KP Kev the Poet – Spring Tings! New Music

KP Kev the Poet

Hello people!
I have a few new links to share and spread the positive vibrations for the new Spring.

SynchroDestiny Remix – a remix of a new song, I recorded the original at the end of last year and King Slim remixed it this week –

Grip on Reality – a new video for an old song (many people have said this is one of my best ever tracks) –

Please share Grip and/or Synchro Destiny on social media if you like them,
the number of soundcloud streams and youtube views does affect whether or not promoters and festival organisers book an artist,
it’s a practical way to help me, it’s not just an irrational ego stroke! lol

…and finally…

Roots Reggae and Positive Afiirmations podcast – on a dub tip, an hour long mix with me singing, rapping and chanting positive affrmations over dub reggae and roots!

Thanks for your time, enjoy the vibes and maybe see you at a festival this summer!
(A list of festival dates is coming to my facebook pages, don’t expect an e-mail cos some of you aren’t in England.)

Gratitude and appreciation
ॐ ༀ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ༀ ॐ
KP Kev the Poet
The SynchroFlow TV Show

An alternative reality TV show, and a musical. Showcasing consciousness evolution via UK Hip-Hop, poetry and beatboxing with vocal harmonies, discussing synchronicity.
Featuring Rodney P and Skitz, Dub FX, Kate Tempest, Buggsy, Chester P of Taskforce, The Boxettes, MC Xander, Terence Mckenna and KP Kev the Poet.


Batman vs Superman review (by an unbiased Marvel fan who liked it! Spoilers) #batmanvssuperman #bvs

Yes, another nerdy review, I told you to expect more…


Yeah, okay, I had plenty of reasons to hate this film but I didn’t, I liked it alot. I’m a Marvel fan. I hate Superman (but like Batman). Most of all I like movies with a good plot and good dialogue. Critics said it was a bad story with bad dialogue but I actually disagree, most of the story made sense but the audience was being asked to read between the lines, especially when it came to Lex Luthor’s motivations.

Some of my favourite movie critics were negatively critical, not just movie critics but comic book fans. People like John Schnepp who is a Superman fan. A main criticism was the lack of motivation for Lex Luthor.

SP0ILER ALERT – I’m pretty sure Lex Luthor was abused by his father, God didn’t come to save him and Superman is now the representative of God to Lex and Lex is taking out all his pain, guilt and hatred of God out on Superman. There is only one line that Luther says that indicates he was abused by his father but it makes everything else make way more sense, his weirdness and his hatred of God who saves who he wants and therefore Superman who saves Lois and screw everybody else. “If God is all powerful he can not be all good” and vice versa. There are so many God references, with the painting and in Luthor’s speeches but to hammer home the Biblical references they use a spear, like the one that pierced Christ and then Superman is resurrected on Easter weekend… I don’t like Superman much in general, he’s too overpowered and too damn nice but he was less of a boy scout and more of a badass in this movie without being out of character. And as far as being overpowered they levelled the playing field nicely. A dark Superman would be out of character for me unless pushed to his limit. I didn’t like the idea of Batman using guns but he is still the martial arts don that we know and love. So my reservations were fine and I think the critics just missed a couple of lines that explain plot points subtly or didn’t get it. I can’t give all the religious references or all the psychological references without spoilers. But there’s lots. It seems most critics were too cynical to get the subtlety because they weren’t expecting any and just saw a ham-fisted Justice League set up. Yeah, there are some plot holes but I expect they’ll get dealt with in the sequels and it requires the suspension of belief, particularly near the end when Doomsday is inexplicably attacking Superman (did Luthor program his spliced-gene clone to attack or does it remember Zod’s hatred or what? Why does it know to attack Superman and not Lex? The survey says – who cares? lol), but it’s a super hero movie, we knew it was imaginary. But if you wanted to see a big fight though, you got one and with a much better story than the critics would have you believe.


Despite the fact that I disagree with most of the team on their reviews of this particular film support Collider Videos for being honest, comic book loving, film and TV critics who are too nerdy and geeky to be bought by Hollywood. “Sweaties unite” indeed.




Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter. May we all be born again, aware of or fears but not restricted by them.
When entombed by depression may we rise from self pity and push the boulder of judgment out of our way to exit the cave of our comfort zones to ascend to our brightest destiny, budding new projects in the confidence of spring.
And don’t forget one of my favourite holidays, Easter Monday aka half price easter egg chocolate day 😉
Thank God for Christ Consciousness and consciousness evolution.
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Fresh Realness with a Smile

Accidentally walking in like I own the place, they know the face,
real recognise real, that’s how we know the fake,

when life choke slams like The Undertaker we over-take,
we own the race…
cos we’re not known to wait.

Fresh when I put pen to pad like putting Col to Gate.
We co-create new paths and then you beg us “hold the gate.”

So that they can follow but wait I was goin’ to say
each new height’s just a new plateau we’re not goin’ to stay.


EDIT – Hook

Real recognise real, honest acknowledge da honest

But even da most honest have dishonest moments to be honest

Dey may be dishonest with themselves if not dishonest with others

Best be honest with yourselves and extra honest with lovers

Denial/ da Nile – it’s not just a river in Egypt ya eejit.

I might stay a while n give ya fresh realness with a smile.

Denial/ da Nile – it’s not just a river in Egypt ya eejit.

I might stay a while n give ya fresh realness with a smile.



On The Nature Of Anger #anger #anxiety #depression

About anger – I would like to crowdsource ideas on the nature of anger, the merits of anger and the dangers of anger (both the dangers of the expression of anger and the repression of anger) etc.

There is a cultural context and a personal context (and I want to write while I’m feeling brave enough to not to feel ashamed and feeling clear enough to express with clarity.)

