Tax Returns (Solidarity!)

Things I never learned at school… How to do accounts. What an invoice is. How to make one. How to do a tax return. What a mortgage is. What it means (“mort” = death {mortal}, and “gage” = grip…) What government means (“govern” = control, and “ment” = mind {mental}…) Oh, and normal people have […]

Blossoming Branches (Prophecy Part 2)

Blossoming branches got em enchanted walking uncharted waters on Mars kids. These are not the only trees that we planted in the seasons of Harvest… “I menstruate Gold… it makes the soil fertile” were nearly planet Earths last words, but we let her bleed on the pastures… You should have seen her smile. But do […]

Monsanto Eerily Mimics Archon Behavior Depicted in Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts

Originally posted on Minutiae:
I find an alarming consortium of dots reaching out from a distant past to converge with synchronistic connecting points to the here and now. From the Archons described in Gnostic texts, to the actions and agenda of Monsanto with its fascination for recreating, or mimicking, the natural world with synthesized versions: fake…

History of a Real MC (raps about poetry and poems about rapping part 2)

History of a Real MC (raps about poetry and poems about rapping part 2) Before Kate Tempest was big… We used to jam with Planetman at the end of his gig That was festival season 2007, full Of good memories, I couldn’t be resentful The first open mic I did… With Yungun aka Essa, at […]

New Moon in Aquarius manifestations (Imbolc New Moon, First New Moon of 2015)

New Moon in Aquarius manifestations and gratitude {with references to Hip-Hop culture} (Imbolc New Moon, First New Moon of 2015) First things first, first new moon of 2015, Imbolc new moon. More love. It’s not quite Imbolc, or rather the Imbolc full moon is earlier than usual this year. “Imbolc, also called (Saint) Brigid’s Day, is […]

OWLS – Symbology

The opening paragraph is written by me. The rest was collated from various websites, links for the original sources are posted beneath each extract. Owls. I keep seeing owls. I have just discovered that the crone is associated with winter and the owl is associated with the crone. Interesting that the Winter is associated with […]

Stream of Consciousness (CBD and Samurai)

Stream of consciousness, sometimes I’m inspired, sometimes I’m not, sometimes I feel like William Blake on Acid in conversation with Rumi, and sometimes I feel like a loser who can’t hold down a full time job cos he suffers from depression and delusions of grandeur. Sometimes eating CBD oil and watching Samurai movies are your only […]

Why I stopped voting (and why I’m starting again)

I stopped voting and/or kidding myself that our governments give a damn what e think or how we feel after they ignored the biggest protest in history against the Iraq War on February 15 2003. This year I start voting again for reasons I will elaborate on after the extract… Here’s a little bit of […]

Mead inspired channellings from 2006 (the flower of life, Metatron {the Angel and the cube} and Enoch)

Moon-stone – there was no moon. Libations. Loosened tongue. My King calls Mead ‘Druid fluid’. Lost the plot, the plot thickens – pause – Permanently indebted to herbal tea. Wakey, wakey the book of Enoch has been opened before but few, if any, have felt the weight of history on their shoulders and chosen to […]