Dentists and Jehova’s Witnesses

I was just stopped in the street by the Muslim greeting Asalaam Alekhem by two men in suits. They were Jehovas Witnesses who assumed I was a Somali Muslim. A fair assumption I guess, I was being black in Easton.

Just a surreal experience overall, especially on my way to the dentist. I felt like a masochist volunteering for pain, it’s the first time I have volunteered for going to the dentist apart from when I was already in intense pain. 

Anyway, I would rather be stopped by Jehovah’s Witnesses with “Asalaam Alekhem” for being black in Easton than stopped by the police with “freeze, empty your pockets” for being black in Easton. 

Back when I was a youth I had 5 teeth pulled out when I was a teenager followed by braces for years. The 5 teeth pulled out made me fear dentists and the effect the braces had on my sex life made me hate them. Okay, they didn’t make me do anything, that was the response teenage Kev chose, fear and hatred.

Besides who knows why I had a non-existent love-life as a teen, could have been my lack of confidence and being far too philosophical far too young.

Dentists may have inadvertently helped ruin my teenage sex-life with braces but they saved my adult sex-life by giving me my apparently nice smile. I did have too many teeth back then. And I certainly don’t want to end up with too few.

So to Dentists, who have received much aversion, fear and therefore hatred in my life and to Jehovah’s witnesses who have received much aversion, misunderstanding and ridicule in my youth – 

Alekhem Asalaam.

Peace be with you.

(Let’s see if I’m this forgiving when I go back for my fillings and extraction. I am so scared. No I’m not joking, I’m maybe just a tad too honest.)