Apocalypse Never (Sinking Ship part 2)

Maybe the apocalypse is ALWAYS tomorrow,
So tapdance on the sinking ship, don’t wallow in sorrow,
Maybe the ship will always and forever be sinking,
They say time doesn’t exist, it’s not what we’ve been thinking.

Sugar… Is highly addictive
And besides heartbreak toothache’s the worst pain I’ve self inflicted,
I got a sweet tooth, I was highly addicted,
So before I get a silver tooth I got a silver tooth pick kid,
Ayo! … They don’t hear me tho!
Silver is a natural… Anti-bacterial!
Ayo! … They don’t hear me tho!
Silver is a natural… Anti-bacterial!
Are the tabloids the voice of the English?
Are they written for the working class?
Half are owned by an Australian millionaire,
so that thought comes right out their…
asssk questions PLEASE!
It looks like the media won all of our last elections. Sheeze!
Ask questions please,
it looks like the media won all of our last elections. Sheeze!
Tabloids tell the working class what the rich want them to think.
Trying to keep the class war right on the brink.
But there’s no separation, our circles all link.
In a Flower of Life. Consciousness or awareness can’t sink.

Maybe the apocalypse is always tomorrow
Maybe Nibiru is always coming.
Maybe the apocalypse is always tomorrow
Maybe the harbingers of doom are always drumming.

So tap dance on the sinking ship but steer it in a direction, Maybe no more fossil fuel power station erection.
Dance as she goes down but be an inspiration for the next generation plug the holes in the ship and give Earth a transformation.

Maybe the ship will always and forever be sinking.
They say time doesn’t exist, it’s not what we’ve been thinking.
But there’s no separation. Our circles all link
In a Flower of life. Consciousness or awareness can’t sink.



Ravin all the way to the grave…

[Work in progress]

Back in the day , I might have still been a teen
I was writing interviews for Undercover magazine

I saw him on Channel U, did an interview with Akala
Back when mans were raving at Bagglys n Scala.

Back then to me? UK Hip-Hop lived at Camden Underworld
a night called Kung Fu, open mic cyphers and fun with girls,

Deal Real Records, Mr Bongos. What you know about?
Take it back, Mudfam in Mudlumz at Powerhouse.

Another interview I found out MO Ngo used to smash poetry nights,
Itchy London town, the glamour hides needles and pipes.

Back then I was smoking green crops, never brown, never rocks,
I myself switched to poetry after watching Chris Paradox.

In Project 142, 491 Gallery, London’s progressive squats
In nights called ‘Gods and Goddesses’ teaching us to be Gods.

He was teaching the basics of the illusion and Matrix
and details of Mayan calendars, easily my favourite.

That was before he lost a leg… and wow…
Would you believe he’s even more inspiring now.

Back in the days… before I bounced to Bristol.
Back in the days… before I ate a crystal.

Back in the days before I left crowds astounded…
(But desperately needed to get grounded.)

Bristol raves skanking shaking dreds,
before Happy Daze, raving at Bambi Legs,

Before Bambi Legs, Dissident, DMT, Jungletek
Before people died it looked like they had fun with ket.

Bristol raves. I was a judgemental hippy.
High on superfoods, but ravers didn’t need my pity.

And self righteousness didn’t make me immune to stressin.
But if I stayed on the cacao I might have dodged depression.

These days I might go to less raves but that’s not the lesson.
We’ll all end up in the grave, and that’s no curse, it’s a blessin.


To be fair I’m not suggesting that you eat unhealthy. In fact regardless of the inevitabilty of death I wouldn’t rush to it, and I’d appreciate what you have when you have it. But there’s no point denying denying the truth or being riddled with guilt or self loathing if you fail to stick to your diet / gym routine / sleep routine. I guess you can take this any way you want but when I read this I think “don’t take it all so seriously”, I don’t think “stop trying.”

