The rise of fascism, racism and sexism in 2019 (and the solutions to it.)

I like to focus on solutions rather than problems. However due to recent events I feel it is my duty as a bard, as a researcher and as a decent human being to comment on the rise of fascism, racism and sexism.

What is fascism?

“Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical right-wingauthoritarianultranationalism[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy[3] which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.[4] The first fascist movements emerged in Italy during World War I, before spreading to other European countries.[4] Opposed to liberalismMarxism, and anarchism, fascism is placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum.[4][5]” Wikipedia.
This article was partly inspired by the documentary The Great Hack but more specifically by the mainstream medias lack of response to it…

The Great Hack is basically about how Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica used Facebook data without consent to identify people who were politically on the fence and took advantage of their fears and prejudices to promote Brexit and promote Trump.

Why is nobody asking why Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica were involved in at least TWO Nationalistic campaigns in at least two different countries – Brexit and Trump. What is their end game? A race war? Global fascism? Anyone care at all?

Instead they interviewed Steve Bannon on Panorama recently, I didn’t watch it but apparently his views were not challenged at all. At all.

Now here’s the nuance that may go over some heads if you’re stuck in duality either or consciousness. There were and are legitimate arguments for Brexit. But there are also racist and nationalistic reasons for it. And Bannon and Cambridge Analytica abused Facebook data and fears of immigrants in both campaigns.

Now, before you panic about Facebook, mainstream media’s complicity in white supremacy and a fascist agenda is nothing new and tabloid newspapers have been abusing your fears and prejudices forever.

I just read “today, Corbyn is the leader of the most dangerous, divisive and racially prejudiced organisation in the UK” in the
😡 They wrote that lie, “the most racially prejudiced organisation in the UK”. fully aware that Ukip, Britain First, Nazis, Tories, Cambridge Analytica and The Daily Mail exist all exist in the UK. Even the police ADMITTED “institutional racism” twice in my lifetime. Seriously. wtf?

So racist and sexist? Beyond Trump stating that he just grabs them by the meow BEFORE he was elected (by allegedly 50% of white American women voted for him after he said that, I hope it’s not true ) since then ”
Trump administration ‘rolling back women’s rights by 50 years’ by changing definitions of domestic violence and sexual assault
‘I was massively surprised and really shocked. It’s quite scary how quietly it’s happened. It’s a massive step backwards. We have literally gone back to the 70s,’ says academic.”

The fact that domestic violence laws in America have changed is under-reported.
The fact that Cambridge Analytica and Steve Bannon abused facebook data for an international fascist agenda is under-reported.
The fact that most terrorism in America, including two shootings in the past two days, was perpetrated by white supremacists is under reported.
Meanwhile false claims of anti-Semitism in the Labour party are over-reported.

Fascism is bad. Hitler and his Nazis were fascists. They may have had Socialist in the name but they were right wing, nationalistic fascists. Our grandparents or great grandparents fought and feared that evil.

I am choosing to fight that evil with as much love and information as I can to avoid another totalitarian regime that silences dissenters with bullets.

Right now to me it is obvious that the mainstream media is slowly trying to normalise fascism and demonize antifa.

But often what’s obvious to me is a crazy theory to everyone else until Netflix make a documentary about it.

Our grandparents fought #Nazis with bullets. DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM. 

SOLUTIONS! To me it’s mainly about spreading awareness so people are more wary of the narratives of mainstream media and about community. They were mainly preying on racist fears so the root solution is to replace the racist fears with love and community. #PositiveVibes

I am not a member of any antifa organization. I do not identify as antifa. But I do not believe anyone should be pro fascist.



