Samhain 2014 (a personal reflection from The Hip-Hop Bard)

Happy Samhain!!! – I’m mid essay writing and nearly didn’t write anything about Samhain this year but as a part-time Druid (knighted Bard of a Druid Order for all my newer facebook friends) it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the seasons Also all the academic writing for my essay has oiled my […]

The Rock, The Seed and the Rainbow Body

…and when I go I plan to leave behind a circular rainbow with Shiva surfing tsunamis n Kali juggling flamethrowers, 540 squares the circle, being weird won’t hurt you. Find the red and blue n between the two now there’s the purple. Is it attention, affection, or food, clothes and shelter that we need? From […]

Magical 2014: Self Discipline, the illusion of time and the trials of initiation. Test? Rest. Blessed!

Magical 2014 Test? Rest. Blessed! 2014 has been one of the most magical years I’ve had for a while, but also one of the most testing. I am appreciating self discipline. Moving to London, staying with my mum, facing the dentist, turning down sweets, turning down zoots. Still having loads of fun, only go to […]

Perspective – from mainstream radio to Palestine via football

Builders in my moms house listening to Radio 1. Forgot about that vibration. How you listen to the same 10 songs in a row for 6 hours? That’s normal, right? Funny, last week someone was in my house in Bristol and asked me what team I support. No hate but I had honestly forgotten that […]

My F*cking Thankless Life (explicit, obviously)

I spend my entire life making sacrifices for people who will never know, or never care, saving trees in other countries, turning down sex if it doesn’t feel right, turning down jobs if it doesn’t feel right, even turning down benefits if it doesn’t feel right. But nobody ever remembers the times you said no, […]