Kiesza and the Hideaway video’s cultural gentrification

Maybe I’m fanning the flames of unnecessary data but the conversation would probably amuse me. Kiesza I like her music video with the choreographed dancing. And the graff. And the high-tops. And the graffiti. I don’t generally like pop music but I’d dance to that (ghetto-card revoked.) So the vibe was kinda old skool HButContinue reading “Kiesza and the Hideaway video’s cultural gentrification”

rest tests n lessons (working title.)

An intense rapid succession of rest tests n lessons,Yet excess of blessings to help with the resting.It is what it is, all open, all intelligence,All me but no me, all everything, temples to tenements.Developments as Craig says “exaltation stations”,I stop seeking meaning to these vibrations beyond inspiration for complete relaxation (of body and mind), there’s always time evenContinue reading “rest tests n lessons (working title.)”

Red Tape, paper-work, bureacracy and out-shining

I am still in the process of out-shining many years of avoiding paperwork. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Every life is different, every lifestyle is different, every person is different and every moment is different. So I do not believe that there is a universal right way or wrong way toContinue reading “Red Tape, paper-work, bureacracy and out-shining”

SATSANGARANG (featuring Craig R Ninjah)

SATSANGARANG Synchromystics in ya districts, collaborative poem starring Craig R Ninjah and KP Kev the Poet Kev the Poet:-  Guess whose back like Jack Baur? Never spit a rhyme that’s wack, now ya …know why when I chat the crowd go BRRAP louder. KP… redefining black power. Aim the mic at ya, get charred toContinue reading “SATSANGARANG (featuring Craig R Ninjah)”

Poetry – ‘Timelines (The Mandela Effect)’ and ‘Thankyou Universe’

‘Timelines (The Mandela Effect)’ Analysing various timelines from a birds eye view, was heard rhyming truth bout chakras before Joey Badass’s 1st or 3rd eye grew, Rhyming bout dimethyltriptamine before Ab-Soul or Fliptrix got lean Rhyming for trippers before the Underachievers formed a trippy team. Ahead of my timeline, but many already know and respect, Ahead ofContinue reading “Poetry – ‘Timelines (The Mandela Effect)’ and ‘Thankyou Universe’”