Kevin Panton – If I had a Wikipedia page…

Kevin Huntley Panton aka KP Kev the Poet (born May, 1980) is a multi-media writer and performer; rapper, poet, singer, dancer, comic-book author, blogger, teacher and poetry workshop coordinator. 1 Biography 2 Artistry 2.1 Influences 2.2 Musical style 3 Personal life 4 Discography 5 References / External links Biography 1980–2010: Early life and career beginnings […]

Kevin Huntley Panton aka KP Kev the Poet

KP Kev the Poet aka Kevin Huntley Panton. I’ve been encouraged to ‘own my name’, not just my stage name. Mainly because I have recently had an official criminal record check so I can work with children, but there’s another Kevin Panton who appears online when you google my name but he has a criminal […]

U R Infinite (You’re Infinite) Lyrics

[INTRO] The present is infinite potential. The future is – quote – “Infinite Possibilities” – end quote – Brian Visiondanz. And within that you have the bonafide miracle of choice. We are infinite! What shall we co-create? ONE LOVE [VERSE 1] Visualisation and rhyming affirmations with chi gung breathing in combination means I’ll never need […]

An Anthroposophical Biography of KP Kev the Poet (as of Sept 2015) #steiner #anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner’s belief was that human life falls into seven year phases and that each of these phases helps with specific areas of development in the four-fold body of man which progressively incarnate one after another. The spiritual side of me is intrigued by this, however the scientific, cynical skeptic in me does think you […]

‘Low Fi, High Concept’ the EP by KP Kev the Poet

‘Low Fi, High Concept’ the EP The EP is out Sunday, Winter Solstice! Kev riding his self produced acoustic loops with vocal harmonies, live piano, happi tongue drum, saxophone and beatbox, positive affirmations in complex rhyme schemes, building harmonies and epic concepts – I guarantee you have never heard anything like it. Including a Bobby […]

‘AWESOME! Da Multi​-​Dimensional Mixtape’ by KP Kev the Poet

 AWESOME! Da Multi​-​Dimensional Mixtape Kev riding 2014 Hip-Hop instrumentals, Cosmic Waffles Psy Dub Mix, going off on the monetary system, ‘smuggling buddhism’, being silly and a couple of off the scale surprises! and it’s FREE! ‘AWESOME – Da Multi-Dimensional MixTape’ out Wednesday 17th of December. AWESOME! The EP ‘Low Fi, High Concept’ is out […]