The Flower of Life, Coldplay, and consciousness

Someone’s gotta say it (in public, I’ve had this conversation privately twice now.) Anybody else a bit miffed about the fact that the sacred geometry symbol known as ‘the Flower of Life’ has gone fully mainstream on Coldplay’s new album cover? LOL I mean at least I haven’t got a tattoo, how many people are gonna get asked, “oh are you a Coldplay fan?” when someone sees their tattoo now? Like I said, someone had to say it. I remember when the only people putting the Flower of Life on T-shirts were either my friends or people I expected to soon be my friends.


I don’t have any particular problem with Coldplay (I liked their song Clocks until Radio 1 decided to play it a billion times a day, but I can’t blame Coldplay for that.) And sacred geometry has been mainstream but underground for centuries, it’s built into ancient Churches, they just didn’t tell you about it.


A few hack articles claimed Coldplay stole the image from one heavy metal album. Actually LOADS of albums have used the symbol over the years, even I had a variation of the flower of life on my dub and Hip-Hop album a year or two ago and countless psy trance albums have used it. It’s worth noting – mainly psy trance albums. They love it.



Beyond that – it’s ancient. Drunvalo Melchizedek takes the most credit for popularising it, with his two books The Flower of Life parts 1 and 2 which became popular in the 90s, and although the animated web series Spirit Science may have reached more people (I don’t know the figures) even they admit they got their ideas from Drunvalo. I dare say most of the ideas in that series seem to have come from Drunvalo’s two books.

Okay, so my tongue is firmly in my cheek. I say I’m a bit miffed but isn’t the mainstream arrival of the sacred geometry symbol a good thing? Well seeing as the whole point of sharing it in the festival scenes and psy trance scenes etc was apparently to penetrate the universal consciousness with a symbol that accelerates consciousness evolution (or something along those lines, don’t quote me) I would have to say it is definitely a good thing (if we’re gonna accept ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as a paradigm for the sake of conversation). Saying “I’m a bit miffed” is just me being paradoxically humble enough to admit that my ego enjoyed being part of a ‘secret’ club back in 2007. I see the flower of life as such a good metaphor for everything from overlapping social circles like groups of friends to overlapping cultures like squat culture, festival culture and circus culture, that I can only see benefit from more people having such a powerful image in their subconscious. So my higher self is happy and my ego feels satisfied that 10 years of putting it in the public consciousness helped lay the foundations for this… but my ego is still a tad miffed.

What has meditation on this symbol done for me? It’s given me different perceptions. This dimension / universe is fractal, meaning small parts are reflected in the patterns of large parts – like the small circles make one big circle which could also overlap to make even bigger circles. Or everything is macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic, meaning the big is mirrored in the small. For example you can see the flower of life as cell division or as galaxy division. Similarly molecules form as variations of another sacred geometry symbol which comes out of the flower of life known as metatrons cube, particularly the 5 platonic solids and understanding the fractal nature of the universe may help increase synchronicity as you mirror changes in society with changes in your life but none of that cosmic waffle can teach you how to get over heartbreak or not argue with your family – from my perspective now real spiritual growth is not in the light of the metaphysical, it’s in what some people call the shadows of the emotional. But the deeper the roots the bigger the tree (another fractal image), one complements the other. I’m still learning.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 03.24.20



Mead inspired channellings from 2006 (the flower of life, Metatron {the Angel and the cube} and Enoch)


Moon-stone – there was no moon.

Libations. Loosened tongue.

My King calls Mead ‘Druid fluid’. Lost the plot, the plot thickens – pause – Permanently indebted to herbal tea. Wakey, wakey the book of Enoch has been opened before but few, if any, have felt the weight of history on their shoulders and chosen to take the weight, take the bait, define destiny, choice, freedom and fate. I used to believe that if I reached enlightenment I would have reached a state of mental perfection – where I would be permanently content. I now believe that even the Dalai Lama is not permanently content, and neither was Jesus – although the sentence  “Father forgive them, for they know now what they do” indicates that he was trying to remain content regardless of situation (even if that situation involved having iron nails driven through raw, living flesh….)

…He was a man, we are all the sons and daughters of God. I see Jesus Christ asa role model to be emulated. I am no Christ, I have been tempted and I have failed, I would probably not last 40 days and 40 nights in this lifetime. However I will continue to cultivate compassion, I will continue to promote love and I will try to be as honest as any man ever has been.

Metatron is my higher self, a representation of God on Earth, guardian of the 3rd dimension, the head of the Merkaba. The five platonic solids are the building blocks of the 3rd dimension, all contained within Metatrons Cube. Only (?) by planting The Flower of Life in every pasture will we understand this dimension with our head but beyond the logic of this dimension is the intuition of the higher dimensions, only (?) by accepting The Flower of Life in our lives will we understand the higher dimensions with our hearts.

Love has too many meanings – but a synthesis of gratitude, appreciation, and compassion is mutually beneficial for the individual and the universe they inhabit. I would not send Satan to outer space  – I’d forgive him until he stops sinning , I’ve been failing to be Jesus Christ’s synonym.

I see the colour purple, I see the colour purple, I see the colour purple. I feel the violet flame surrounding me – it keeps me warm, safe and sane.

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