The Jobcentre meets Dune and Tolkien’s Middle-Earth

My friend told me he was walking to the job centre. Then he forgot he told me and wondered how I knew he was walking back through the rain. The following was my response (via 3 text messages.) Inspired by Tolkien and Dune… ___ I have eyes everywhere. The crows tell me everything. Each footstepContinue reading “The Jobcentre meets Dune and Tolkien’s Middle-Earth”

The World WILL Know My Name (I’m Amazing)

Some more audacious, obnoxious, “I’m not depressed anymore” bars…  THE WORLD WILL KNOW MY NAAAME! Oh him? Visualising success, abundance flowin’, Balance growin’, Enjoying the quantum flow, I feel like a million bucks, enjoying the power of saying “no thankyou” to the average crutch, even though I love sex, I love the power of sayingContinue reading “The World WILL Know My Name (I’m Amazing)”

Kev vs the Kardashians (again) and Game of Thrones?

Here’s the short version – I am not fond of the Kardashians. Game of Thrones is not so clean cut, I used to love Game of Thrones but I got bored of watching my favourite characters die and/or watching children burn to death. But allow me to elaborate… Hmmm… I wouldn’t have to lose allContinue reading “Kev vs the Kardashians (again) and Game of Thrones?”