Racism, The EU and the New World Order… The Racist Agenda of the New World Order / Illuminati / Banking Elite and Resistance to the EU without Racism…

Speculative data. This is an experiment and I honestly believe that I’ll get open and honest discussion but if it results in angrily swapping opinions as fact I’ll delete it and never do anything like it again. Now anyone who is a facebook friend knows I like to research alternative information from alternative media. Now […]

The Inherent Hypocrisy of Being Aware in Western Civilisation (Spiritually induced depression and a manifestation list)

My friend Raphael said “You should create a course! I’m sure you could come up with something amazing! Like “How to cope with spiritually induced depression – the Taoist way” My friends give me the funniest advice ever sometimes. I’m not sure if they’re being uber-wise or taking the piss or both. Either way, I […]

10 Years of Bristol (9 years a Druid and 7 years aware of Balanced View)

10 Years of Bristol, 9 years a Druid and 7 years aware of Balanced View. I have recently moved back to London. This has prompted lots of reflection recently. One decade that spanned across Saturn’s return. 10 Years of Bristol, 10 years ago I left London and moved to Bristol. I had been getting depressed […]

When Will I Be Satisfied? (Act Like You Know – part 3)

When Will I Be Satisfied? (Act Like You Know – part 3) (Intro) What’ll it take.. for me to stop the self-hate. What’ll it take.. for me to rest with it, accept fate What’ll it take.. for me to be satisfied. See successes when I smiled and not the failures when I cried. X2 — […]

A Value Letter That Rhymes

Whether you work with computers or where sheep are grazing, or get paid in the hotel, motel, holiday inn, or sharing love on stage n working hard or lazing, remember – You’re amazing! Accept yourself and love yourselves and feel the vibes we’re raising! Together raising the vibration… to Exaltation! Like Kool and the Gang […]

Kim Kardashian – That Ass and Your Daughter

Kim Kardashian bares her backside in the Magazine Paper. Is this good, is this bad, or does it not matter?   My question is this – WHAT IS SHE FAMOUS FOR? A sex tape with Ray Jay, then for being Kanye’s wifey, so what have we rewarded? Her selling her body and her association with […]

‘Cacao, Ayahuasca and Rainbow Hippies’, ‘Round Peg – Square Hole’, and ‘Keeping up With the Times’

Round Peg, Square Hole,  I used to think I was a round peg and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t fit in a round hole. Then I thought I was a square peg being forced in to a round hole. Then I thought I was a round peg being forced into a square hole. But there […]

Remember, Remember the 5th of November 2014 – Jedis, bankers, politicians and shadow work

Prologue Do not worry, by the end of this article I take responsibility for myself rather than pointing the finger at bankers and politicians, “the benefit of all” becomes the focus and priority. But it starts off angry, very angry. It was initially inspired by the revelation in England MPs are to escape expenses investigations […]

Lout Zoo is nastier than KP Kev the Poet

Will the next generation be completely polarised? 7 second vine concentration or 3 completely open eyes? Have they been watching only Zeitgeist or watching cats on youtube? Or watching both? Between watching the kind of stars who use lube? GQ taught a generation that it only takes a few sex tapes and celebrity boyfriends who […]