Satisfied and Content

Satisfied and Content

I want to be happy, healthy and wealthy, inspired and inspiring
with the freedom to travel letting mind and ego unravel,

and the confidence to help others, my sisters and brothers,
content on my own but happy with a lover who inspires me

as I inspire her, to love myself and respect myself and my health,
as we love each other and respect each other, Love inside her, Love inside me.

Music, poems and positive vibes spreading far and wide,
surrounded by my peoples – The one love tribe.

Hugs and cuddles on tap. Plenty of time to rap…
No need to make time for bullcrap,

Nature only a short walk away, or right on my front door…
… Who could want more? Me.

Lots of cash money honey to invest in
mutually beneficial projects n blessings.

Emotional maturity, non-violent communication
love and forgiveness for good vibration.

One with the universe and the flow and that is why,
I’m comfortable, relaxed and satisfied,

one with the quantum field and that is why,
I’m comfortable, relaxed and satisfied.

Getting fed and pulling much better than thread and that is why
I’m comfortable, relaxed and satisfied,

I’m comfortable and relaxed and that is why
I look comfortable, relaxed and satisfied.

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Consciousness Evolution, emotional maturity, Ascension, Evos, Jesus Christ and Jedi Knights #fourbloodmoons #evolvewiththeeclipse #itsjustastory

I think we might all be evolving on an energetic level and I think the coming eclipse might be part of it. No, I don’t think the four blood moon prophecies are apocalyptic in the way some television Evangelists are saying, but actually I do as the word apocalypse directly translates to the word “revealing” or “unveiling” – I think that we’re waking up.

Only from a certain point of view. From another point of view we’re all already enlightened as soon as we remember to tune into who and what we really are, one with the mind of Mother Nature and one with the mind of the Universe. From a certain point of view this is all just another story. But from the point of view of linear time, I feel like we’re evolving energetically and emotionally and the eclipses may well be involved. 

That sort of theory I usually keep to myself, David Wilcock’s been saying something similar since before 2012 (although at the time he seemed to think it would be immediate around Winter Solstice 2012) but consciousness evolution makes the most sense to me. Obviously I’m not completely sold on any theory, the future’s infinite potential, but I like that one and it feels right. On a personal level? I feel sensitive but inspired today, feeling quite emotional. Hard to tell how much is anxiety, or how much is astrological, pre-eclipse, galactic upgrades downloading!

You do not have to believe in the Church to believe in Jesus. I know the Bible was edited by the Roman politician Emperor Constantine (at the famous Council of Nicene). I know the Church has been accused of many crimes. But I know the Church is a massive organisation made of individuals with different agendas. Some of those agendas may be what we consider ‘evil’ but most Christians are good people and regardless of individuality really there’s no independent nature to anything or anyone, it’s all connected. It’s easy to say “it’s all lies”, it’s braver to say “I don’t know what to believe.” Braver, more difficult, but it feels more accurate.

I still resonate with the words of Christ, “who believes in me and the things I do shall do the things I do and greater.” John 14:12. Whether those were the words of Jesus or of a previous teacher by a different name as implied by the film Zeitgeist doesn’t matter, do you believe humanity’s potential is greater than limits of Newtonian physics, which implied only solid matter could have an effect on solid matter? Do you believe humanity’s potential is infinite in the quantum field where thoughts effect matter, hearts emit waves that affect the energy around them? I have seen hands free energetic healing,I have felt it myself, I have seen coincidences that felt like Divine planning, I have read countless scientific research to support the idea that thoughts affect reality in a way that does not seem logical in the outdated paradigm, I know the so called ‘placebo effect’ is often more effective than medicine – that is an overlooked miracle. I have seen enough to believe.

Do I think we’re all going to become psychic energetic healers, superheroes and Jedi Knights overnight? No, (but that would be nice!)

The real spiritual work is getting real with yourself. Emotionally. Logically. The deeper the roots, the bigger the tree.

One thing life has taught me is that miracles are rarely as obvious as you’d like, real growth rarely happens overnight and real spiritual growth isn’t telekinesis, it’s emotional maturity. The universe isn’t going to give power to people who do not love themselves or cannot forgive other people. Cultivate self love and cultivate compassion for others. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love your neighbour AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

So, we can all be selfish, we can all be greedy. Before we condemn the politicians and corporations perhaps we should see our own selfish and greedy shadows. And love yourself anyway. Then we can start to have real compassion for others.

Everything cosmic has a real and grounded equivalent, for example consciousness evolution may require self love and emotional maturity and the ability to forgive others may have a direct correlation to your ability to love yourself. Everything real and grounded, for example feeling sexual arousal, also has a cosmic equivalent, for example kundalini rising. Kundalini is the tantric energy that can be redirected to creativity and/or spiritual power. My friend Joel said “I might just add that peeps might be busy tryin to access higher realms, but forget to clean their room” which he underlined by following with a Zen saying I have heard before, and synchronistically frequently quote myself “before enlightenment – chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment – chop wood and carry water.”

