Apocalypse Never (Sinking Ship part 2)

Maybe the apocalypse is ALWAYS tomorrow, So tapdance on the sinking ship, don’t wallow in sorrow, Maybe the ship will always and forever be sinking, They say time doesn’t exist, it’s not what we’ve been thinking. Sugar… Is highly addictive And besides heartbreak toothache’s the worst pain I’ve self inflicted, I got a sweet tooth, […]

Reblogging: I don’t repost other people’s blogs very often. But some stories have to be shared… “I Just Saw this Picture and I’m So Disturbed. Because it’s Me.”

This morning The Love Life of an Asian Guy posted this picture on facebook with the following commentary: This is one of the most powerful images I’ve seen in years. You’re peeking dir… Source: I Just Saw this Picture and I’m So Disturbed. Because it’s Me.

Why are people racist? And how can we stop it? #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #

Why are people racist? (Warning. I may mention my penis.) I don’t understand racism. It just seems silly to me. I probably never will. Why are people racist? Maybe some people have the opposite of unity consciousness? Some people see it like football teams. “If you’re not on my team you’re an opponent.” But that […]