The legend Styles P on the suicide of his daughter and the value of life.

Styles P (aka The Ghost), one third of legendary rap group The LOX, lost a daughter to suicide recently. It’s sad but trust, the wisdom he shares on the instagram post is worth reading, so positive and inspiring. He speaks on the true value of life over material things. This is some of realest talk ever…


“I rarely speak on my personal issues and i usually express my pain the through music but today I will share a little with you last month my wife and I lost a daughter and my son lost a sister. My baby girl took her life and there are no words to describe the day to day pain we have to endure and maintain through but in dealing with pain you find yourself dealing with the creator and asking questions and going through emotions most would not understand. So I’m taking this time out to express a few things to y’all because life is short and we are not promised tomorrow. I like to deal with simple math I know I am 180- 180+ but I’m trying my best to live on the positive side of things. I have truly tried to live up to the code of being a gentleman and gangster to fullest of my ability. I have been chasing the dollar bill since I was 12 years old I hustled I worked legal jobs and even manage to make my dream of making it as a rapper come true I have popped bottles before it was the thing to do, I have owned beamers, benzos, rovers, trucks etc etc etc I have lived in the ritz, owned condos, houses traveled a lot of places etc etc etc but I can honestly tell you don’t none of that shit add up or equal to love!! I have lost my brother, father, aunt, grandmother in law and too many good friends/ brothers and now my daughter!!!! But the only thing that can be done is to leave it in the creators hands. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take this time out to say from the most humbled part of my heart and soul to say to y’all that the dream most of us chase is not!! I repeat is not!! more valuable than the love you get from your family and friends it may seem like it is but it ain’t they print money and make material shit everyday but once you used a loved one that’s it, the spirit is with you but you will miss the physical and won’t be able to speak to them how you want to until you get home to the other side. So I just want to tell y’all keep it family 1st and don’t get lost and lose your focus, the fam is way more important than anything else… We lost a daughter but gained an angel. Love is love. ghost” Styles P


I have always respected Styles P for his integrity and appreciated his words in his songs. But I have never appreciated his words as much I appreciate the words above. Thank you Styles, RIP to your daughter and my condolences to you and your family.

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Being a ‘Grown Up’

The other day I woke up feeling quite honestly that I’m not cut out for modern western society, a society that appears to pride cunning and superficiality over honour and creativity. Being a grown up often sounds like another way of saying “give up on your dreams and focus on making money.” When I was younger I didn’t want to grow up, when I was a little older I chose not to, but now I was trying to be a ‘grown up’ I was faced with the terrifying prospect that I might not even be capable.

I gave up on Western Society for a while, on a self-imposed exile from my family in London, moved to Bristol and lived on the edge in squats, vans and caravans and focussed on my creative output. I was less depressed doing that than I was doing temporary work in offices in London but eventually I fancied more money, more comfort, more warmth.

So I decided to focus on getting qualifications in an area that fosteres my creativity and values my spirituality, that could lead to me earning more money without getting depressed. However I was beginning to feel not cut out for the bureaucracy involved, that I was not cut out for being a grown up.

Filling out forms gives me anxiety, 9 out of 10 jobs give me depression. I like the job I’m training for but I don’t like the training I have to do to get it.

So I started yesterday questioning my ability to be “a grown up” but then we watched some videos by this African shaman woman Sobunfu Some talking about how initiation is supposed to teach people to follow their dreams and in tribal cultures grown ups are supposed to follow their hearts and intuitions. We are all born with gifts for the world, talents, skills, passions. These are gifts to us but they are also gifts to the planet.

In other words – do not give up on your dreams, do not give up on the things that make your spirit feel alive. Do not “grow up”, at least not in the western sense. But perhaps grow up in the tribal sense, in the shamanic sense, through initiation to find out what inspires you. Inspire. In spirit.

“The first circle of connection we have is with the spirit world….

The second circle is with our family to test our gifts we are bringing to the world. At one point the family circle is going to become to small, too confining for us….

Some of us have also come in order to break certain patterns certain rules. We have been chosen by the ancestors to do this work. So we have their backing…. Sometimes the intimacy heats up to a certain point we have to be exiled from our own family, but that exile is very symbolic of the very things the very things they are not willing to see that are aching their soul. So sometimes we need that exile to see how else can we cook that medicne to make it very enticing to them.