I may have some distance to go myself. I love myself more than I ever did, (well at least more than I did before incarnation, puberty and life in modern society taught me not to). I love myself not in arrogance but compassion for my shadows and appreciation of my strengths, but I still have a few harsh judgements of myself and others, particularly the governments and corporations. I say this because I want you to know I am no guru, nor am I trying to be one. I just feel compelled to share the lessons the universe has given me. Also, as Joel said, I have to clean my room! haha

Apocalypse is derived from the Greek word apokalypsis. Although it’s often used to describe a great devastation or cataclysm, the literal meaning of apocalypse is actually an unveiling, or revealing.” Wayne Blank

So, in conclusion – I believe we are evolving, “apocalypse” translates to “revealing”, it’s not the end of the world but hopefully the end of the tyranny of the archons. You do not have to believe in the Church to believe in Jesus. Most Christians are positive people, but the Church has committed many crimes against humanity over the centuries, from ordering genocide to hiding priests who have committed abuse. But most Christians had nothing to do with either of those things and that doesn’t affect the power of the words “love thy neighbour” or “do unto others”. The Christ archetype still has power. You do not have to believe in the Church to believe in Jesus, if you have been educated by Zeitgeist’s explanation for the Christ archetype you do not even have to believe that depiction of Christ is accurate to believe in his words. I’m not asking you to call yourself a Christian, I’m not asking you to follow the Church, I’m asking you to believe that what we call miracles are possible. Why? Because there is convincing scientific evidence, because I believe our evolution is past the limiting beliefs of Newtonian physics to a real knowledge and experience of quantum physics, we can heal each other and we can heal ourselves like the Christ archetype because the quantum field is affected by non-local things like our thoughts and the electromagnetic field of our hearts. But perhaps in order to heal ourselves and heal each other first we must love ourselves forgive ourselves and through empathy we can and forgive each other.

Paradoxically evolution is impossible because everyone is perfect and time is an illusion. We’re already enlightened Evos, super heroes and Jedi Knights as soon as we remember to tune into who and what we really are, one with the the mind of Mother Nature and one with the mind of the Universe. But as Einstein said, it’s a persistent one, so while it’s here that’s my perception.

It helped me to write it, I hope it helps someone to read.

God really exists, it resides inside. Anybody tryna tell you different just selling you religion, tryna keep your a$$ in line…” Killer Mike, Run the Jewels. Meow the Jewels came out today.

Question: What’s the most relevant and unique hashtag for this paradigm? #fourbloodmoons has been used to spread fear but what should the positive consciousness evolution tag be?

#Consciousnessevolution is probably used by alot of other spiritual writers.

#Quantumovernewtonian ?

#loveyourselves ?

#loveyourshadow ?

#evolvewiththeeclipse ?

My personal fave currently – #itsjustastory ?

Please comment with your favourite hashtag to spread positive vibes rather than fear. In a bit In a piece, inner peace. One.


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Energy, Love and Gratitude ॐ the guided meditation poem #meditation #poetry #poem #spokenword #spiritual

The ELG Breath poem

(Energy Love and Gratitude).

Inhale energy into your ‘dantien’ belly,

Inhale love in to your chest, love filling your breast,

Exhale gratitude. It takes you to a higher altitude,

Energy in belly, love in chest, out with gratitude, new attitude.

Inhale ‘Super-Saiyan’ energy into the belly,

Inhale love into your chest and heart. Love-chest swelling.

Exhale gratitude, for Earth, for life, for tribe.

Exhale gratitude – Buddhist monk vibe.

ॐ ༀ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ༀ ॐ

Rojava. A revolution that’s working? #rojava #revolution #democraticconfederalism

Rojava. A revolution that’s working?

“A small key can open a large door.”

Tonight I heard about Rojava for the first time. What I was told was that an area of Syria had become an unofficial free region*, using a political system which they called “Democratic Confedaralism”. This meant that nobody was completely in charge, all leadership positions were taken by two people and regularly rotated, and it is an area where gender equality is welcomed, championed, and respected. Also they give unconditional asylum to all seeking it.

It is an alternative to the two extremes we are usually force fed – democratic capitalism that encourages us to eat each other and compete for cash at the sacrifice of our humanity and ecology. Or the other extreme, the form of communism that forces everyone to be equal but equally poor at the expense of humanity and freedom. They (whoever ‘they’ are, I’d say ‘The Archons’ but essentially there’s no independent nature, ask me about it) they may want you to believe these are our only choices. There are lots of choices, lots of other options. Proportional representation would be a nice start for England I think, just a point of view. There are lots and lots and lots of other options. Democratic Confedaralism appears to be one of them.

Rojava seem to be a story of people who used to kill each other working together under a new political system that’s actually working and creating a new progressive culture. I got excited. It’s a long time since politics got me excited. Even Corbyn didn’t get me excited, just worried that he might be another liar (that old Fabian Society shaped cloud over his and Russel Brands heads) and worried that if he’s not a liar he might get assassinated before he says anything too true. But I digress (alot), I got excited about Rojava and vowed to go home, investigate and share what I find.

