What can we do to spread peace? #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

What can we do to spread peace? #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

israeli pali

I cannot express the multitude of paradoxical, contradictory thoughts concerning Israel and Palestine. I am at once annoyed and delighted that human rights have once again become trendy. But I think it starts and ends with personal responsibility.

Paradoxical, contradictory thoughts concerning Israel and Palestine. From personal issues like the fact that I was rapping about Gaza for ten years before the photos of dead babies made people pay attention, feeling at once happy people care and at once annoyed they didn’t car before or don’t care or know about our governments funding and arming ISrael (and various terrorist organisations), the fact that Gaza was more or less an open air prison before it was an open air prison getting bombed. I am at once happy people are being forced to either learn the injustice happening, sad that such horror is happening and happy that the media blackout of these things has been to a certain extent circumvented by the internet. But don’t believe everything you read online. So, I shall continue to rap about Freedom http://kpkevthepoet.bandcamp.com/track/more-freedom and I shall continue not to share photos of dead babies. For now, every moment is different. But it starts and ends with me, it starts and ends with each one of us in each moment.

I’m far from alone, many human rights activists have been doing more than talking about Gaza for decades. We all have a capacity for empathy, we have all committed selfish acts,we are all capable of humanitarian acts. Some of us are built for the front line, some of us are built for hugging those who need hugging, some of us are writers, some of us are song-writers. In the Bhagavad Gita the warrior Arjuna had to accept that some of us are soldiers.

Paradoxical, contradictory thoughts concerning Israel and Palestine. From universally human issues like the seemingly constant existence of war in humanity, torn between expecting humanity to grow out of it and accepting reaqlity as it is. Has war been a constant? Was there ever a time we were not killing each other for resources? These are questions, not statements. As a child I came to the conclusion that if we all shared nobody would ever have to die for these things. But some people are greedy. We all have greed and selfish moments, but it’s hard to understand people who are billionaires but need more money enough to hire mercenaries to defend their illegal mines etc. Is this depressing? I live with these thoughts every day while I try to spread positivity. So although this may be depressing, it is merely a valve letting out self expression and I will get back to sharing photos of ginger kids riding unicorn bikes and reminders that electric cars exist shortly. It starts and ends with each one of us.

Paradoxical, contradictory thoughts concerning Israel and Palestine. From personal issues like knowing someone who has seen Palestine’s issues from the front line later tease people who dropped out of society in the hope that their taxes would stop paying for the weapons of these regimes, when I was one of those people who dropped out. Britain is one of the world’s biggest arms dealers, the amount budgeted for the military compared to the amount budgeted to schools and/or hospitals tells us all we need to know, even before Cameron sold the NHS to his mates. I wanted nothing to do with the hypocrisy and dropped out. I am not alone. Most people who I met while I was squatting had personal reasons for wanting nothing to do with mainstream society. But this person who teased the drop outs is eager to join mainstream society. Blame serves little purpose. If I can’t forgive those who ignored Palestine for decades how can I hope Israelis and Palestinians will forgive each other? Personal responsibility, I will try to forgive myself for not doing enough, I will try to forgive others for not doing enough but it starts and ends with me.

It would take a massive portion of society to give up on the system for it to make a difference. So that method is idealistic. But every movement has pioneers. But while I have slid back into society I still have massive respect and understanding for those who just want nothing to do with it. Society and the system have no independent nature, they are just groups of people. But maybe paedophiles in our government and in our most respected news outlet is reason enough to for more people to think about it.

So they were right that dropping out is idealistic. But Gandhi was idealistic. Martin Luther King was idealistic. It feels wrong to tease people for caring too much.

Paradoxical, contradictory thoughts and emotions like horror at what the Israeli government have perpetuated yet empathy for an Israeli population that appears to be culturally progammed from a young age to fear and hate Arabs, in a country with conscription, meaning you join the army at a certain age or go to prison.

Nobody wants to dwell on the darkness, it can lead to depression, I know. But there is a difference between not dwelling on the darkness and being ignorant to it. Face our shadows.

Where are WE unwilling to compromise? Where are WE being selfish? What do we do to address it? Maybe we should simply dwell on what is of benefit, this moment, this fleeting now? What can WE do to spread peace? Be peaceful.

Meanwhile there is a long list of other incidents we might call injustices happening all over the planet and yet perhaps I should dwell on the fact that at least people are being forced to finally give a care. And now there are photos of Palestinians hugging Israelis.

But when we zoom out on reality in general – is death a bad thing? We all talk about it like it is but we don’t actually know. There is a constant wave of things we might describe as negative occurring all the time, it is natural for is to be aware of some aspects at some times more than others. The reality, at least of this dimension, is constant cycle or spiral from death to rebirth, and what we perceive as positive to negative. I believe I have glimpsed more than that dimension, but that moment, those moments that many of us have, is beyond words. The tao that can be described is not the true tao.

