Opium Production in Afghanistan Hits Record High

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Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan rose to a new high of more than 200,000 hectares in 2013, a 36% increase over last year, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime said Wednesday. The report, part of the agency’s annual survey, indicates a grave trend for the country as U.S. and NATO forces withdraw…

When Women are as Confusing as Men – what do we really want?

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I had some of my single girlfriends over the other evening and, as usual, a fair bit of our conversation was spent analysing men.  After they had gone I was struck by our conversation and realised – maybe it’s not the men who are confusing, maybe it’s us? For…

Soul mates, twin flames, Disney and pornography.

Soul mates, twin flames, Disney and pornography. Have our expectations regarding our love lives been programmed by Disney movies when we were children? Have our expectations regarding our sex lives been programmed by porn? Been chatting bout soul mates, twin flames, destiny, Disney movies (and their possible responsibility for people thinking that soul mates exist) and […]

Trials of Initiation – Rudolf Steiner (extracts from ‘Knowledge of Higher Worlds’)

“Indeed, the more often the attention be fixed alternately upon something growing, blossoming and flourishing, and upon something else that is fading and decaying, the more vivid will these feelings become. And just as the eyes and ears of the physical body are built by natural forces out of living matter, so will the organs […]


…just found this from 2011 by ‘accident’… Empowering the ‘positive timeline’. Empowering the ‘positive timeline’. Some big things are gonna have to change but all the solutions we need and more have always been there and as information spreads farther faster the multiple uses of hemp, Mycology, the numerous free energy devices that will make […]

Relax little caterpillar – Nothing is under control (prose)

It’s as if I can’t get naked enough for this heat and humidity tonight. Duvet yer too thick. Water is not wet enough. Can’t study, can’t think. Stop thinking. Relax. Grateful for this moment. Too hot, too humid, too many things on my mind, still smiling. I am a tornado on fire in a box […]

CLIMBING IN THE DARK 08/09/2014 (inspired by Rudolf Steiner, children, the BV community and Dead Poets Society)

CLIMBING IN THE DARK  08/09/2014 Vibrating with inspiration, I guess I should write something, Let the volcano explode and see whether ash or lava flows, erupting, Crushing fear, no facing fear, admitting fear of judgment judging, “Carpe Diem” – seize the day, walk your path without budging, We are the source of it all, flowing […]

How to fix this planet IMHO and what I’d like do with a million pounds.

How to fix this planet (in my humble opinion) and what I’d like do with a million pounds. WOO! Kev’s in rant mode again. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Should be writing up my Steiner School studies but somebody poked me with a stick by asking me what I’d do with a million pounds […]