Here is some of what I found…

“The battle over Kobani, which began in the summer of 2014, has brought to the world’s attention the Kurdish resistance to the brutal forces that call themselves Islamic State (IS or ISIS). Contrary to the expectations of many, the defense forces have succeeded in fending off the attacks not only of ISIS, but also the al-Nusra Front and the Assad regime over the last two and a half years. Less well known, however, is the fact that residents of the predominantly Kurdish areas of northern and northeastern Syria have established themselves as a new political entity they call Rojava, comprising three autonomous cantons, one of which is Kobani. There they have undertaken, to all appearances, a social and political revolution, characterized by remarkable efforts towards gender liberation and direct democratic self-government.”

“The Rojava Revolution has probably made more concrete progress towards libertarian socialism than any other large-scale struggle at least since the Zapatista insurrection. For this reason alone it is important to engage with this struggle to support the most revolutionary elements of it and to hold it up as an international example of what the self-activity of the popular classes can accomplish.”

“In the past 33 years, the Kurdish freedom struggle, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and its leader, Abdullah Öcalan, have not only reacted to social changes but shaped them and proposed further steps in the direction of a liberated society. ”

“…the media attention was often selective and partial. The very essence of the political project in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) went unreported and Western journalists generally preferred to present the resistance in Kobani as an inexplicable exception to the supposed barbarism of the Middle East. Unsurprisingly, the victorious flag of the YPG/YPJ brandishing the iconic red star was not a pleasing image to the eyes of the Western powers. The autonomous cantons of Rojava represent a homegrown solution to the conflicts in the Middle East, focusing on gender equality, environmental sustainability and horizontal democratic processes including all different ethnic and social groups, while simultaneously resisting the terror from ISIS and rejecting both liberal democracy and capitalist modernity. ”

*I originally called it an “unofficial Free State” but was advised, “I would maybe leave away the phrasing ‘free state’ because Rojava tries not to be a state”.

Worth His Weight

I don’t say “Grab yer ankles n twerk” on stage but in privacy… I put in work,

merk mics, amps n do dirt reading A New Earth. Whose worth

his weight in gold? No doubt. Worth his weight in water in a drought!

Worth his weight in oxygen… But only when yer in outta…

space. Bumping Kapes? oh what exquisite taste!

Get in his face and tell him about it, when it comes to lyrics he’s no slouch,

without a doubt politics manifests Oscar the Grouch.

And if yer favourite rappers not me I suggest you watch yer mouth x

Archons – #gnostic #gnosticism #archon #johnlash

When a baba smokes a Chillum he says bolenath!

When Peter Tosh sensed a demon he said Bombaclat!

PatriArchy – meets demon, makes arch-enemy – Archon.

… But I’m the one they best not start on.

Cos I’ll banish them with magic spells, they run before I start one.

Anarchy means without rulers, these evil rulers are some

Archons, ruling some by money and some by sex, dragging by your – hard on.

Mother nature made ya Archons demonic by accident according to the gnostics,

who preceded the Church as we know it – even the Catholics,

protestant, pentacostal, my pent up anger’s caustic.

But these demonic Archons don’t have the same cosmic

father, without our cosmic heritage should they rule? Far from it.

The cosmic father of humanity’s the centre of the galaxy

and with that cosmic power there’s no Archon that can battle me,

we’re the sons and daughters of mother earth and galactic central,

the moon and the planets and the Suns of Anarchy,

The cosmic father of humanity’s the centre of the galaxy

and with that cosmic power there’s no Archon that can battle me,

we’re the sons and the daughters of mother earth and galactic central,

the moon, and the planets and the Suns of Anarchy.

The Story of Humanity (a point of view) #gnostic #philosophy #spirituality #consciousnessevolution

…Valid point of view. Another valid point of view is that all the 2012 prophecies of physical, mental and spiritual evolution are true, that our solar system is on a 25,000 year cycle and moving into an area of the galaxy with increased photons and cosmic energy we know little or nothing about but according to David Wilcock and fossil records prompt seemingly spontaneous evolution.
Another point of view linked to this one is that the Nag Hammadi texts were also correct and we have be ruled by Archon’s manipulating politics and monotheistic religions and as a result of this evolution humanity will wake up and realise that we’re lied to every day by media and politicians and remember that the Earth is the physical manifestation of the Goddess.
Just a point of view, just a story. Slightly less depressing than “most humans are generally thick, selfish, gullible sheeple too cowardly to even dare consider the fact that the conspiracy theories may be conspiracy facts and for all their selfishness and stupidity deserve everything the Archons have planned for them.” But, you know, that may also be a valid point of view.
A third point of view is that all of the above is BS (that’s Belief System 😉 ) and I should go to bed.
I prefer the evolution on the Goddess planet  scenario personally.

{If I could find a way to get paid for writing this stuff my life would make so much more sense on a conventional level.}

<This ‘essay’ was originally a youtube comment on this video, I just found it and thought I should share…>