Tap dancing on a sinking ship #unitedwestand

My attitude changed alot in the past couple of weeks… From borderline depression to optimistic “tap dancing on the deck of a sinking ship.”
Well the two things upsetting me were a combination of essay stress and the state of the world with increased racism on both sides of the Atlantic. And feeling like I was too stretched thin to do anything about either and wanting to do more than I could.
Then I got an extension on my essay and I spent a weekend with a friend going through way more heavy, emotional stuff than me. And we healed each other, made each other laugh, supported each other’s views and emotions and reflected on each other’s experiences.
But also I looked back on journals and stuff I’d been writing for the past year or two and realised there’s always a boogie-man and there’s always a new demon about to take office and on one level absolutely nothing has changed while on the surface it looks like everything has changed. I’ll always be on the same mission whether it’s Theresa May or David Cameron. I’ll probably be on the same mission when Corbyn’s in power, I’ll just be upset with another dictator somewhere else.
A friend’s recent status about the embodied practice of being still in uncertainty encapsulates it well actually.
Things SEEM more uncertain after Brexit. But uncertainty is always the case. Any one of us could get hit by a meteor any moment. We just spread the love til our moment comes.
Also I can’t compete with the reach of lying newspapers and politicians YET (allow the blame game), but I can co-create culture, spread love, and shed light on the next generation.
We’re all gonna die. So laugh while you can.
“It’s all just jokes man” said Craig Reynolds. Damn right.
Also “everything’s already accomplished” Candace via Craig. It’s true, everything’s already accomplished cos time is an illusion, that’s science that is.
Respect due to Dar Pardon, Heather Renee and Madeleine Aguirre for the inspiration.
(it probably only looks like the ship is sinking cos the sea levels are rising)

Why are people racist? And how can we stop it? #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #

Why are people racist?
(Warning. I may mention my penis.)

I don’t understand racism. It just seems silly to me. I probably never will.

Why are people racist?
Maybe some people have the opposite of unity consciousness? Some people see it like football teams. “If you’re not on my team you’re an opponent.” But that is not just a white thing. I have heard plenty of pro-black rhetoric that claims all white people are evil devils who want to kill the black man. It’s easy for me to think that’s ridiculous cos most of my friends are white. But how many of them would have a problem with me dating their daughter? How may black people would have a problem with me dating a white woman?

Why are people racist?

Is it just insecurity?
Rumours of big penises that they then blame for being single and lonely? Well I’m pretty average sized, at least when I’m not excited. I dare say it’s majestic at full-mast, but it’s not scary. Nothing to be threatened about, ask anybody at Lost Horizons (it’s a sauna, not a brothel), when flaccid it’s pretty average.

Why are people racist?

Is it because they were brought up by racist parents?
An unfortunate hand-me-down they never thought about, like religion for so many others? That’s what I used to think and I suspect that’s still the main reason, an ideology they’ve been handed down but if that’s the case there should be less racism as each generation is more well informed than the last.

Why are people racist?

Is it divide an conquer?
Are we socially engineered to hate each other by the media so that the elite 1% can profit from the fear and confusion? The conspiracy theorist in me intuitively wants to believe this but I can’t logically see how that profits anyone. I can see on a broad scale how racism is used to justify war and I see how that is profitable. But racism in general, particularly domestic racism, just doesn’t seem to make sense. Maybe it is global though, racism justified the invasion of various lands full of “savages” in the past and was used to justify war recently too. For example they claimed that Al Quaeda from Afghanistan committed 9/11 (I’m not getting into that in detail now, false flags is another class.) Then they used that to justify attacking Iraq. Thousands of miles from Afghanistan. The only similarity was skin tone. It made no sense whatsoever but they linked them all through a fictional, and racist “axis of evil”.

Why are people racist?

Is it because people fear what they don’t know? Therefore segregation breeds fear and discontent? In the 80s I remember racism, NF (National Front) carved into school desks. By the 90s, at least in North London, Indian, Pakistani and Caribbean kids were so well integrated racism was clearly wrong because we all liked the same music, spoke the same, fancied the same celebrities. People are people. In my view racism has grown again since due to segregated communities. It would be a violation of human rights to tell people they can’t settle in their communities though so I have no solution for that.

Why are the police racist? (No, not all of them, but…)

Twice the British police have admitted institutionalised racism (google it, {I know you won’t you lazy bastards}.) What does that even mean? I guess it must mean you’re more either more likely to get hired if you’re racist or more likely to get promoted. Either way, the fact that they can even say “institutionalised racism” with a straight face in mainstream media is terrifying and sad? I wonder how black and Asian police officers feel about that? I wonder how many of them know. They probably won’t google either.

I don’t understand racism. It just seems silly to me. I hope I never will.

Why are people racist? Perhaps if we can answer that, and get to the root of it we can answer the more important question… How can we end racism? Peacefully?



{in case you don’t google} – https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jun/05/met-chief-admits-institutional-racism-claims-have-some-justification




The Raven, The Knight and The Lion

Elijah was fed by a raven in the wilderness.

The scholar became the warrior, the knight.
The knight illuminated their heart and became the lion.
The lion represented their tribe, their culture as a symbol and as a king.
The king became one with the sun.

“Brother or sister – what ails thee ” asked the Knights of the Grail.

Be your own guru and guide your own evolution through fear and pain to love and joy. You’re the only one qualified for the job.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 21.11.36