The third circle is the city (or village or town)…. that becomes the next welcoming land for the kind of gifts that we have tested in our family… that circle is very instrumental in making sure that they provide a bigger container,  a container that is more sturdy to recieve the kind of medicine that we are bringing to the world.

The fourth circle we belong to is that of the country we belong to. The kind of legs that helps us to bridge al the prior circles. {when you leave the country} you represent that country.

Those four circles are very instrumental in us being able to be rooted on this planet. However some of us who are born with spirits that are way too big for this body to hold the the family doesn’t make sense,  the city, the town, the village you come from doesn’t make sense, the country you were born into  doesn’t make sense, you have to be beyond those realms, which is means basically you are naturally propelled into the role of a world citizen. So you are the child of the univierse. And that;s the only place that makes sense for you. So for any single one, or for any single country to confine you into one place is to actually kill your spirit because it does not understand what you are talking about…

...The role of a healthy community is to create a safe environment for each individual, where each individual is valued, seen, appreciated welcome, and their gifts have a place to go. The gifts that I talked about at the beginning, whether or not there is a container for them to go into or not they will have to delivered or else you will go crazy… your spirit is constantly trying to reawaken the community by giving them different signs so that they will then do the work that is required of them to enable you to be free of those gifts and to shine again, as you should be shining. Sobunfu Some

Short answer? Follow your heart, follow your dreams, surrender to spirit and create. Longer answer? Watch the video below… 😉

“…to enable you to be free of those gifts and to shine again, as you should be shining…” …and speaking of shining, it’s my time to shine 😉

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Ice and Lava

Stepping out of the water into the fire
Out of reception of the mystical to share and inspire

all’s one, water flows, fire burns, love will entice.
all is one, liquid fire – lava, solid water – ice.

Stepping out of the water into the fire
Out of reception of the mystical to share and inspire

all’s one, water flows, fire burns, love will entice.
all is one, liquid fire – lava, solid water – ice.


The dark side isn’t more powerful, just more seductive,
eventually it would consume you, it’s more disruptive.

But accept that’s within you, no need to duck it
or hide from it, your shadow is with you so love it.

It may seem easier to express anger than express sadness.
But repression of depression only leads to madness,

and expression of the lessons leads to big rewards
we’re just concepts with concepts so put down your swords

that barely exist, ignore judgments of people who just do
not care. The people who do care won’t judge you.

Don’t hide fear and sadness behind anger,
These days I tell someone I trust or trust the page and write a banger.

Big picture’s infinite possibilities, why limit your possibilities?
We can’t see the big picture with limited thought but feel it with limitless ease.

Big picture’s infinite possibilities, why limit your possibilities?
We can’t see the big picture with limited thought but feel it with limitless ease.


What planet-saving inventions will come out tomorrow? Conversations healing our sorrow,
or positive aliens pop round to borrow a lawnmower and finish off braiding your cornrow?

What’ll pop up from the chamber under the Sphinx’s paw?
More treasures than you’ll find on the grill on Chinx’s jaw?

What technology will make our whole lifestyles obsolete?
Prophecy may cause military property to fall at your feet.

When will a billionaire finally watch the Ted Talk “6 ways
Mushrooms can save the world”, and transfer the cash to Paul Stamets?

“This transaction will probably take six days”
and we can sit back and let the fun guy with fungi save this planet.

Some fungi can eat oil slicks AND radiation,
These days I find solutions online instead of cheats for Playstation.

We don’t know… if the next generation
will see borders and nations or pure inspiration,

will see through all the BS and simply not support government
that work for corporations causing just more sufferin’.


Most mainstream political parties in most 1st world countries
are corrupt from the inside out, but it’s too late to hunt me.

Cos the truth seekers outnumber the greedy, believe me
And one day soon the truth knowers will outnumber the ignorant

and the truth is truth doesn’t exist, it’s subjective,
perspective, the truth is that we’re ALL ignorant

and paradoxically omniscient…
We’d all be omnipotent if we weren’t ALL omnipotent.

How can there be a God unless it’s science, or unless science is nature? Don’t doubt that

includes all the science we’ve not worked out yet and may never work out, yep!

{And that’s each and every one of us. Astrophysicists sum us up.

