My yearly ‘Tax Return Rant’, Living with Toothache, Online Privacy and other recent rants and lyrics!

Tax return. I just did it.

Yeah, it was as accurate as I could make it, but there were estimations. Why? Cos I’m a poet, not an accountant, I hate paperwork and I hate maths so being forced to do both let alone either by a government that spends my taxes on illegal wars upsets me.

Almost tempted to turn down paying gigs from now on so I never have to do another tax return ever. I hate having to estimate how much money I lost trying to change the world in an effort to tell the people I never gave any authority to how much of my money they can spend on schools (yes), hospitals (yes), roads (yes), and bombing brown people for oil.

Still, if I stop performing for money and only earn from the Steiner school I’ll still be getting taxed by the same system. So I’ll still accept paying gigs and I’ll still do tax returns, this is the (fucked up) system I am in. I had a chance to completely escape before but I ironically didn’t have the finances to do it safely and comfortably. One day I will live self sufficient and rely on the pedos in parliament for nothing.

I nearly became a politician last year. Nearly. Still thinking about starting a religion though…

think there’s already a love party in London. I would start a religion and start a political party based on love, community and altruism / benefit for all. Rather than the current economic systems based on competition and ownership rather than sharing. Electoral reform is a must here though, for proportional representation. But all of it’s pointless until enough people are educated in the nature of politics to see why we should change and until enough people are educated in the hierarchical nature of both the culture around science and the culture around religion. Science as a method is fine, but plenty of people use the scientific method to disprove long-held theories and lose their respect, job or tenure because they’ve rattled the cage. Oh my God I could write about why I want to start a political party and why I want to start a religion all Sunday, but I won’t until I actually feel like doing either of those things, this stops now! lol


anger is much easier to deal with than sadness, but it won’t really go away until you deal with the roots of the problem. Generally people punch cos it’s easier to punch than cry…


Ego and awareness

… watch for when the ego is the witness of emotions rather than awareness witnessing the ego witnessing emotions…

Donald Trump and David Cameron




We weren’t harsh, we were gullible pawns of Rupert Murdochs media. The Sun said we can’t elect a man who can’t eat a bacon sandwich and the average person seems to do what The Sun says we should do. The tone of this post does not reflect my anger, frustration or sadness. Humans – do better.

Ps that was back when the choice was between Milliband and Cameron. So bedroom tax, the selling of the NHS and all sorts of fuckry might have been avoided if the Sun hadn’t put that embarrassing photo on the front page the day before the election. People are more easily manipulated than we want to admit, myself included.

Toothache – Loving Life (Despite Intense Physical Pain)

Seriously? Did I really need toothache, abscess and swollen face to show me how happy I was just before? Is that lesson? Don’t worry, I learned the other lesson – don’t eat Haribo (yeah, mother f- you said that in 2007, you an addict.) Gelatine. Sugar. It was never gonna have a happy ending.

Remember when penny sweets were actually sweets a penny each? I still associate that evil stuff with a happy childhood. Ramblings of a poet in self inflicted physical pain, don’t mind me.

Just watched comedian Tracy Morgan talk about his accident and how when you’re in crisis you see who will ride for you. My new friends are true friends, I picked well and the universe through me some good ones on a random too. I’m still grateful, and still happy.

But, before the swings n roundabouts, it’s worth mentioning that last weekend I was happy as I can remember for a very long time. Things have been going well, thankyou universe and thankyou Bristol.

New job, old city, new meditation sessions, poetry workshops, gigs at wholefood shops, positive vibes and cuddles aplenty. Toothache is just a minor chord in a major melody, and I’m writing the score.

More superfoods, more writing, more money, more good health, more self discipline, more loving xx


Online Privacy

Does “enable Siri on this Mac” mean “give apple permission to listen to every word I say near my laptop”?

(Questions that make you sound paranoid to ignorant people number 2133).


Sometimes I still use pen and paper… #lyrics

Young man – talk to older women if you want to learn
what to say to girls your age in your world

Wise women prefer good conversation,
(But probably won’t say no to diamonds or pearls.)

