The rise of fascism, racism and sexism in 2019 (and the solutions to it.)

I like to focus on solutions rather than problems. However due to recent events I feel it is my duty as a bard, as a researcher and as a decent human being to comment on the rise of fascism, racism and sexism. What is fascism? “Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical right-wing, authoritarianultranationalism[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible […]

FANTABULOUS – Now on all streaming platforms!

  Fantabulous, the album by KP Kev the Poet. Now available on Apple Music! 👌💜 Stream now on Spotify Deluxe version available only on Bandcamp KP Kev the Poet is a rapper, poet, singer, writer and producer from London, England currently residing in Bristol. He made a name for himself in both […]

XR Extinction Rebellion – carbon tax, 5G, solar causes of climate change, and divide and conquer tactics…

I currently have mixed feelings. So if you’re either 100 percent behind XR or 100 percent against XR prepare to have your beliefs challenged. If you are emotionally developed enough to discuss other possible causes of climate change, infiltration of protest movements, cointel pro, spy cops AND why I think we should support XR at […]

Sensitivity, Spirituality and Emotional Resilience

A ‘spiritual’ essay is brewing based on recent lessons… might be a rant or two this weekend. Positive ones 💜 just committing myself to the task of putting these lessons into words we may continue to learn from… The crux – what IS spiritual? Since I was a child I realized there are things that have energy […]

How Do We Wake Up

        “How do we wake up?” My friend asked me this very open ended question. And I gave them a comprehensive answer eventually. (This is a first draft and subsequent versions will have relevant links to books and videos on each subject.) First, a bit of advice. I never listen to anyone […]

Enlightenment, conflicting desires and emotional growth

We all have conflicting desires. We all sometimes have desires or emotions that may go against our core beliefs or highest held ideals. We’re all hypocrites. At least in thought, if not in action. The sooner we accept that about ourselves and each other the sooner we can evolve as individuals and therefore as a […]

The Urge – Depression and Anxiety in the Face of Demonic Politics

“The urge to what, to be demonic carbon copies who work for the machine? the urge to be celebrities who hate their lives and get cosmetic surgery to be attractive until gossip mags or tabloids finally get an unflattering photo of them in tracksuits on the way to the supermarket? The urge to earn money […]