FANTABULOUS – Now on all streaming platforms!

a2990113418_16 (1)


Fantabulous, the album by KP Kev the Poet.
Now available on Apple Music! 👌💜
Deluxe version available only on Bandcamp
KP Kev the Poet is a rapper, poet, singer, writer and producer from London, England currently residing in Bristol.
He made a name for himself in both the free parties / squat parties and some of Englands biggest festivals performing live, poetry, hip-hop and more recently soul and reggae. He did not release alot of music officially on iTunes and streaming platforms, just one project Manifest Light with J Rokka,  although his Bandcamp page is full of projects and mixtapes. Due to dedicating this period of his life to eco activism and squatting with activists studio time to get tracks mixed and mastered was expensive and scarce.
During this time he was knighted a bard of a Druid Order in Stonehenge on a Spring Equinox and became known for his interest in all forms of spirituality. Thus he dedicated this period of his life to eco activism, anti-war activism and following the flow of synchronicity. This led to gigs with Dub Revolution and the hang drum player Daniel Waples at international festivals and hosting stages at Glastonbury.
Finally acclimatising to more stability, also with technology bringing the price of studio equipment down and with the experience of over ten years of performing and recording he has a work of art he feels worthy of releasing on all major streaming platforms.
Fantabulous is a celebration of the journey described above.

XR Extinction Rebellion – carbon tax, 5G, solar causes of climate change, and divide and conquer tactics…

I currently have mixed feelings. So if you’re either 100 percent behind XR or 100 percent against XR prepare to have your beliefs challenged. If you are emotionally developed enough to discuss other possible causes of climate change, infiltration of protest movements, cointel pro, spy cops AND why I think we should support XR at least for now even if it may be compromised – please continue.

Regardless of the intentions of the founders or the organisers most of the people protesting against climate change are good people doing good things in my opinion and they will always have my support.

Okay, I’m gonna say this and most of you aren’t gonna understand cos you’re stuck in “either or” duality consciousness and group think and don’t have an individual thought unless it was given to you. Yeah, I’m talking my shit today.
I have supported XR and with the information I have so far I will continue to support them. I don’t agree with everything they do and I’m not sure what the original intention of the founders was but I believe the majority of the people involved are positive people doing positive things.

Now, just to confuse you further – I’m not convinced carbon is the main cause of global warming, it could be the sun. However I want to reduce carbon emissions because I breathe oxygen. 🤷🏾‍♂️

And XR have been the most successful activist movement I’ve ever seen, I don’t know if climate change is more important than 5G, or war, or Palestine, or abuse but they have momentum and I’m getting behind it.

IF this turns into acceptance of carbon tax as a win, or turns into an excuse to spend our pensions on solutions then I will be part of the counter-revolution.

But I’m sure most of the people at protests want none of those things, even if the people who started it or organise it do.

I hate groups in general but this seems like a positive one overall. I’m not a sheep. I’m not naieve. I’m not one dimensional. So my feelings about this are not one dimensional.

I don’t agree with everything but I agree the priorities of politics needs to change and this is currently the most powerful movement to change it. If it turns out to be controlled opposition then I will change my Stance, but nobody I know there is controlled, wants carbon tax or is a shill for an NGO.

Comment if you like but I’m done talking to people who ain’t doing shit criticising people who are doing something.

If you don’t like it do something else.

Ps Know Thyself. Some of us just don’t like groups and some of us non conformists have a particular aversion to popular groups. It’s natural for us to question, criticise and hate. Analyse your own prejudices and reasons for them before projecting, I had to and I found I was no being fair or balanced.

[There was another theory that one of the founders of XR wants a 5G carbon meter in every home which would give ”them” coverage to monitor our whole lives. That’s literally a conspiracy theory to me right now as I have not fact checked it but an article claimed this founder owns a 5G company. That would change my current stance.]

The truth as I see it – there’s alot of debate over the main cause of clmate change which I’m not going to get into, it’s a circular argument as most of us aren’t scientists and can only prove our points by citing one group of scientists we trust above another group of scientists we don’t trust.