The Holy Grail to me was a job that doesn’t depress me.
Pays for the rent… but does’t over-stress me

or was it a Goddess as wise as she’s sexy
to love me, hug me and bless me, and vice versa, Thank you and Yes please!

The Holy Grail was to have both fun and prosperity
Some dreams come true, may I stay healthy n get more wealthy,

not to get on Instagram to take the arrogant selfies
but to help people like when I had nothing good people helped me.

Every little cell in my body is happy and well see
Each cell glowing with love, deep rooted like Elm trees,

Showered in love from the cosmos above us,
To shine light on road for man dem, gal dem, sisters and brothers.

(ps The Holy Grail is still the Moon Cup.)



So all that Free-Man stuff, Article 61 of the Magna Carta and the maritime law stuff… Is any of that affected by the fact that the Chilcott Enquiry came to the conclusion that our previous Prime Minister Tony Blair dragged us into a war under false pretenses? Can we conscientiously object to our taxes being spent on illegal wars and point to the Chilcott Enquiry as evidence that our politicians can’t be trusted? Just curious…

…that’s a big if though. But to be honest ‘they’ can usually intimidate me until I stop seeing ‘them’ as ‘they’…

…I was a conscientious objector to Western Imperialism but that didn’t stop the tanks from rolling…

…”Guilty – Giving Up Inspirational Living Towards Yourself” KRS-One’s wife apparently…

“Everything is complete. There are no loose ends of excess or deficit. This completeness, this simple perfection, doesn’t mean that everything is all stitched up according to some master plan. {Though it might.} Rather, it is in the completeness of infinity, in which each moment is infinite. However things are, they will reveal their completion when we cease striving to create something, control something, become something, and simply allow the presence of ourselves within the becoming of the world. This is the essential view of dzogchen, a buddhist approach to spiritual practice and to daily life which is concerned with maintaining a sense of relaxed openness and happy attentive interest. ”
From Simply Being by James Low

Jewels (Part 1)


Maintain balance in everything.
Love yourself – you are a perfect creation and part of mother nature.
And like the lotus flower grow through the dark waters to blossom in the light.
It is what it is, and that’s all it is.
And everything is multidimensional.


both artworks by android jones

I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again.



I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again. (I didn’t start one before, I just thought about starting one before…)

When I thought about it before it was because I wanted something without dogma and rules but a framework for my spiritual preferences, namely a reverence for love and nature. Also because it may have allowed me and my loved ones exemptions to amoral laws. However I have been inspired again due to the fact that there is mounting scientific evidence that there is alot more to the universe than meets the eye, indeed there is mounting quantum evidence that there is alot more to reality than newtonian physics. There is also mounting anecdotal evidence from thousands of near death experiences that consciousness is not limited to the brain, and not limited to death even, as thousands of people have recorded memories of things they have observed while their bodies were ‘brain-dead’. On top of that the vast majority of the observations correlate, they are similar if not the same.

Is there an argument for a new religion and or spirituality and or cosmology to be created based on the scientific record of near death experiences or to a lesser extent the scientific record of past-life regression hypnotherapy? 
To the point where the evidence supports or contradicts mainstream science and/or mainstream religions?


Various Skeptiko interviews about Near Death Experiences
Dr. Jeffrey Long’s, God and the Afterlife – Science & Spirituality Have Collided |327|
214. Dr. Suzanne Gordon Looks Deeply Into Near Death Experience Cases
124. Near Death Experience Science in Bereavement Rescue
218. Steve Miller, Does Near-Death Experience Science Contradict Christian Doctrine?
Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near-death experience defies medical model of consciousness |154|
152. Near-Death Experience After Effects Key to Understanding NDEs, Say Researcher P.M.H. Atwater
13. Dr. Neal Grossman, Religion Afraid of Near-Death Experience Research


Metal Monkey on Fire! KP Kev the Poet’s new album!



Metal Monkey on FYA!

New collection of songs, raps and poems from KP Kev the Poet.

