Antisocial / Social Anxiety – both or neither? #depression #anxiety

For the record, between epic social events I’ve committed to – particularly one’s I am performing at and therefore committed to attending – I am generally an anti-social bastard. Do not take it personally. There are several reasons for this, social awkwardness, social anxiety, 15 years of partying, introvert habits I picked up during twoContinue reading “Antisocial / Social Anxiety – both or neither? #depression #anxiety”

Aftermath of Acoustic Ambience at Breathe Bristol 26th Feb 2016

A massive thankyou to Chris Paradox, Sara Paris, Maxine Rai Whiting,Caspar Riis, Jack Nathan Jennings, Liberty Rose and Francesca Maria for getting involved at Breathe Bristol last night and sharing their world-class talents with us last night. Everyone had an inspirational and hilarious evening, thanks again! Stay tuned for more live events and independent media from the Operation; Bless crew xx FREE ENTRY to events,Continue reading “Aftermath of Acoustic Ambience at Breathe Bristol 26th Feb 2016”

Love will not

Increasing levels of confusion, Decreasing veils of illusion, Expressing discomfort, seeking empathy. Love will compromise and not act selfishly. Love will strive to get to the bottom. Love will express honestly. Love will build bridges, not burn them. Love will reward honesty with honesty. Sometimes love hurts, conflicting desires will happen, everyone’s different and sometimesContinue reading “Love will not”

Peace, World Health & Clean Water – lyrics

Peace, World Health & Clean Water, inner peace leads to spiritual wealth we walk the Earth. Mother Earth’s healthy – Mighty Healthy. At least love yourself. Love cleans and heals all the Illusions we’ve shelved. Drumming beats til the dawn for The Fairies and Elves. Crystals ‘pon the altar. We chant affirmations, sending vibrations OfContinue reading “Peace, World Health & Clean Water – lyrics”

Self Love – Life Paths, Careers, Pride, Money and Self Esteem

Not sure how to say what I want to say but I gotta say it. I’ll start with balance. It’s all about balance. So the balance, the counter-point, rather than the main point is that some days I wish I’d earned more money in the past. Some days I wish I’d focussed more on aContinue reading “Self Love – Life Paths, Careers, Pride, Money and Self Esteem”

Black History Month #‎blacklivesmatter‬ #‎alllivesmatter #feminism #whitepriveledge

Black History Month. Supporting minorities does not mean you are at war with majorities (although you might be, I’m not.) Yeah, there’s no white history month. Yeah, there’s no manism to balance sexism. Yeah ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ but why no publicity for ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬? The mind of duality likes “you’re either with us or against us” but unityContinue reading “Black History Month #‎blacklivesmatter‬ #‎alllivesmatter #feminism #whitepriveledge”

The Big Questions

I have big questions for you. The big questions. But first, the intro.   So… according to Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of Anthroposophy between the ages of 49 – 56 is a period when our ‘will’ is dominated by intention. Prior to that our will is dominated by instinct before the age of 7, Drive fromContinue reading “The Big Questions”