But we don’t know shit 🙂

And whichever side of the fence we sit on it’s affected by our prejudices and biases. Owning it – I will always be suspicious of the mainstream, tell me some scientists disagree with the mainstream and I’m likely to side with them. Still feels like the wisest option to me but as I said about my suspicion of and discomfort in groups in general last week – that doesn’t make me right.

Most of us don’t know shit, and we probably won’t convince someone of what we think we know via peer reviewed science or kooky youtube videos if they’ve already made up their minds. Do what you can to educate and share, I’m not saying censor yourself, just please do it with humility and self awareness. Most of us don’t know shit AND we can’t force someone to agree with what we do know. Accept that. And get some fresh air (I’m talking to myself there.) PEACE x

Alot of people don’t understand what I’m talking about. I’m not doubting climate change, I’m talking about the CAUSES of climate change. I’m talking about the debates about the causes. I’m not on some Trump flex doubting climate change is happening, but some scientists claim it is happening due to predictable solar cycles. Some people claim it has nothing to do with carbon. I’m not saying that’s what’s happening, but that’s the debate. I am not questioning whether or not the climate is changing. I’m also not arguing either or so don’t bother, I’m only writing this cos I don’t want people to mistakenly believe I’m a climate change denier, I’m not. I know ice caps are melting. More to the point carbon is not the only pollutant, but iut’s the only one people are talkiung about. There are carcinogens in the air, female hormones in the water and packaging, etc etc. Environmental issues are more than just carbon.

I’m also not saying do nothing. I’m saying do some and stop arguing in Facebook comments. This isn’t an argument, I’ve been misunderstood so I’m explaining myself. I’m not debating ice caps melting or climate change. I am not a climate change denier. I am saying some scientists claim the climate is changing and the ice caps aremelting due to predictable solar cycles. And I STILL want to save the environment because even if that’s the case I want clean air and oceans.

If you think it’s caused by solar cycles just don’t go to the anti-carbon protest. Don’t spend all day arguing with people who want to change the world for the better on the internet. AND if you think it’s caused by solar cycles you should STILL want clean air and clean oceans. But again, most people are stuck in duality consciousness and can’t hold two seemingly opposing views in their minds at once to see a synthesis where nobody has to fight. Divide and conquer is most tragic when we’re dividing ourselves.

Regardless of the intentions of the founders or the organisers most of the people protesting against climate change are good people doing good things in my opinion and they will always have my support.




Carbon Tax, Climate Change, and REAL Solutions

In my humble opinion… We need to stop focussing on “climate change” and/or “carbon tax” and focus on pollution in general. I’m not an expert, I’ve just read and listened to people who claim to be experts and I have a cynical view that history and news seems to confirm time after time – 99% of politicians are motivated by their own financial gain. Sooo…

We need to stop tackling “climate change” and tackle “pollution” in general. 1 carbon is not the only pollutant killing us, and 2 carbon tax doesn’t even begin to solve the problem.
Phase out non renewable energy completely.
It’s the only solution.
Other reasons include it would shut up the climate change deniers. I actually believe in climate change, although the causes of climate change may be debatable, but that’s irrelevant – we need to tackle pollution in general and carbon tax will not solve anything. At all.
It is a shameful indictment of humanity and our obsession with capitalism and money that our solution is “tax carbon” rather than “stop doing the thing that is killing us all now and will probably flood coastal regions in the foreseeable future.” And it’s taken seriously? Smdh 🤦 