Flows and poetry over Hip-Hop and dub – (and grime, boombap, trap, glitch, Jungle, Dubstep and even acoustic music.)

My most personal and emotional body of work thus far. Some of the best music I’ve made, just in time for Autumn Equinox and the end of this Mercury retrograde😉

This collection of songs contains epic production from talented, creative music producers from Bristol to London and beyond, featuring Twinkly Tus and production from King Slim, Alex Wolf, Dar “Merk daSys”, Philly the Kidd and more!

Most of these tracks were written and recorded in London while I getting back to a place of self love and self confidence after a brief spell of anxiety and depression.

3 songs were originally recorded many years ago and updated recently (maybe if you ask me I’ll tell you which.)


The Epic Annals of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner’s Inspiration Incarnation 

(Annals of Anthroposophy)

So, Rudolf Steiner was right about at least nearly everything,

From child-rearing to to bio-dynamic farming.

And apparently a Rosicrucian (I think your losing them).

And a theosophist before the split.

So Rudolf Steiner said that children are in the dream state,

Not fully incarnated yet, and not fully awake.

And since science has determined that the brain waves

of under 2’s are delta waves like the dream states – that amazes.

And between age 2 and 6 was it Theta?

A meditative state if not better.

And to be honest it’s an inconvenient annoyance

that he claims to have got most of his knowledge from clairvoyance.

But while some say that weakens his argument and validity,

Maybe the fact he’s right just strengthens the argument for his ability!

Beyond that, kids are meant to play, and learn practical skills.

Not how to pass exams or make the most video game kills.

I spent most of my life on a quote unquote spiritual quest;

Taoism, Buddhism, Tantra, Sufis, wondering which was best.

I used to pick and choose and knew that I was meant to teach,

and thought my poetry and music would best extend my reach.

I never thought that I would find myself teaching in class.

And if I did I would have guessed I’d teach the teens if you did ask.

But found myself with primary ages, kindergarten,

Volunteering back in 2012, for me a new world starting.

Immense gratitude for the suggestion Ali.

My fairy godmother of Rowantree, we were platonically pally.

She had a yurt in her back garden and her humour was up my ally

her intuition told her I should help there soon, no dilly dally.

I could tell the whole story, but it was only a quest for me,

But if you know me you can guess the synchronicity and destiny.

The path to become a teacher led to immense growth and evolution,

self development, me and my mother’s resolution.

And when I gave up on spirituality through depression and confusion,

I was brought back partly by the mystic ‘maybe-Rosicrucian’.




So I give thanks to the tutors, and all the Steiner staff.

I give thanks for all the Goddess classmates in my class.

I give thanks for intimate chats, studies and the laughs.

I give thanks for Steiner House, Hawkwood House and last

I give thanks for Rudolf Steiner, wow. That incarnation was a task.


“We usually make a distinction between being ridiculed and being taken by surprise in a shower when we have no umbrella. This distinction must not be made. We must evolve thoughts so strong that the distinction is not made — that we take ridicule like a good shower of rain.”
― Rudolf Steiner


Unfinished poem about spirit….

The physical and etheric are thinking.

The etheric and astral are feeling.

The astral and the I are willing

and able, we have the will to work or be chilling.

My physical and etheric are thinking about

The meaning of life, and how to progress without doubt.

My astral and my ego, self, I is willing

to be of benefit and fill the gaps that need filling.

The spirit is eternal, the soul’s emotional,

Like James Brown and Rakim – we know they got so much soul.

The physical body contains the soul and the spirit,

Expressed in the physical body, this time through a lyric.

The physical’s akin to the mineral dimension.

The plant dimension’s akin to the etheric. Did I mention

The astral is akin to the dimension of the animals?

The ego, I self and self awareness of intangibles.

The etheric is the element of life itself.

The astral sentient awareness of a life outside itself.

But the self conscious ego’s a very human trait.

Humanity’s evolution – the consciousness of Christ himself.