As star dust, and that’s sun dust. Mainstream dumbs us down? I’ll fun us up. (chill, chill)} (not sure whether to keep this double-time bit or replace it with the half-speed that folllows)

…And that’s each and every one of us…

…Astrophysicists sum us up…

…As star dust, and that’s sun dust…

…Mainstream dumbs us down? I’ll fun us up…


All is one, that’s what’s up.
Feeling down? Well that’s what’s up

All is one, that’s what’s up.
Feeling down? Well that’s what’s up


All is one? Liquid fire – lava, solid water – ice.
From icebergs to volcanoes, from Buddha to Christ.

But don’t forget the goddess Mary’s Magdalene and Mary mother,
Don’t forget mother nature, or the goddess lover.

All is one? Liquid fire – lava, solid water – ice.
From icebergs to volcanoes, from Buddha to Christ.

But don’t forget the goddess Mary’s Magdalene and Mary mother,
Don’t forget mother nature, or the goddess lover.


 lava and ice 003Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 03.32.30

The Royal Family had links with the Nazis (and might just be an arrogant, judgmental conspiracy theorist sick of the sheeple holding us back.)

My knowledge of conspiracy facts compared to the people brainwashed by The Sun and Jeremy Kyle makes me feel superior. Which makes me feel arrogant. Which makes me feel inferior.
I get proud about being hum ble which negates my humility. It’s a paradoxical cycle.
For example today The Sun and The Guardian both reported on the Royal families links to the Nazis.

The Sun, loving the puns said…

“Their Royal Heilnesses

Secret 1933 film shows Edward VIII teaching this Nazi salute to the Queen”

and The Guardian went with…

“Queen’s Nazi salute video: a royal home movie like no other

Although two small girls could not have understood what their Nazi salute signified as they played in the garden, Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship was already rounding up political opponents, targeting Jews and burning books”

I’ve been saying stuff like this for 10 years, I wonder if now the Guardian have joined in people might take notice. But I doubt it. Most people are thoroughly brainwashed. The fact that this first came out in The Sun makes me think this is all part of slowly easing the public into the idea that they are already ruled by Nazis and they’ll just accept it. I told people the Royal Family was German loads during the Jubilee. I’ve mentioned Operation: Paperclip loads, so have loads of other people, in the alternative news scene that is ancient news. But some people still believe the official story on 9/11 despite the existence of groups like Engineers and Physicists for 9/11 Truth. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be angry, depressed or calm as the Buddha. But if there is no attention, acknowledgement or outrage I won’t be surprised. I know my spiritual side says I should not be judgmental. I know my spiritual friends will say exalt all of humanity. But, people are are selfish, me included. They care more about their football team winning than whether or not their government steals from them to fund bombing brown children, they care more about not letting immigrant asylum seekers running from war spend their taxes than they do about the fact that if HSBC and Starbucks paid their billions of taxes there’d be plenty to go round. Cos Jeremy Kyle told them what to care about. I’m sure it’s all for the benefit cos that’s the nature of the universe but right now I’m feeling pretty judgmental about most of the rest of the human race. Which paradoxically makes me a bit of a judgmental twat with no right to be judging others.

So I have paradoxical emotions? Guess I’m only human too. Oh well. Only human? What a gift to exalt that we can feel and see such a vast range of emotions, sometimes at the same time? I’m an exalted human being. So I guess we all are.

The King of Hip-Hop

There is no king of Hip-Hop. In my humble opinion there can’t be a king of Hip-Hop.

“Why can’t there be a king of Hip-Hop…?” because music is a matter of opinion, it’s a subjective thing. Nothing determines the king. The best selling artist might be trash – Vanilla Ice sold ALOT of music in the 90s. The Spice Girls sold alot of records. Record sales don’t make you the king. So who decides?

J Cole said it best…
“Ain’t gonna be no more kings
Be wary of any man that claims
Because deep down he clings onto the need for power
The reality, he’s a coward
Ultimately he’s scared to die
And sometimes so am I
But when I’m in tune with the most high
I realize, the fear lies in my lack of awareness of the other side
Today I know that we are the same, are the same, you and I
Different kind of skin, different set of eyes
Two different minds, but only one God
(It’s only one God nigga)
It’s for all the kings
Cause I know deep down every poet just wanna be loved” – J Cole, Fire Squad

The problem is, and no offence intended to any age or race, but if teenage hipsters who know nothing about Hip-Hop culture or history buy more records than “real Hip-Hop heads” (of any age or race) who analyse flows, lyrics and production  does that mean Justin Bieber can be the King of Hip-Hop next year if he sells the most records? (It’s got to be about more than record sales or it leaves the culture open to culture vultures and cheesy pop stars. So who decides who is king? If not record sales?

