Open Your Heart (lyrics) by KP Kev the Poet

  O – pen Open your heart Share – love through acts and art Be – brave facing your fears But gent – ly we’ve earned our tears _ O – pen Open your heart Spread – love through acts and art Be – Kind kind to yourself while we manifest love, inner peace, security,Continue reading “Open Your Heart (lyrics) by KP Kev the Poet”

Self Love and Acceptance – LYRICS  SoundCloud link! The past is the past we ALL have SOME darkness on THAT shelf… I FULLY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF. LIKE ON THE DANCEFLOOR YOU LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF… WE FULLY LOVE AND ACCEPT OURSELVES Even though I may have done things I judged negatively in the past, I fully love and acceptContinue reading “Self Love and Acceptance – LYRICS”

Bliss Plus Joy (equals now)

I’m the master of time and space… I ‘m the joker, the King, the Queen and the ACE. I’m abundance for freedom and power, I’m bliss plus joy equals now is the hour. I’m a Melchizedek advising kings, king of peace I’m Elijah mocking spiritually impotent priests, “you have no power over me” – ‘Labrynth’Continue reading “Bliss Plus Joy (equals now)”

Bluebells, Angels, Soundsystems and Mic Cords

She said “most little girls won’t look for a prince, so they won’t find him, they’re looking for a villain and hope to find a prince inside him, most grown women learn better and some wise girls know from the start”, But I don’t play the game of faking villain, life ain’t a game, it’sContinue reading “Bluebells, Angels, Soundsystems and Mic Cords”

Pride and Prejudice and UK Hip-Hop – Chester P, Daniel Waples and Lyrically Challenged

Not sure where I currently stand on boasting / self promotion.But as I have started to tell you all when I’m depressed or anxious I shouldn’t fail to share when I’m proud and pleased with myself. February 20th I shall be supporting one of my favourite rappers ever – Chester P of Taskforce – atContinue reading “Pride and Prejudice and UK Hip-Hop – Chester P, Daniel Waples and Lyrically Challenged”

I’m Infinite (multidimensional)

I’m infinite. My atoms were born in a star, countless beings have inhaled, exhaled, eaten it, and excreted it. I’m infinite, the box –  I won’t get into it. I’m a multidimensional being if… The future’s infinite potential – I’m seeing it: I’m quantum physics if… Time is an illusion  I’ve already manifested my wildestContinue reading “I’m Infinite (multidimensional)”

The World WILL Know My Name (I’m Amazing)

Some more audacious, obnoxious, “I’m not depressed anymore” bars…  THE WORLD WILL KNOW MY NAAAME! Oh him? Visualising success, abundance flowin’, Balance growin’, Enjoying the quantum flow, I feel like a million bucks, enjoying the power of saying “no thankyou” to the average crutch, even though I love sex, I love the power of sayingContinue reading “The World WILL Know My Name (I’m Amazing)”

Poet Flowin #bars

Poet flowin better than yer average rapper, not line toeing, rapper goin deeper than yer average poet, knowing you won’t win, They say he wouldn’t get so deep if it’s sales he’s after, but I’m showin I’m down for the cause but of course selling to the growing chosen Cos universal consciousness is growin, theContinue reading “Poet Flowin #bars”

Na Blame

I stopped blaming my parents for circumstances I was born in, between lifetimes I could imagine my soul ignoring the warnin’. We were all born in the context of global warming, and the military industrial complex’s Cold Warring. I stopped blaming politicians cos their third eyes need opticians. I used to rinse em n dissContinue reading “Na Blame”

Out Here and Shining

I got a reason to be confident, if not arrogant or cocky, tryin to stop me climbing’s like tryin to stop the sun from shining, you couldn’t stop me if you were a dark cloud on a cold morn, my reign is destined like sunlight on a cold dawn destined like the drop after theContinue reading “Out Here and Shining”