“You will not be good teachers if you focus only on what you do and not upon who you are.”
― Rudolf Steiner



The healing power of conversation…

Therapeutic empathy.

Revealing our strong vibration…

Empathic therapy.

Dialogue between man, woman and nation…

No judgement. Don’t crush them.

Acknowledge emotional growth with celebration.

Just the essence… of presence.

The healing power of conversation…

Therapeutic empathy.

A Grand New Hope 


Do you know how many apples rot on the ground each year?

Rhetorical, but please ponder the question I share.

How many apples will no human taste, only birds and maggots?

Maybe those ugly maggots will become beautiful butterflies when they change their guise.

(Maybe you are one of the few who can see their beauty when they are maggots.

I cannot I confess. But I digress.)

Do you know how many apples rot on the ground each year? Maybe millions of apples,

Fertilising the soil. On the Isle of Avalon, the island of apples.

The Earth is abundant. How much food goes to waste?

Perhaps none? Perhaps waste becomes compost

And compost becomes soil.

So why should we strive and toil?

Supermarkets,. Self check-out, digital tills.

Past it’s sell-by date? Then it fills landfills.

And maybe food doesn’t go to waste, but what of the packaging?

What of the plastic and the environment damaging?

Capitalism panicking, eating itself, cannibalism in the illusion of scarcity

Instead of an indulgence in a reality of abundance.

That was an introduction inspired by Tho Ha Vinh, Julie Richardson and Stephen Watts aka Max Salad. The following is inspired by a man named John.

Hope… once upon a time women were not allowed to vote. Things change.

Hope… once upon a time blacks, or moors, were not allowed to vote. Things change. Hope.

The patriarchy still rules, sexism still exists, racism still exists, people get shot instead of hang from rope.

But once upon if you were a woman or if you had dark skin you couldn’t vote.

Once upon a time there was apartheid.

Let’s not ignore the shadows, or hide the darkside.

But things change, sometimes dramatically.

Sometimes quickly. Remember that. Hope.

So when we worry or wonder where the pleasure went.

Perhaps we’ll change our experience when we change our measurement

From Gross National Product to Gross National Happiness

Because we can have productivity while sad, badly stressed.

So I put this poem in the ballot, this is indeed my vote

For Gross National Happiness, GNH, a Grand New Hope.


 This link below – two and a half hours of Steiner lectures on the spiritual aspects of humanity and how that applies to teaching put to two vintage dub albums and some vintage dubstep… 



My understanding of initiation is generally via context, not definition. Although Steiner had specific definitions I can’t remember what they are and I have a book about the Rosicrucian society that probably has a definition in it’s apendix but maybe I’ll fish that out after I give my initial response
First off I first heard the word used to describe entering the world of Druidry and in other contexts to describe entering a shamanic training of some description. Specifically I was initiated into a Bard of the Loyal Arthurian Warband when I knelt beneath Arthur’s sword and was knighted in Stonehenge on Spring Equinox 2006.
But what that actually means is entirely subjective, to my story, to one’s definition of Bard, and to one’s definition of Druidry. There seems to be a theme of facing fears when it comes to initiation. You hear of tales of Native Americans lying alone in a hole in the ground over night or of African boys left in the wilderness. When I was knighted I had to face a broad-sword.
So, based on personal experience and the context of things I have read in books I would say – Initiation is the first step into a new path of shamanism and/or magick, usually within a group, and usually involving facing a fear or some form of surrender.
But that leaves the question, can you have spontaneous initiation?
Without a group, without formalities? I think of Rebekah Shaman. When she went to Peru to study ayahuasca she accidentally dropped her passport in the Amazon. Probably a spontaneous initiation triggered by the universe itself and/or her subconscious.
Anyway, here comes the part I’ve been wanting to get to. The really personal bit. I have a theme in my life of being initiated by older women.
I can think of 4 times my friendship with older women has led to a more magical life, although 3 are all linked to the Steiner way.)
The first was the Druids. I would not have met Arthur or the Druids if I had not become friends with a woman named Susanna. She was in her 50s or 60s and I was about 24 when we met. And 26 when she took me to loads of ceremonies and I finally got knighted a Bard.
I slept in West Kennet long Barrow. On a winter solstice. That was the story that convinced Susanna to introduce me to the Druids
Then there was my friend Ali. She’s in the same age range, maybe a bit younger, 50s. I met her in Bristol, she has a yurt in her back garden. A real character.
She suggested, out of pure intuition, that I volunteer at the Steiner school. “I think the kids would love you” 3 years later I was training to be a teacher and learning all about Steiner’s spiritual path, Anthroposophy. 
Then my course leader Lynne became my friend as we bonded over my depression (her first husband had it, and Leonard Cohen’s son has it, a friend of hers!) Anyway, she was my friend and guide along my whole Steiner journey and a wealth of Anthroposophical info. And most recently our speech therapy tutor on my course and her friend, the head of the UK Anthroposophical Society just funded my ticket, room and board to go to the Anthroposophical Society Summer Conference where I ended up performing, making new friends and becoming a member. That was based on their intuition once again. I learned a long time ago to trust the intuition of older women and it has put me in the right place at the right time each time.