Was Michael Jackson the King of Pop? Because it was drummed into your head by pop culture or because he sold the most records? Or because he was objectively the best? Who decides who is king?

Is Eminem the king of Hip-Hop? He sold the most records in the end. I can’t call it, because he is one of the best ever if not the best but the fact that more white people listen to the white rapper gives him an unfair advantage which then turns into an unfair handicap. Cos he may well be the best, but few people are gonna give it to him when we know there are lots of white people who will only buy a rap album if it’s Eminem, people who know nothing about the rest of Hip-Hop culture.

What decides who is king? Is it their influence on culture, or on the industry?

There is no king. Because as I said, it’s subjective opinion, some would say that the Beatles were more of a pop group than a rock group and put the Rolling Stones in the rock category, some would say Rock n Roll is part of the Rock category so Elvis takes the rock spot, some would say pop music is just “popular music” so Elvis and the Beatles are both bigger pop stars than Michael Jackson (I checked, the Beatles sold the most records of all time, followed by Elvis, followed by Michael Jackson) so if we’re going on sales AND if we’re calling all popular music ‘Pop Music’ then the Beatles and Elvis are fighting for the king of rock AND the kings of pop. Classical? Many people would argue Mozart. But clearly there is an argument for Eminem and truth is he’s the biggest selling rap artist but not the most influential, hardly anyone tries to sound like Em, he’s too unique and original. You say the most influential but the truth is most rappers try to be like Jay Z and the rest try to be like 2Pac, Eminem is so unique most people would sound weird if they rapped about killing their baby mommas, their moms doing drugs or dissing pop stars. Most rappers either rap about money and hoes like Jay Z or rap about being a thug like 2Pac or try to say something conscious like 2Pac so they’re currently the most influential. If you’d said Eminem was king cos he sold the most you would have a better argument but then I’d refer back to my previous comment, some terrible rappers have sold alot of records in the past cos idiots buy music – Vanilla Ice sold ALOT of records. So sales doesn’t really mean anything. Sales indicates good marketing more than it indicates good music.

I’m not trying to say Vanilla Ice compares to Eminem, Eminem has got skills but he also appeals to people that don’t even like rap music unless it’s Em. I only mention Vanilla Ice because in the 90s he was one of the biggest artists but nobody would call him king. I think Eminem is a good candidate for king because he’s talented AND he’s sold alot of records but I still say there can be no king because everybody is using different criteria.

Personally I’m old skool with it. KRS-One would be a good candidate for me, also Afrika Bambaata, the Amen Ra of Hip-Hop. If you love Hip-Hop culture you should find out as much as you can about Afrika Bambaata and the Zulu Nation and what they did to organise Hip-Hop culture at the start, and redirect gang culture in New York towards breakdancing, graffiti, and rapping. Just for influence on the culture.

If I were to talk about sheer skill on the mic Rakim has to get mentioned and the man everybody saw as heir to his throne – Nas. None of these people sold as many records as Jay-Z or Eminem but their dedication to the true spirit of Hip-Hop is an unquantifiable feature of legendary status.

But when it comes to skill that is another subjective opinion and there are plenty of new potential heirs to the throne. I wonder what people will say in ten years about Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, King Los, J Cole, Jay Electronica, Ab-Soul and Hopsin?
There is no king. Just opinions.

Sometimes I’m Selfish and Greedy (but I’m usually a nice guy.)

Sometimes I’m selfish and greedy. This is the trait I dislike in people the most and the trait I dislike in myself the most, and the trait I am most ashamed of. Apparently I’ll have less anxiety and self-esteem issues if I learn to wear my ‘shame’ until I’m no longer ashamed of it.

It’s the trait I dislike in politicians, I see it mirrored in David Cameron and the Tories in general etc. I see it in the fracking of our land and in the selling of our NHS. I dislike selfishness. I therefore sometimes over-compensate and don’t give myself the things I deserve.

