The Epic Annals of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner’s Inspiration Incarnation  (Annals of Anthroposophy) So, Rudolf Steiner was right about at least nearly everything, From child-rearing to to bio-dynamic farming. And apparently a Rosicrucian (I think your losing them). And a theosophist before the split. So Rudolf Steiner said that children are in the dream state, Not fully incarnated yet, and not […]

An Anthroposophical Biography of KP Kev the Poet (as of Sept 2015) #steiner #anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner’s belief was that human life falls into seven year phases and that each of these phases helps with specific areas of development in the four-fold body of man which progressively incarnate one after another. The spiritual side of me is intrigued by this, however the scientific, cynical skeptic in me does think you […]

Books in the Bath (Subjective / Objective Reality)

Or should that be… Objective / Subjective Reality (Books in the Bath) Two hours in the bath with 3 books – Robert Anton Wilson, Rudolf Steiner and The Balanced View Team. Reality Tunnel fully expanded, brain fully fried and body fully shrivelled. But that’s fine cos I am not my body and my mind is […]

Magical 2014: Self Discipline, the illusion of time and the trials of initiation. Test? Rest. Blessed!

Magical 2014 Test? Rest. Blessed! 2014 has been one of the most magical years I’ve had for a while, but also one of the most testing. I am appreciating self discipline. Moving to London, staying with my mum, facing the dentist, turning down sweets, turning down zoots. Still having loads of fun, only go to […]