Although to be fair I’m missing out an integral part of the story, although I had an inner knowing spontaneously and just knew that rap and poetry was all I wanted to do. Shortly after I moved to Bristol I had an experience that convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the most important thing I could do was spread love, money, fame etc, all of that fades but in a world where nothing lasts forever and we’re just concepts anyway and nothing really matters the only thing I could never regret was spreading as much love as possible. That was an initiation that was not like any cliche, out of any formal druidic or shamanic order but more powerful than most of my spiritual experiences. and I’d almost forgotten just how important it was.

INITIATION by KP Kev the Poet for Roots and Permaculture


The Resurgence of Artistry in the Mainstream

Data. Mainstream music, television and movies got really, really bad, carbon copies by talentless hacks for a docile generation. But things have gotten better, in fact recently I dare say we’ve been spoilt. Subjective observations that only my fellow aging nerds may appreciate.

There was a ten year period when mainstream was just sooo bad. I mean it’s always bad, and it always appealed to the lowest common denominator, pop stars who can’t sing, soap opera stars who can’t act etc. But between approximately 2002 and 2012, at least to me it seemed that things had hit an all time low. It was better in the nineties, of that I have little doubt, but it has been getting better again recently.

I mean in the 90s truly rebellious music made it into the mainstream, from Public Enemy to Rage Against the Machine, from NWA to Nirvana. Now I kept that opinion mainly to myself during the noughties because I was just showing my age if I said “music was better before, it’s shit now”. However I feel like piping up because the fact that, in my opinion, mainstream music is getting good again means that’s it’s not just hindsight. It’s still just my subjective opinion, but at least I now know I’m not just blinded by “my era”.

My specialties I shall concentrate on are Hip-Hop, movies, television in general and kids cartooons.

Hip-Hop. I actually hated most Hip-Hop from 2002 – 2012, especially the mainstream. Although Biggie, 2Pac, Jay Z and 50 Cent can all rap the precedent they had set made it seem like you couldn’t be taken seriously as a rapper unless you used to sell crack. So from 2002ish, the start of 50s reign, all the rappers were carbon copy ex crack dealers with either young or lil at the start of their names, all they needed was a turn up beat and they could mumble some crap and people would buy it. Cos, when a culture goes mainstream it is no longer populated by connoiseurs who dictate the direction but the lowest common denominators, now teenage girls buy more Hip-Hop than crate digging DJs your facial hair and your abs are more important than your flows and lyrics (see Joe Budden vs Drake.) BUT with the likes of Joey Bada$$, Kendrick, King Los, and J Cole it is hard to deny the most successful rappers since about 2012 have been true lyricists. Yes, some actual poets, speaking real words over production that took time, not just carbon copy, mass produced drivel for the manipulated masses.

