typos, I’m in a rush AND some of the keys aren’t working! But I have been increasingly slack with the typos this year!) I am infinite. I am a multi-dimensional being. The future is infinite potential. I can haveContinue reading “2015/2016 New Years AFFIRMATI0NS”

The World WILL Know My Name (I’m Amazing)

Some more audacious, obnoxious, “I’m not depressed anymore” bars…  THE WORLD WILL KNOW MY NAAAME! Oh him? Visualising success, abundance flowin’, Balance growin’, Enjoying the quantum flow, I feel like a million bucks, enjoying the power of saying “no thankyou” to the average crutch, even though I love sex, I love the power of sayingContinue reading “The World WILL Know My Name (I’m Amazing)”

This Time Last Year

This time last year I would have described myself as depressed. I’m not now. I’ve not been writing philosophical essays so much recently. Writing in that way for me tends to come out of introspection, often fuelled by depression. I’ve been in a good mood generally recently. I’ve been writing more raps again. It’s easierContinue reading “This Time Last Year”

Poet Flowin #bars

Poet flowin better than yer average rapper, not line toeing, rapper goin deeper than yer average poet, knowing you won’t win, They say he wouldn’t get so deep if it’s sales he’s after, but I’m showin I’m down for the cause but of course selling to the growing chosen Cos universal consciousness is growin, theContinue reading “Poet Flowin #bars”

Brand new KP Kev the Poet EP! BLESS EVERYTHING (The Chariot)

https://kpkevthepoet.bandcamp.com/album/bless-everything-the-chariot I HAVE A BRAND NEW KP KEV THE POET EP! I really think you need to hear this. I have a new 7 track EP of Glitch-Hop Poetry produced, mixed and mastered entirely by King Slim. It’s called BLESS EVERYTHING and it’s coming out in time for Winter Solstice December 21st. BRAND NEW EPContinue reading “Brand new KP Kev the Poet EP! BLESS EVERYTHING (The Chariot)”

Na Blame

I stopped blaming my parents for circumstances I was born in, between lifetimes I could imagine my soul ignoring the warnin’. We were all born in the context of global warming, and the military industrial complex’s Cold Warring. I stopped blaming politicians cos their third eyes need opticians. I used to rinse em n dissContinue reading “Na Blame”

The Illusions of Space, Time and Self

So I don’t know what “I” means. I don’t know where I end and the rest of the universe begins. Einstein said that time is an illusion. But then death and birth are simultaneous, as is the rest of life. But if self is an illusion, and time is an illusion what are we allContinue reading “The Illusions of Space, Time and Self”

Love, Death and More Love

The inevitability of death is most painful to me right now, the feeling will pass and it’s such a typical existential angst that it hardly seems worth mentioning. But it’s there at the back of my mind, that and an inability to express my love for everyone to the extent I would like to. EitherContinue reading “Love, Death and More Love”

Out Here and Shining

I got a reason to be confident, if not arrogant or cocky, tryin to stop me climbing’s like tryin to stop the sun from shining, you couldn’t stop me if you were a dark cloud on a cold morn, my reign is destined like sunlight on a cold dawn destined like the drop after theContinue reading “Out Here and Shining”

Kevin Panton – If I had a Wikipedia page…

Kevin Huntley Panton aka KP Kev the Poet (born May, 1980) is a multi-media writer and performer; rapper, poet, singer, dancer, comic-book author, blogger, teacher and poetry workshop coordinator. 1 Biography 2 Artistry 2.1 Influences 2.2 Musical style 3 Personal life 4 Discography 5 References / External links Biography 1980–2010: Early life and career beginningsContinue reading “Kevin Panton – If I had a Wikipedia page…”