Bluebells, Angels, Soundsystems and Mic Cords

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She said “most little girls won’t look for a prince, so they won’t find him,
they’re looking for a villain and hope to find a prince inside him,

most grown women learn better and some wise girls know from the start”,
But I don’t play the game of faking villain, life ain’t a game, it’s art.

They don’t wanna hear how I’m like Jesus or Buddha cos I failed,
they wanna hear how I tried but in comparison I paled,

paled like the white depiction of Christ, sometimes I was cold as ice,
aimed for bodhisattva-like compassion, I’m just not that nice.

They don’t wanna hear how I tried to forgive acting like it’s all bless,
like Jesus forgave the men who put the spear in his chest.

They wanna hear the truth, we’re friends now, I wish her the best
but if I think about it now I overstand better but it still gets me vex.

The old man on his bike in the graveyard smiles like there’s a secret we share,
Like we’re two of a chosen few who knew… we’re not really there.

I’m like a bluebell on a grave, like an angel in a rave, you can help me here.
Sometimes I care so much it looks like I don’t really care.


Sometimes, sure, I’m bored like retired Timelords wondering why your
Average human being even bothers to rhyme for.

While your magical tools like your soundsystems and mic cords
Transport my thoughts to your heart to make you say BRRAP! Or “I’m floored.”

Bluebells on graves… angels in raves,

Letting go for forgiveness, happy to live blessed.

While your magical tools like your soundsystems and mic cords
Transport my thoughts to your heart to make you say BRRAP! Or “I’m floored.”


Pride and Prejudice and UK Hip-Hop – Chester P, Daniel Waples and Lyrically Challenged

Not sure where I currently stand on boasting / self promotion.But as I have started to tell you all when I’m depressed or anxious I shouldn’t fail to share when I’m proud and pleased with myself.

February 20th I shall be supporting one of my favourite rappers ever – Chester P of Taskforce – at one of my favourite Hip-Hop nights ever – Lyrically Challenged – with one of the most famous hand-pan / hang drum players in the world – Daniel Waples – Hang in Balance. S’alright.That’s without the added synchros – the first open mic I ever did in 1996 was hosted by Chester P and Farma G of Taskforce at the Powerhouse in Finsbury Park. The first time I went to Lyrically Challenged was it’s 5th birthday party and my gig is on it’s 6th. I only got the gig cos Daniel met one of the organisers – MC Angel – in India and I knew her already (cos I was so impressed with the 5th birthday party I wrote a gig review for a website and interviewed her.)Still not sure where I stand on self promotion / boasting. I used to be pro-humility, but humility is just the shadow of ego – who are you being humble for? It also meant I under-sold myself. It’s useful to be confident, to know your strengths, gifts and talents and it’s also useful to exalt and celebrate them, cos gratitude gives you more to be grateful for and how will other people benefit from your gifts if you don’t advertise them?

STILL not sure where I stand but… You should probably check out my music. People say it’s really, really good. X


Poet Flowin #bars

Poet flowin better than yer average rapper, not line toeing,
rapper goin deeper than yer average poet, knowing you won’t win,
They say he wouldn’t get so deep if it’s sales he’s after, but I’m showin
I’m down for the cause but of course selling to the growing chosen
Cos universal consciousness is growin, the intelligence that’s open
we all possess already – you’re all perfect, nothing’s broken.
Headed to the top but it’s getting easier like my path is sloping
The Force is strong in this one, sometimes when I’m rapping I start glowing.
(just another day abundant with auspicious moments,
Lucky coincidences, and positive omens.)

They say life’s a B, well I’ve got that B moanin, groanin.
In fact life’s a goddess, so I’m making love n not just bonin.

KP 12376505_159737954383986_3463499490068632711_n

Na Blame

I stopped blaming my parents for circumstances I was born in,
between lifetimes I could imagine my soul ignoring the warnin’.
We were all born in the context of global warming,
and the military industrial complex’s Cold Warring.
I stopped blaming politicians cos their third eyes need opticians.
I used to rinse em n diss em, with activists who wanted to lynch em,
If they can’t do best for the country can I blame them for doing best for their families financially?
If they casually endanger their own families with foreign policy casualties?

But we’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve been given,
…you won’t stop me livin my life my way, I say.
you won’t stop me livin for the greater good, only a hater would,
no such thing as a hater, hot as an LA Lakers hood.

It’s easy to blame, harder to accept we’re all trying,
and we’re all the same, harder to accept we’re all crying.
It’s easy to shame, harder to show empathy,
It would be alot easier to encourage you all to vent with me but
It’s easy to blame, harder to accept we’re all trying,
and we’re all the same, harder to accept we’re all crying.
It’s easy to shame, but also to show appreciation

Gratitude, big ups! And exaltation!

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UR INFINITE #spiritual #conscious #hiphop #ukhiphop #kevthepoet

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You’re infinite (poetic Hip-Hop with live violin)