Movies, now Hollywood was getting real lame for a really long time, and while the remakes and reboots haven’t stopped I have been pleasantly surprised by recent quirky risks like The Brothers Bloom, Hotel (EDIT remember the name later) and the nerd in me is SO pleased with the recent run of super-hero movies. I know they’re easy to write off as formulaic and I know I’m a biased Marvel-head but they have genuinely good scripts, great actors and obviously amazing action sequences that get me excited about going to the cinema again in a way I haven’t since the terrible sequels to Die Hard and the Terminator shat on our childhoods and as an appetiser to Michael Bay turning Optimus Prime into a CIA puppet who murders unarmed Decepticons via decapitation (true story.) Yes, some good writers and good actors and good directors teamed up to make good material, not just carbon copy, mass produced drivel for the manipulated masses.

I didn’t own a TV for 10 years. Didn’t live in a house with one for 10 years. Didn’t miss it. Apart from one show. The Sopranos. While the hilarious Friends was teaching a whole generation there are no black people in New York and a million series of Big Brother cemented the tradition of reality TV turning talentless puppets into celebrities for no reason for ten years all I missed was The Sopranos. Since that left us the void has been filled with all sorts of stuff I’ve been recommended, some I’ve watched even, spearheaded by Breaking Bad, and more recently the decidely subversive Mr Robot, but others like Boardwalk Empire, etc. Gritty, believeable dramas with good writing and good actors? Yes, some good writers and good actors and good directors teamed up to make good material, not just carbon copy, mass produced drivel for the manipulated masses. Oh, and Netflix. You magnificent bastards. Do not underestimate Daredevil, and Bojack Horseman is easily one of my favourite shows of all time now.

How bad did kids TV get? Remember Teletubbies? It’s become cult because it was sooo trippy but you are not gonna learn anything from it like Sesame Street or be as entertained and engaged by it like Mysterious Cities of Gold. I remember it was almost catchphrase at one point, “kids TV these days is rubbish, it was much better when I was a kid”. Can’t say that anymore. With Adventure Time leading the race, although some episodes are so dark I’m not sure they’re kids TV, from Steven Universe to… a bunch of kids shows I’m not gonna mention cos I’m embarrassed, even kids TV has improved.

Now all the while there is also crap pop music and crap TV. And even during the darkest ages there was always amazing underground music and I suspect, though I would’t know, possibly some amazing underground shows. That net series about the shotter comes to mind. But basically, in my perception the mainstream was at an all time creative low from about 2000 / 2002 to 2010 / 2012.

It got to a point where nobody was even talking about whether artists had talent anymore, it was just TMZ talk. Nobody discussed whether or not Miley Cyrus can sing. Or dance. Or writes her own lyrics. It was all hype about whether or not she should be allowed to twerk cos she’s either too skinny or too white. It was all hype about whether wrecking ball is sexist (which may depend on whether she chose to ride a wrecking ball, or whether her record label told her she had to, and if it was to sell records was it because she was manipulated by the patriarchy to ride the wrecking ball or is she manipulating the patriarchy by using her sexuality. Confused? Don’t worry, I thought about it for longer than that.) Or why are the Kardashians famous? Didn’t you used to have to have a talent to be famous? Yeah, I know, nothing wrong with watching a bit of trash occasionally (til Bill Hicks isn’t there to squeegee your third eye anymore.) I’ve definitely wasted some hours in front of drivel.

So, what happened? Is it just my perception or does anyone else out there agree? The quality control in mainstream entertainment has improved. I don’t think it’s a coordinated conspiracy, I think a combination of things happened. Studio heads from record companies to Hollywood got lazy after the nineties and just tried to mass produce things that worked in the past. But either the audience got tired of it, or we were teased by inventive art like Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly, or Fight Club, or The Sopranos and wanted more. Or maybe the creatives themselves graduated to the point that amazing beings like Rebecca Sugar, previously a writer for Adventure Time and the creator of Steven Universe, ascended the ranks past the lazy money grabbers and got to the top of their industries to make heart blossoming art that makes your fingers tingle.

But yeah, it’s all subjective. Maybe I just started paying attention again