Poet Flowin #bars

Poet flowin better than yer average rapper, not line toeing,
rapper goin deeper than yer average poet, knowing you won’t win,
They say he wouldn’t get so deep if it’s sales he’s after, but I’m showin
I’m down for the cause but of course selling to the growing chosen
Cos universal consciousness is growin, the intelligence that’s open
we all possess already – you’re all perfect, nothing’s broken.
Headed to the top but it’s getting easier like my path is sloping
The Force is strong in this one, sometimes when I’m rapping I start glowing.
(just another day abundant with auspicious moments,
Lucky coincidences, and positive omens.)

They say life’s a B, well I’ve got that B moanin, groanin.
In fact life’s a goddess, so I’m making love n not just bonin.

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