Sensitivity, Spirituality and Emotional Resilience

A ‘spiritual’ essay is brewing based on recent lessons… might be a rant or two this weekend. Positive ones 💜 just committing myself to the task of putting these lessons into words we may continue to learn from…
The crux – what IS spiritual? Since I was a child I realized there are things that have energy but no physicality, emotions and concepts seem like real things but you can’t put them in a box. Studying Steiner and Anthroposophy there is an area of study called the Soul World and these are generally intangible things that effect our soul. The longer version of this will involve a more in depth definition and exploration of those ideas.
The study of the soul world has helped confirm an idea I’ve had before but was never sure of. We all sense things that are intangible, have no solid form but are real, the feeling in a room after an argument, chemistry between potential partners, someone’s eyes watching the back of your head, the difference between the feeling of being surrounded by trees at a festival and being in a supermarket on the way home. As we meditate, as we grow, as we progress our sensitivity to the intangible may grow as well. However it’s not always nice. Sometimes being in a supermarket after a festival feels uncomfortable, sometimes feeling empathy for Palestine or Tibet feels painful, some of us feel too sensitive to be surrounded by angry people, drunk people, etc.
But this sensitivity is both the superpower and the Kryptonite. We may label it anxiety, over sensitive, introverted, or ‘wobbly’. Are you an empath?
Is what seems to be an increase of anxiety in general an increase in awareness of the intangible ‘soul world’?
Could a spiritual goal be to increase ones sensitivity to intangible emotions and appearances yet increase our RESILIENCE so we can be of use (and happy!) with our sensitivity?



Avalonian inspiration by Glastonbury Tor.
And study groups with Bristolian Anthroposophists and more,
Draconian implementation of unjust laws
And of course this, deceitful justification of unjust laws.
A poem brews in cauldrons made from life lessons…
Grateful for fine blessings even when I’m stressing.

What IS spiritual? is it intangible, what’s weird is this,
Emotions and vibrations confirmed by experience.

we know we feel. Between incarnations we know the deal.
If we want to smell the rose n carnations we brave them thorns, we know its real

Since a yout I realized some things have energy but no physicality,
But we know emotions and concepts like power are reality,
but you can’t put emotions or power in a box.
Can’t put pride or humility in a box with your watch buried in your crops.
The intangible, no solid form are they real?
the feeling in a room after an argument, can you feel
The chemistry between potential partners?
Can you feel the music more if you listen in darkness?
Can you feel someone’s eyes on the back of your head?
Can you feel post orgasmic bliss when you lay back on the bed?
Can you feel the difference between the feeling of being surrounded
by trees at a festival and in a supermarket? if you can’t I’m astounded.
As we meditate, as we grow, as we progress
our sensitivity to the intangible may grow as well. But just rest.

Cos it’s not always nice. Sometimes it’s a sacrifice.
Cos being sensitive to the intangibles a blessed but different life.
Sometimes a supermarket after a festival’s uncomfortable,
but you need vegetables. Sometimes anxiety feels unlovable,
sometimes feeling empathy for Palestine or Tibet,
Or Kuwait, or Assange feels like emotional debt
some of us feel too sensitive to be surrounded by angry people, or drunks then,
…we become angry or drunk or both, so no judgment!

Sensitivity’s both the superpower and Kryptonite.
But don’t overuse it obsessing over if you’re livin right.

Sensitivity’s both the superpower and Kryptonite.
But don’t overuse it obsessing over if you’re livin right.

We may label it anxiety, over sensitive, introverted, or ‘wobbly’. Are you an empath? If you resonate, probably.

Is what seems to be an increase of anxiety in the general world at all
Evolution of increase in awareness of the intangible?

Could a spiritual goal be to increase ones sensitivity
To various appearances yet increase our RESILIENCE to live with the

Waves of emotions, and information,
And vibrations, that we
Surf. Be of benefit, be content and sometimes even happy.

Sensitivity’s both the superpower and Kryptonite.
But don’t overuse it obsessing over if you’re living right.

Sensitivity’s both the superpower and Kryptonite.
But don’t overuse it obsessing over if you’re living right

We may label it anxiety, over sensitive, introverted, or ‘wobbly’. Are you an empath? If you resonate, probably.

Is what seems to be an increase of anxiety in the general world at all
Evolution of increase in awareness of the intangible?

Could a spiritual goal be to increase ones sensitivity
To various appearances yet increase our RESILIENCE to live with the

Waves of emotions, and information,
And vibrations, that we
Surf. And be of benefit, be content and sometimes even happy.