I find all words are insufficient, rather that we have infinite shades of emotions and experiences but we only have a finite amount of words to describe them. I used to refer to myself as lazy then I realised I work really hard and obsessively on things that I love doing and just don’t do things I don’t love doing, so lazy was an insufficient word to describe my relationship with boring work. Give me an hour or two and I may have found better or different words to define the aspects of my self that I currently describe as selfish and greedy.

Due to the fact that I think poverty in the past was influenced by this fear of admitting it I will specify – I want more money. And sex. And sugar, I can be very greedy when it comes to sugar. Despite the fact that I know it’s probably parasites that want the sugar, and it’s very bad for me. I tried to quit sugar, I failed. And meat. Wish I could kick the meat habit again but my mum’s a phenomenal cook and I’m living with her again, but it’s not her fault, it’s not the fault of circumstance – I’m selfish.

I think in my personal story lazy was a judgment put on me that I internalised until years later I analysed it. But selfish is a judgment I put on myself, it’s what upsets me most about other people and it’s because it’s what upsets me most about myself. BUT note I said SOMETIMES I am selfish and greedy, it’s just an aspect of self I’ve been repressing.

(I still think I’m usually selfless and generous cos that’s what makes me happy. There’s an unavoidable paradox in the selfish desire to be of benefit because being of benefit makes us happy. But I usually try to be selfless and generous. But not always. I should not ignore that shadow.)


Although I am sometimes selfish and greedy I fully love and accept myself. I am everything, I am also selfless and generous, I am infinite abundance, I am love.

Fracking part 1 – the Declaration of Defence

The Guardian newspaper just released this headline…

Government makes ‘outrageous’ U-turn over fracking in precious wildlife sites

with this sub-title…

Green MP Caroline Lucas says decision to backtrack on vow to ban fracking in sites of special scientific interest shows ministers cannot be trusted on issue

Now… In case you weren’t aware of the stakes – fracking poisons spring water. For decades, maybe even centuries. (I may repeat that.) Access to clean water is human right, as much as air or life. Because without it you die.

This is is a move motivated by financial profit, not the welfare of the citizens. That is almost a cut and dry fact. What I’m about to say is speculation – If our only access to clean water is through the corporations they own you. Monsanto is already trying to get a monopoly on the food chain, via genetic patents they want the whole food chain. I believe this is a chess move and the end-game is to enslave you.

Regardless of conspiracy theories – we don’t need conspiracy theories when the conspiracy facts are clear, “ministers cannot be trusted on issue“.

No. No, no, no. I steered clear of front-line protesting for a while, I’m too sensitive to be surrounded by angry people (I suffer from anxiety and occasionally depression, who doesn’t?) and as a writer and networker I’m more valuable spreading the news and spreading the stories (I have 5000 facebook friends, embarrassing, I know.) But every now and again there’s something I just can’t step away from. This is one subject that will get me out the house and standing in front of diggers. I just collected spring water last week, they will not poison it, they will not destroy a basic human right. No. Lock-ons, tunnels, tree-sits, angry letters and angrier protestors. What ever it takes. Not having it at all. This is Archon business, water is precious and fracking poisons the water underground. For centuries. No.

Austerity was a declaration of class-war on the poor by the land owning classes. Fracking is a declaration of war on humanity and the planet itself by the Archons. This planet is as alive as any of the organisms on it by any scientific measure and fracking is first of all unnecessary and second of all absolutely abhorrent, doing unrectifiable damage to nature and making the spring water undrinkable. I suspect that part of the motivation is to privatise water (the way Monsanto are trying to get a monopoly on the entire food chain.) Privatising water creates more of a centralisation of power which appears to be the end-game for the various right-wing governments which are all moving to the beat of the same drum from corporations, particularly banks, war profiteers and oil barons. But side-story aside I think it’s safe to say we have every right to protest this and every right to prosecute our government for violating our human right to clean water. I dare to get spiritual about this too – I am certain The Universe will guide every righteous hand that fights against fracking for the sake of our planet and for the sake of each other.

This is not a declaration of war. The conservatives declared war on the people with austerity and declared war on the planet with fracking. This is merely a declaration of defence. The Archons are not one with the creator, we who are guided by love of our planet and love for each other are more powerful than any of these politicians that are guided by greed and fear rather than love.