Black History Month #‎blacklivesmatter‬ #‎alllivesmatter #feminism #whitepriveledge

Black History Month. Supporting minorities does not mean you are at war with majorities (although you might be, I’m not.)

Yeah, there’s no white history month. Yeah, there’s no manism to balance sexism. Yeah ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ but why no publicity for ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬?

The mind of duality likes “you’re either with us or against us” but unity consciousness realises life is rarely that simple. It’s multidimensional, there are levels to this ish.

White history is important. But white history has not been erased from history books – do you know who the Moors were? Did you know that the richest man in history, ever, was a black man of the Moorish kingdom you probably never heard about? I never heard about it either, not til my thirties and a conversation with Afrika Bambaataa. Greek History and Roman History and English History and American History are generally in our history books. But the Kingdom of Kush (Egypt) is full of mythology, not history, and the Moors are just swept under the carpet (apart from the racist speech in True Romance – amazing movie.)

Male issues matter. But men don’t get paid less on average and are less likely to get raped, and did not receive the centuries of repression from wise women wbeing found and murdered duyring the “witch hunts” to women’s role in the Bible being apparently marginalised in the editing. Yes, men have been damaged by the patriarchy as well, now although there is a resurgence in the Divine Feminine but we don’t even know what the divine masculine is. It doesn’t help that when someone does try to reassert masculinity it’s some guy travelling the world apparently trying to justify rape. No, just no. Yeah, He-Man is an unrealistic role model as well, but with Barbie, most skinny pop stars (who are under pressure from record labels to lose weight), most skinny actresses (who are under pressure from Studios to lose weight) and every magazine cover systematically eroding the self-esteem of our sisters and daughters it is clear to me that although men need to work out what it is we celbrate when we celebrate men, the patriarchy has done and continues to do more damage to women than to men. Before 1918 no women were allowed to vote in parliamentary elections in the UK. The Nineteenth Amendment, which prohibited state or federal sex-based restrictions on voting, was ratified by sufficient states in 1920 in the USA. That’s not a long time ago.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on gender issues or feminism. With the definition of “feminist” appearing to change over the years and with gender becoming an ever more sensitive issue with more and more less dual gender titles being introduced rather than label myself as feminist I simply say I support gender equality yet I am aware I am ignorant of many of the issues.

Yes, I actually use both hashtags #alllivesmatter and #blacklivesmatter. Because yes, all lives matter. But unarmed black men get shot in the back while they’re running away.

So I hope that makes sense, supporting minorities does not mean you’re at war with majorities. Although, like I said – the mind of duality likes “you’re either with us or against us” – that’s just fear talking.

There are these movements to support minorities because white history is generally called “history”, women get paid less and treated worse in general and unarmed black men get shot in the back by cops who never get arrested for it.

White history is important. Male issues are important. All lives matter. So yeah, I love white people, I love my fellow men, and I think all lives matter but excuse me if I celebrate Black History month, support feminism (that’s for gender equality, not the hatred of men) and use the hashtag #blacklivesmatter when posting something about unarmed black men getting shot in the back.


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ODB named himself the Egyptian God Osiris at one point. He also saved a little girls life. The conscious aspects of his existence have been overshadowed by his drug addiction and wild lifestyle. 2Pac wrote poetry, songs empowering women and black empowerment. The conscious aspects of his existence have been overshadowed by his gangsta persona and the media reporting false charges. Even recent black history gets buried under sensationalism.o



Too many rappers, not enough poets #hiphop #poetry

2Pac wrote poems. Just saying.

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hmmm… Too many rappers, not enough poets, that’s how I felt about Hip-Hop culture til recently, too much TURN UP, TURN UP and not enough “I sip the Dom P watching Gandhi til I’m charged…” but I’m content without the competition.
But in the past two years I dare say Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Joey Bada$$ and Run the Jewels have given me Hip-Hop with lyricism, poets on beats. With Mick Jenkins, Ab-Soul and plenty more holding it up behind the vanguard.
What happened? I don’t think it was the conspiracy some say (one theory being that record labels have shares in private prisons) but I do think that once gangsta rap became the biggest selling genre that’s all record labels and radio stations promoted for ten years, notably since 50 Cents Get Rich or Die Trying. I didn’t get excited about mainstream Hip-Hop for about 10 years. (Don’t get me wrong, there were always good MCs and always conscious MCs but most of them they were not mainstream, and most would not get played on the radio like the superficial songs getting played 30 times a day). Then around 2012 and beyond Joey Bada$$es crew Pro Era and Kendrick’s team Black Hippy / TDE began to emerge.
Kendrick’s mainstream album Good Kid Madd City (GKMC) was essentially poetic gangsta rap, his first album Section 80 wasn’t mainstream. His second album GKMC was gangsta rap with some deep tracks on it and commercial flavour like Swimming Pools. Fans of the underground slept on him cos the first thing they heard was Swimming Pools (yeah, me). If the beat for The Recipe wasn’t fire I might have continued sleeping.
Kendrick defied the mainstream with his latest album To Pimp A Butterfly by making an album that wasn’t commercial, had loads more live instrumentation and loads more complex lyrical themes.
But what’s my point? Mainstream radio and mainstream record labels can’t hold real Hip-Hop back anymore. Cos the record industry is not what it once was, people don’t buy records like they used to. Artists make their money off live shows and promote their projects on the internet. So an artist like Joey Bada$$ can have mainstream success despite not being signed to a label. Run the Jewels can play on Letterman with an underground sound and a free album with dark beats and lyrics about police brutality and no radio play and no major label backing (although they got distribution through Nas’ imprint Mass Appeal.) Even Lupe Fiasco was on a major label but his project was shelved until the record label received threats from Anonymous (true story.)
So maybe it wasn’t a conspiracy, maybe it was just a financial decision made in boardrooms full of people who don’t care about Hip-Hop culture. Maybe they said “Gangsta rap sells, let’s concentrate on promoting that”, or “Turn Up music sells, let’s concentrate on promoting that.” It’s a logical decision for people mainly motivated by money, I’m not mainly motivated by money but in this day and age that makes me a weirdo. You don’t have to be part of a secret society to be motivated by money or to promote amoral music if it makes more money. Sex and violence sells, can’t blame the industry for what society is buying. But the success of non-gangsta rappers like J Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Joey Bada$$ and Run the Jewels proves that society isn’t just into bling, bitches and shooting people.

So thank the universe that the death of the music industry as we knew it and the rise of the internet has rescued Hip-Hop culture. There was a time it seemed you had to be an ex-crack dealer to be considered a real MC. The time of the lyricists and poets is back. Thank Kendrick, J Cole, Run the Jewels, Lupe Fiasco and Joey Bada$$ for making intelligence cool again

Teenage college kids who know nothing about flows or Hip-Hop culture may spend more on i-Tunes downloads than real Hip-Hop die hards like myself. But as long as real Hip-Hop is trendy maybe those hipsters will learn something. I was a teenage Hip-Hop nerd myself once upon a time.

Of course industry will always follow the lowest common denominator. But artistry will always lead the cutting edge to higher things. From the crack fuelled greed of the Ronald Reagan era to reminding us to say “I love myself”.

ps 2Pac wrote poems.