The legend Styles P on the suicide of his daughter and the value of life.

Styles P (aka The Ghost), one third of legendary rap group The LOX, lost a daughter to suicide recently. It’s sad but trust, the wisdom he shares on the instagram post is worth reading, so positive and inspiring. He speaks on the true value of life over material things. This is some of realest talk […]

Ice and Lava

Stepping out of the water into the fire Out of reception of the mystical to share and inspire all’s one, water flows, fire burns, love will entice. all is one, liquid fire – lava, solid water – ice. Stepping out of the water into the fire Out of reception of the mystical to share and […]

The Royal Family had links with the Nazis (and might just be an arrogant, judgmental conspiracy theorist sick of the sheeple holding us back.)

My knowledge of conspiracy facts compared to the people brainwashed by The Sun and Jeremy Kyle makes me feel superior. Which makes me feel arrogant. Which makes me feel inferior. I get proud about being hum ble which negates my humility. It’s a paradoxical cycle. For example today The Sun and The Guardian both reported […]

The King of Hip-Hop

There is no king of Hip-Hop. In my humble opinion there can’t be a king of Hip-Hop. “Why can’t there be a king of Hip-Hop…?” because music is a matter of opinion, it’s a subjective thing. Nothing determines the king. The best selling artist might be trash – Vanilla Ice sold ALOT of music in […]

Sometimes I’m Selfish and Greedy (but I’m usually a nice guy.)

Sometimes I’m selfish and greedy. This is the trait I dislike in people the most and the trait I dislike in myself the most, and the trait I am most ashamed of. Apparently I’ll have less anxiety and self-esteem issues if I learn to wear my ‘shame’ until I’m no longer ashamed of it. It’s […]

Fracking part 1 – the Declaration of Defence

The Guardian newspaper just released this headline… Government makes ‘outrageous’ U-turn over fracking in precious wildlife sites with this sub-title… Green MP Caroline Lucas says decision to backtrack on vow to ban fracking in sites of special scientific interest shows ministers cannot be trusted on issue Now… In case you weren’t aware of the stakes […]

Uncertainty (probably maybe)

Humans are amazing, inspiring and infuriating. This infuriating certainty in treating our opinions as fact. I’m sure its all of benefit but this certainty infuriates me. Especially when it ia based on tradition or dogma whether that dogma is scientific, religious, or political and especially when that dogma or tradition is just a social norm. […]

Black Steel In the Age of An@rchy

Inspired by Chuck D, Public Enemy and current Hip-hop media… I remember when Hip-hop culture was revolutionary / now all these rap websites have ads for the military / house negroes like “hey master, hey massa, hey boss” / while I still bump ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ / like “I got a […]

Beyond Yin and Yang

Beyond, one must accept and love their shadow as much as their light, not indulge in the shadow but accept it exists or you will fall into the trap of self hatred for denying the shadow and worse, possibly project that anger on to others. Love yourself in entirety, no need to indulge in the […]