How Do We Wake Up





“How do we wake up?” My friend asked me this very open ended question. And I gave them a comprehensive answer eventually.

(This is a first draft and subsequent versions will have relevant links to books and videos on each subject.)

First, a bit of advice. I never listen to anyone who thinks they know what everyone should be doing, if they say “this is the only way” I tend to switch off. We are all unique with unique paths so I’m not telling anyone what to do, these are recommendations not demands. Do you.

I don’t want to be a guru. I have issues! Don’t we all? I was obsessed with enlightenment and thought about the subject extremely deeply for years but as I said I have issues, one of them is obsession and another is thinking too deeply! And my friend who asked me the following question certainly doesn’t want me to be their guru. But they asked me “how do we wake up?”

A simple question. But my answer was never going to be simple. It could have been, I could have answered “there is no you and there is no me, so there is no we to wake up”. It could have been “we are all already awake, there is nothing to do and nowhere to go.” But that’s not my style and a bit of a cop out. We can ignore the illusion of reality to give short answers that sound wise but meanwhile you’re still gonna wake up with the illusion of you, me, time and space and we all have to decide how to fill the illusion of time and space (if that’s what they are.)

So I answered as honestly as I could. First I bailed, cos I think too deep and immediately thought of several conflicting answers. Then I decided that was where to begin – there are different types of waking up and there are different ways to to achieve each. Here are a few I’ve discovered and obsessed over, to varying degrees. I obsessed so you don’t have to…


So different types of waking up – kundalini awakening. Political awareness awakening. Health food awakening. Energy awareness awakening. Fractal multidimensional nature of reality awakening.
All of these types of awakening affect each other, and assist each other.
(Although political awareness can temporarily slow down other types of awakening if it results in depression but I think it’s a necessary step in overall spiritual growth.)
I should add “Shadow work, emotional / psychological awakening” to the list too, it might be the most important one.

Kundalini awakening can be inspired by tantric sex, kundalini yoga and pranayama yoga. I can recommend a good book on the subject of kundalini tantra, a great video showing a kundalini pranayama technique and/or recommend making love with someone with tantric experiences. <Dry orgasms are relatively frequent for me, but I don’t attend tantra workshops and I’m not in ‘the scene’, find it all a bit creepy to be honest. But I know I shouldn’t judge, just prefer to read books, watch Mantak Chia lectures and practice in private. Growth for me in the non judgment area needed.>

[Best book on Kundalini Tabtra I’ve read –  ]

Political awareness awakening. This one’s hard cos there’s so much misinformation out there but eventually one should probably realise that most politicians are there for personal gain, most political decisions help the rich get richer and most wars are fought for profit and the reasons they give us are lies. It’s hard for me to view someone as a fully functioning human if they can’t see past the basic matrix of hypocrisy the politicians and mainstream media presents. I know reality is subjective, and it’s all perception (more on that later) and I know we shouldn’t judge. But one of my own areas to grow in is not judging people for believing politicians and newspapers. The lies have seemed so obvious for so long now it’s hard for me not to judge and get angry. I’m getting off the point.
<To what extent political awareness has anything to do with enlightenment in a broader sense is a debate you could have, but I’m inclined to agree with Michael Tsarion and Mark Passio, you cannot be compassionate and aware without sometimes experiencing righteous anger and all forms of government is a form of tyranny with an implied threat of violence>

[Tsarion on politics

Health food awakening. Pretty simple, you are what you eat. So natural and organic is ideal. But life is all about balance so I don’t judge processed food or meat eating, meat is natural and life is suffering but slaughterhouse’s cause unnecessary suffering.

