KP Kev the Poet – Spring Tings! New Music

KP Kev the Poet Hello people! _ I have a few new links to share and spread the positive vibrations for the new Spring. SynchroDestiny Remix – a remix of a new song, I recorded the original at the end of last year and King Slim remixed it this week – Grip on RealityContinue reading “KP Kev the Poet – Spring Tings! New Music”

Batman vs Superman review (by an unbiased Marvel fan who liked it! Spoilers) #batmanvssuperman #bvs

Yes, another nerdy review, I told you to expect more…   Yeah, okay, I had plenty of reasons to hate this film but I didn’t, I liked it alot. I’m a Marvel fan. I hate Superman (but like Batman). Most of all I like movies with a good plot and good dialogue. Critics said itContinue reading “Batman vs Superman review (by an unbiased Marvel fan who liked it! Spoilers) #batmanvssuperman #bvs”

Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter. May we all be born again, aware of or fears but not restricted by them.   When entombed by depression may we rise from self pity and push the boulder of judgment out of our way to exit the cave of our comfort zones to ascend to our brightest destiny, budding new projectsContinue reading “Happy Easter 2016”

Fresh Realness with a Smile

Accidentally walking in like I own the place, they know the face, real recognise real, that’s how we know the fake, when life choke slams like The Undertaker we over-take, we own the race… cos we’re not known to wait. Fresh when I put pen to pad like putting Col to Gate. We co-create newContinue reading “Fresh Realness with a Smile”

On The Nature Of Anger #anger #anxiety #depression

About anger – I would like to crowdsource ideas on the nature of anger, the merits of anger and the dangers of anger (both the dangers of the expression of anger and the repression of anger) etc. There is a cultural context and a personal context (and I want to write while I’m feeling braveContinue reading “On The Nature Of Anger #anger #anxiety #depression”

Watch Daredevil Season 2 (Review) @Daredevil #Daredevil #marvel

Wow. Gangsters. Ninjas. The Punisher. Elektra. The Hand. (That’s not a spoiler unless you’e read the comics soyou know who I mean but haven’t seen the trailers son’t see any of that coming. But if you’re one of the few comic boo fans that didn’t know The Punisher was about to make an appearance youContinue reading “Watch Daredevil Season 2 (Review) @Daredevil #Daredevil #marvel”

Projections, Depressions and Lessons

Is it a tragic comedy or comedic tragedy or dream, is reality a holographic projector screen? Do we see what we believe or believe what we’ve seen? Do we all have a holographic projector screen? If I get down, I get up and rise, I spread my wings and fly friendly skies, No need forContinue reading “Projections, Depressions and Lessons”

Self Love, Self Loathing, No Self

Self Love, Self Loathing, No Self (Unfinished)   I’ve been getting the same lesson in different ways for at least 3 years – love yourself. Well what do I see here?   And for twenty years my message was to “love each other” , 20 years of spitting positive t’ings like “love your sister andContinue reading “Self Love, Self Loathing, No Self”

Serious Questions (needs and gratitude)

Have we expressed our gratitude? Have we expressed our needs? How do other people react when we don’t do what they want? How do we react when they don’t do what we want? Can we have certainty and freedom at the same time? Can we have freedom and certainty at the same time? If weContinue reading “Serious Questions (needs and gratitude)”