The personal context is that I have avoided my own anger and other people’s, avoided my family when there was conflict, avoided jobs with people who were likely to make me angry or upset (ie most ‘mainstream’ environments), in short I have repressed anger and chronically avoided conflict. There are pluses and minuses to this because, to be fair I am highly sensitive and prone to depression so it is sometimes wise to avoid conflict.

The cultural context overlaps the personal context. In the spiritual / new age / hippy / conscious community there is, in my opinion, an unhealthy tendency to ignore the shadows and focus solely on the light. I like to say that it’s healthiest to shine a light on the shadows and watch them disappear, by ignoring them the things we repress just seem to grow bigger and have a power they don’t really have. The spiritual archetypes are Jesus and Buddha, who are known for being chilled out and forgiving, although Jesus did throw a divine wobbly when he found the money-lenders doing business in a temple and chucked their table over (there may even have been some whipping, I can’t remember Bible study that well anymore to be honest.) It’s not ‘cool’ in the spiritual community to lose your temper with anything other than government in general. I guess even the biggest hippy would accept defending your loved ones as righteous anger. To what extent is it healthy to angrily defend your pride?

It overlaps my personal context because I think I unwittingly repressed aspects of my personality in order to be accepted (it pains me to say that I did anything to be accepted, I like to rebel against even the most rebellious of tribes / subcultures / groups.) It is more complex than that though, I honestly believed that even if I was angry there would always be a healthier way of expressing that anger and that there would always be a mutually beneficial way of getting out of the situation. I felt like there should always be a peaceful way to resolve a situation. But now as much as there are potentially infinite ways to resolve a situation there are also potentially infinite situations to resolve and some of them may be most beneficial to resolve with quick, decisive wrath.

Is anger always a bad thing?



Watch Daredevil Season 2 (Review) @Daredevil #Daredevil #marvel

Wow. Gangsters. Ninjas. The Punisher. Elektra. The Hand. (That’s not a spoiler unless you’e read the comics soyou know who I mean but haven’t seen the trailers son’t see any of that coming. But if you’re one of the few comic boo fans that didn’t know The Punisher was about to make an appearance you wouldn’t be reading a review before you watch it.)

For a Marvel comics nerd Daredevil Season 2 was a dream come true, not just because  of all the features mentioned above but because it is beautifully written, extremely well cast and acted and the tone is dark and believable.

Yes, I have a bias because I love Marvel comics. But the critics praised the first season regardless of bias, the actors and writers and excellent. So if yo like crime dramas, yol like it, if you like martial arts you’ll like it, if you like legal firm dramas (LA Law, Ally McBeal) you’ll like it. If you like all of the above and superheroes you’ll love it.

Personally is up there with the animated series, the last Air-Bender and as one of my favourite TV shows ever.

Spoiler alert below.

So the first half of the Season focuses on Frank Castle aka The Punisher. He his a brutal vigilante, ex military and willing to kill with military hardware. John Bernthal is an incredible Punisher, and credit to the writers who make him just as hard as he is in the comics but with alot more depth and emotion than we see in the comics usually. He is less caricature with more nuances and subtleties. The second half focuses on Elektra, a female assassin and love interest. It also focuses on a cult of ninjas called The Hand. And the last few episodes ties it all together. The martial arts choreography is amog the best I’ve seen (not quite up there with Ip Man or The Raid, but equal to your averag kung fu movie and better than any other series I’ve ever seen.)

And it’s dark. Boy us it dark. I’m actually quite squeamish and I would ordinarily not be able to handle these scenes, I can handle cinematic gore but not pain and torture, I had to look away from two (very brief) scenes of torture (I stopped watching Game of Thrones after watching a a small girl burn, that is not entertainment for me) but the story, the acting and the action made it all worth it.

The story and the action has me eager for the follow up series in the same universe Luke Cage and Iron Fist. And whether the next step is the team-up series The Defenders or Daredevil Season 3 I’m up for seeing more of Daredevil in whatever capacity Netflix and Marvel are willing to bring him to us.

{I know, this blog is usually emotional poetry and critiques o rap culture but I’m a nerd and I had to express myself after binging. Watch Daredevil is what I’m trying to say. I’m also mbracing my inner geek more and more so expect more of these nerdy reviews. Bless.}





Projections, Depressions and Lessons

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 17.47.43

Is it a tragic comedy or comedic tragedy or dream,
is reality a holographic projector screen?
Do we see what we believe or believe what we’ve seen?
Do we all have a holographic projector screen?

If I get down, I get up and rise,
I spread my wings and fly friendly skies,
No need for front, no need for disguise,
in a superhero stance with lightning in my eyes.


Frustrated… with my own frustration.. .
Castrated emotions fail penetration of the issue,

we’ve all got issues, we all need tissues
standard issue, their problem’s their problem and your problem is you.

Maybe there’s no problem the illusion’s the perception,
I Iove you, I’m sorry, please forgive me for my self protection.

Only you’re responsible for your own emotions, and for mental health it’s
good to remember you’re responsible for no one else’s.

A hero complex just can’t help but want to help it’s
the excuse for the restless search for the helpless,

trying to step out the mma octagon, boxers square, sumo circle
or drama triangle, can you try and use sight from my angle?

Cos when we feel rejected it’s hard not to resent it
and even if we consciously forgive our heart’s subconsciously protected.

Protected from past pain but when you add insecurity
We instinctively protect it from false fears that we’ve projected.

I projected then I wept kid.


Is it a tragic comedy or comedic tragedy or dream,
is reality a holographic projector screen?
Do we see what we believe or believe what we’ve seen?
Do we all have a holographic projector screen?

If I get down, I get up and rise,
I spread my wings and fly friendly skies,
No need for front, no need for disguise,
in a superhero stance with lightning in my eyes.