Energy awareness awakening. This is on two levels, knowledge and experience. You can read about quantum physics and I have some good stuff to recommend on the subject. But I would honestly recommend playing with crystals in the bath <with or without shamanic assistance> and chi gung (also spelt Qi Gong which makes it difficult to search for sometimes). Chi gung is like a cross between Tai Chi and yoga and allows you to feel chi in and around your body. It’s basically circular movements and spiral movements with synchronized breathing. I live it and should do it every day but I am undisciplined. I’m working on that tho!

[Best chi gung vid I found online, starts with an explanation and then gives you a beautiful exercise to follow


Fractal multidimensional nature of reality awakening. Basically meditation on the nature of reality over time will deal with this one. And a good dose of Terrence Mckenna will deal with this one. I suspect a near death experience would too. I’ve had various glimpses of this breakdown of reality in various ways from Ayahuasca ceremonies to tantric sex dry orgasms. My clearest experience was via plant medicine but it might not have happened if I hadn’t had experiences of awakening in other ways before.

And finally – “Shadow work, emotional / psychological awakening”, as I say, it might be the most important one. This is a complex subject and although it relates to psychology it is in my opinion the most important spiritual work, and maybe the hardest and scariest. Someone can be a tantric master and an a-hole. Someone can be a vegan a-hole. Someone can be a yoga teaching a-hole. We can all be a-holes, I know I can. Shadow work and emotional growth is how to stop being an a-hole! 😂
It’s basically looking at your dark-side, your weaknesses, your fears which are generally rooted in self esteem issues and insecurities we’ve had since childhood. We usually hide these things behind a wall of either anxiety or bravado, either overtly express it with low self esteem and/or hide it behind a front of arrogance. Because when we see our insecurities and self esteem issues we find it hard to love ourselves. And when we hide from these things we defend it, defend the sadness with anger and have arguments with people we love so we don’t have to admit to ourselves how scared we are, scared that we might be lonely, scared that we might not be enough, scared that we might be judged negatively for our weaknesses and scared that those who are being judgmental might be right.
We stop being a-holes to ourselves and to others when we see these shadows, accept these shadows and LOVE OURSELVES ANYWAY. It’s like the EFT tapping techniques, “even though I am insert negative perception here I truly love and accept myself.”
For this work I would recommend Ayahuasca but at the risk of sounding like a normie or a Muggle conventional therapy helped alot, particularly hypnotherapy. And the work of Jamie Catto and Byron Katie. Again, each of these subjects I can recommend videos or books on. This last one I can recommend a Jamie Catto workshop or my hypnotherapist in Bristol, she’s awesome 😊
I have to add the Balanced View teaching, workshops and community to the list of positive influences on my awakening but the way it works cultivates a reliance on the community and the organisation that I am personally uncomfortable with and uncomfortable recommending. I say dip your toe in and use what works for you but some of my best friends are swimming in the deep end of it and seem fine ☺️

[Jamie Catto does workshops all over England, overseas and online in facing creative blocks, shadow work and relationships.

Just check out his website

[Byron Katie and The Work (get to the root causes of your suffering and stop believing the stories you may have told yourself, powerful stuff

One last thing! Perception and the fractal nature of reality. The paradox of all of this is that if the nature of reality is fractal there will always be more ways to awaken, there will always be another door to go through, each answer leads to more questions. So there is “nowhere to go and nothing to do” as Balanced View might say, we’re all already awake and all is already enlightened and illuminated by our awareness.
Okay, now I’m done.

With minor edits that’s almost exactly what I sent to my friend. I add for the sake of humility – I don’t meditate every day, I don’t do pranyama every day, I don’t eat strictly organic, and I don’t do Chi Gung every day. If I had as much discipline as I had obsession I would probably be happier, healthier and richer. But I don’t know if I’d be having as much fun.

