I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again.

  I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again. (I didn’t start one before, I just thought about starting one before…) When I thought about it before it was because I wanted something without dogma and rules but a framework for my spiritual preferences, namely a reverence for love and nature. Also because it may haveContinue reading “I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again.”

Love, Death and More Love

The inevitability of death is most painful to me right now, the feeling will pass and it’s such a typical existential angst that it hardly seems worth mentioning. But it’s there at the back of my mind, that and an inability to express my love for everyone to the extent I would like to. EitherContinue reading “Love, Death and More Love”

The legend Styles P on the suicide of his daughter and the value of life.

Styles P (aka The Ghost), one third of legendary rap group The LOX, lost a daughter to suicide recently. It’s sad but trust, the wisdom he shares on the instagram post is worth reading, so positive and inspiring. He speaks on the true value of life over material things. This is some of realest talkContinue reading “The legend Styles P on the suicide of his daughter and the value of life.”

I Will Die

I will die. I neither know how nor when. But… if you were to ask me right now… ideally… I’d say… I intend to sit down in the grave happily and gently aged about 200 looking barely older than twenty on a mountain somewhere sunny still raw rap rhyme spitting to the sound of theContinue reading “I Will Die”

Charlotte Emily Bevan (a poem for Charlotte and Zaani)

A friend of mine died this week with her newborn child. It was headline national news which made the tragedy even more surreal. Charlotte and Zaani – a poem for Charlotte Emily Bevan {the full version} What a horrific tragedy. The stuff of nightmares. Mother and newborn child. Dead. Was this the child’s choice betweenContinue reading “Charlotte Emily Bevan (a poem for Charlotte and Zaani)”