I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again.



I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again. (I didn’t start one before, I just thought about starting one before…)

When I thought about it before it was because I wanted something without dogma and rules but a framework for my spiritual preferences, namely a reverence for love and nature. Also because it may have allowed me and my loved ones exemptions to amoral laws. However I have been inspired again due to the fact that there is mounting scientific evidence that there is alot more to the universe than meets the eye, indeed there is mounting quantum evidence that there is alot more to reality than newtonian physics. There is also mounting anecdotal evidence from thousands of near death experiences that consciousness is not limited to the brain, and not limited to death even, as thousands of people have recorded memories of things they have observed while their bodies were ‘brain-dead’. On top of that the vast majority of the observations correlate, they are similar if not the same.

Is there an argument for a new religion and or spirituality and or cosmology to be created based on the scientific record of near death experiences or to a lesser extent the scientific record of past-life regression hypnotherapy? 
To the point where the evidence supports or contradicts mainstream science and/or mainstream religions?


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Love, Death and More Love

The inevitability of death is most painful to me right now, the feeling will pass and it’s such a typical existential angst that it hardly seems worth mentioning. But it’s there at the back of my mind, that and an inability to express my love for everyone to the extent I would like to. Either because I couldn’t find the words if I tried and because it’s not socially acceptable to just tell people “I fucking love you. Like so much.” (Unless they’re your partner, in which case it’s socially acceptable but preferable in private.) And thirdly the inability to express how important I feel it is for us all to express our love for each other.

I think I express it more than most. But I want to express it more. Cos one day we’ll most likely be dead.

I love you guys n gals, I love you for letting me express myself, I love you for expressing yourselves, I love you for sharing things that may be socially unacceptable in places less safe. Spread love, we might as well.

(And to quote the Vulcan’s, “live long and prosper.”) x

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(artwork by the legend Alex Grey.)



The legend Styles P on the suicide of his daughter and the value of life.

Styles P (aka The Ghost), one third of legendary rap group The LOX, lost a daughter to suicide recently. It’s sad but trust, the wisdom he shares on the instagram post is worth reading, so positive and inspiring. He speaks on the true value of life over material things. This is some of realest talk ever…


“I rarely speak on my personal issues and i usually express my pain the through music but today I will share a little with you last month my wife and I lost a daughter and my son lost a sister. My baby girl took her life and there are no words to describe the day to day pain we have to endure and maintain through but in dealing with pain you find yourself dealing with the creator and asking questions and going through emotions most would not understand. So I’m taking this time out to express a few things to y’all because life is short and we are not promised tomorrow. I like to deal with simple math I know I am 180- 180+ but I’m trying my best to live on the positive side of things. I have truly tried to live up to the code of being a gentleman and gangster to fullest of my ability. I have been chasing the dollar bill since I was 12 years old I hustled I worked legal jobs and even manage to make my dream of making it as a rapper come true I have popped bottles before it was the thing to do, I have owned beamers, benzos, rovers, trucks etc etc etc I have lived in the ritz, owned condos, houses traveled a lot of places etc etc etc but I can honestly tell you don’t none of that shit add up or equal to love!! I have lost my brother, father, aunt, grandmother in law and too many good friends/ brothers and now my daughter!!!! But the only thing that can be done is to leave it in the creators hands. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take this time out to say from the most humbled part of my heart and soul to say to y’all that the dream most of us chase is not!! I repeat is not!! more valuable than the love you get from your family and friends it may seem like it is but it ain’t they print money and make material shit everyday but once you used a loved one that’s it, the spirit is with you but you will miss the physical and won’t be able to speak to them how you want to until you get home to the other side. So I just want to tell y’all keep it family 1st and don’t get lost and lose your focus, the fam is way more important than anything else… We lost a daughter but gained an angel. Love is love. ghost” Styles P


I have always respected Styles P for his integrity and appreciated his words in his songs. But I have never appreciated his words as much I appreciate the words above. Thank you Styles, RIP to your daughter and my condolences to you and your family.


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 20.55.59

I Will Die

I will die. I neither know how nor when.

But… if you were to ask me right now… ideally… I’d say…

I intend to sit down in the grave happily and gently
aged about 200 looking barely older than twenty
on a mountain somewhere sunny still raw rap rhyme spitting
to the sound of the local holy spring water dripping
while my loved ones reside in our mountain forest dwelling
safe in the knowledge that I had a wild ride worth remembering
but a safe landing in the infinite… yeah, I got into it.
But who knows, you know, what if I get hit
by a meteor tomorrow, or by trucks covered in rust,
or feel suicidal again in sorrow, or spontaneously combust?
I think I’ve already lived a life worth living compared to most
But I’m in no rush today, so I won’t dare to boast.
I’ll ask Tibetans how to leave behind the circular rainbow
When I go, I’d like to leave behind the full spectrum glow.
But in the meanwhile please just share my vibe with the tribe,
Spread our music, words and love far and wide!
As I respect Hathor and Sekhmet – I’m still just a concept,
Information, data, just a memory, I’m vapour…




Charlotte Emily Bevan (a poem for Charlotte and Zaani)

A friend of mine died this week with her newborn child. It was headline national news which made the tragedy even more surreal.

Charlotte and Zaani – a poem for Charlotte Emily Bevan {the full version}

What a horrific tragedy. The stuff of nightmares.

Mother and newborn child. Dead.

Was this the child’s choice between lifetimes or extreme misfortune for mere mortals?

She suffered from depression. Did the mother reach a point where coping with life in this society was just too much? Did she decide this world wasn’t worthy of her child, did her baby deserve better than this polluted rock? Does ever child deserve better?

Or did she just slip off the bridge?

It is what it is and that’s all it is. She was an amazing, sensitive, creative, caring woman with seemingly super-human empathy. Empathy hurts sometimes.

She deserved better than this world would give her, but speculating is merely speculating.

All I know is that her spirit, her soul, whatever gave that beautiful face life, that is gone from her body. ‘Why’ is a question that may remain unanswered.

I can no longer communicate with that body. Whether or not I can communicate with that soul or spirit is a question of imagination, or sanity, or will that may remain unanswered.

All I know is that a new-born, the very picture of power-born infinite potential and innocence is dead. But what power and influence this child has had in just four days, embedded in the national consciousness.

For every mother. For anybody who has ever been depressed. Let us make a world worthy of innocence. Like the Sistine Maddona and Child. Let us be there for each other. With Love.

xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx

An Angel no longer restricted by what Albert Einstein
Referred to as the persistent illusion of time.

An Angel no longer restricted by the tensions of depressions,
No longer restricted by these three dimensions.

As Craig said, “Fly Free”, I say maybe somewhere Heavenly
On a journey we’ll all join you on eventually.

Perspective: we’re all gonna get there some way.
Let us be there for each other. With love. Every day x

(Inspired by Charlotte Emily Bevan and her child, also by Craig Reynolds and Lynne Oldfield)



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