Bliss plus joy equals now, be love x

Enlightenment, conflicting desires and emotional growth

We all have conflicting desires. We all sometimes have desires or emotions that may go against our core beliefs or highest held ideals. We’re all hypocrites. At least in thought, if not in action. The sooner we accept that about ourselves and each other the sooner we can evolve as individuals and therefore as a collective.
Enlightenment is a red herring, a fake out, a wild goose to chase down a hierarchical, path that paradoxically requires you to see there is no better or worse to be better than you were. At least my perception of the general misunderstanding of the the terms enlightenment. The real work happens every day after the enlightening experiences, when you want to remember nothing matters in a universe of infinite fractals but this person right now is costing you time or money or patience. It’s emotional work, it’s learning to forgive yourself and others within this highly convincing illusion.
But we are restricted, because what I am speaking of regarding the words “enlightening” and “enlightenment” are quite different from how the words may have originally been intended by those translating Buddhist texts. I will not attempt to define “nirvana”.
But enlightenment. I can discuss some contrasting interpretations.
Whether that is an enlightened state where you understand something of the fundamental nature of reality or a state of inner peace where duality and negativity no longer register – it’s not a final destination.
The word is loaded so I replace it with a phrase – inner peace.
I would never describe myself as enlightened, far from it, I am plagued by unanswerable questions of an inquisitive mind, over-sensitivity to most of western modern culture and insecurities related to all of the above, but I have had both moments of clarity where the fractal nature of reality was made clear. And I have had periods of inner peace. They have both been followed by periods of confusion, depression or anger later down the line.
But both study and experience have reminded me of the zen phrase – “before enlightenment, chop wood and fetch water. After enlightenment, chop wood and fetch water.”
Do the work. The real work is seeing the dark things your mind does sometimes and wants sometimes and loving yourself anyway. The real work is feeling those desires but listening to your heart. And that doesn’t happen in a flash of enlightenment in a tipi or on a mountain, it takes practice. It takes facing situations that could piss you off and maintaining inner peace. It’s a process, not a destination.
I’m still learning ways in which I am and have been a hypocrite. And I’m still learning ways to love myself despite them.
Love yourself.

The Urge – Depression and Anxiety in the Face of Demonic Politics

“The urge to what, to be demonic carbon copies who work for the machine? the urge to be celebrities who hate their lives and get cosmetic surgery to be attractive until gossip mags or tabloids finally get an unflattering photo of them in tracksuits on the way to the supermarket? The urge to earn money and pay taxes to the archonic demons until the day we die? The urge to ejaculate? Which urge are we associating with these interdimensional parasites?”
Things Kev says in conversation to people that get it.

A friend read that and responded with the following questions…

“How do we defeat them? And get out own power back? And to protect ourselves? Are we multi dimensional and if so, how…”

So I responded with the following answer…

“I am a firm believer in us being multidimensional (in fact if I know anything, which I don’t, but if I knew anything I’d know everything is multidimensional including us.)
How do we defeat them? If I knew the answer to that question I’d probably either be a general in a spiritual war or a dead man! But I suspect we defeat them by achieving the most difficualt of balance – being aware of the darkness and evil they perpetuate and not getting depressed about it. When we let them dim our light they win. If we watch too many conspiracy fact documentaries and believe we have no power they win. BUT if we’re completely ignorant of their fuckry and just work and pay taxes to them without caring or knowing they win too. Finding that balance between knowing, caring and loving life anyway is the win for me I think, but it’s not one day on the winners podium, it’s a process of hurting anf healing, short moments of peace during the fuckry to prolong the longer periods of peace between the fuckry, it’s a lifetime of trying not to stay angry at tabloid newspapers and Jeremy Kyle and remembering none of the aboveare stopping you from staring at the flowers of a petal or hugging a loved one and even if they locked you up and threw away the key you still have your heart and mind and you can still meditate and love. It’s knowing your shadows, your insecurities and loving yourself anyway and it’s knowing their evil and pitying them instead of fearing them. While at the same time not giving in.
Hmmm… maybe I am a general in a spiritual war after all. Shhh… don’t tell anybody, I’m just making music and teaching kids, and nobody’s listening to me – which is probably why I’m still alive…”