I am at once annoyed and delighted that human rights have once again become trendy. But I, personally, do not need to see photos of dead babies to care – I battle with depression about the state of the world without photos of dead babies – thank you.


I hope this is of benefit to more than just myself x




“JAMS WITH KP!”, currently 17th in the Mixcloud World Music chart and 70th in the Reggae chart. Here’s the tracklist
1.The Spirit (Rise live version) LIVE from the Rebel Farm in Germany
by Di Droegenbwoys feat DUB Revolution and KP Kev the Poet
2.Ahead of my Time(line) LIVE from Liberty’s Yard, Bristol
by Matt Jones feat KP Kev the Poet
3.Vibes Galore LIVE from Coed Hills, Wales
by Synchromystickz Craig R Ninjah and KP with Dan n Jake
4. Jammin (How Does Bob Marley like his Sandwiches?) LIVE from The Temple of Colours, Cuddles n Creativity
by Kev the Poet, Michael Stanton, AK Cosmic Waffle and Faraz Tony Pockets Mohammed
5.The Grasshopper Jam LIVE from Waples n Xander’s yard
by Daniel J Waples, Mark Hazelwood aka Sparxillva and KP Kev the Poet (plus Javier on guitar)
6.Inspire (in your gentle mystic way)
by Dede Rosa feat KP Kev the Poet
7.How Does It Feel LIVE from the Rebel Farm
by Droegen Boys feat Dub Revolution
8. Golden Light LIVE from Liberty’s yard
by Craig R Ninjah on hand pan, Liberty Rose and KP Kev the Poet on sax!

Stream available here, download link soon come…

You Will Die (So What Matters Now?)

Don’t forget, at the end you die. No matter how much money you make, no matter how many conspiracy theories you uncover, no matter how many people you have sex with, no matter how many pairs of Nike Air Jordans or Prada shoes you have, whether you fight the system or are the system, whether you eat organic or eat fried chicken – the end of the game is the same.
So what actually matters?
(I reserve the right to believe that a diet of sunlight, raw food and spring water will only delay the inevitable and alot of New Age spiritual pursuits have their roots deep within a fear of death. I do not claim to not be afraid, I’m afraid, I just don’t think I should be.)
So what actually matters?

*** ***** ********

In reflection – I can only assume that you can’t take money, or shoes, with you, cos we see those still here when people die. We can only guess whether or not love, or karma are carried in some eternal bank of the soul for you to cash in the afterlife or your next lifetime (if the afterlife or reincarnation are options or realities.) However the memories, the lessons, everything you do resonates through the universe for ever. Every word you said is still vibrating, albeit diluted by other vibrations. The smile you received you passed on. The wisdom or information (or data) you retain you can teach to other people. If the only afterlife is the consequence of our actions I wish my actions to be good, I wish to do what feels right. Every moment is different and every day is different so what feels right may change. Maybe what feels right to some people will seem completely immoral and wrong to me. But in light of what I can see to be irrefutable facts – I am motivated by what feels right, not by money nor possessions and I wish my actions to have reverberations which I would deem to be positive.
What I like receiving are love and inspiration and therefore these are the things I try to give.
This is despite the fact that I must accept that positive and negative are subjective opinions and even in my own experience I have done things I wished to have positive outcomes which I later viewed as negative.
This is also complicated by the fact that I also have some selfish intentions as well as selfless intentions and desires which I used to emotionally punish myself for having (I was brought up a Christian so despite the fact that I outright reject much of Christian dogma now there is still a subconscious desire to live up to the Christ example of heroic selflessness). But despite those realisations I wish to do what feels right, indeed I almost HAVE to do what feels right, regardless of whether or not ‘society’ would deem that irresponsible, weird or crazy.
So the things that matter to me are intangible, things that can’t be measured, love, honour, honesty, integrity. Inspiring moments, those conversations where you reach a point of understanding that goes beyond words. Those moments jamming with other people where the music takes you somewhere only music can take you. That moment someone looks in your eyes and you know they fancy you. But these things have no independent nature, they’re just words, labels.
But if someone prefers trainers and money, who am I to tell them their path is worse or wrong? It’s just different. And maybe someone will buy you trainers cos they love you, maybe Michael Jordan’s skill inspired the art in those trainers. Maybe you’ll love your trainers cos you love Michael Jordan. Maybe you make money by inspiring people. Maybe making money inspires other people to do the same.
So what matters to me? Basically love, love and inspiration.

But both Denby Sweeting and Cosmic Waffle basically abbreviated my answe into a sentence each, “the Spirit of Action by which we conduct ourselves” (as said by Denby) and I choose that action and spirit to be “spreading the love” (as said by Mr Waffle).

Right, I’m off to make some money to buy new trainers

(ps Kev’s Nike Air Jordan 3’s were found in his house and nobody claimed em. :-p )

Changing (Times n People)

10463830_10152476359671083_2572579483981920417_o (1)

Everything’s changing, rearranging, getting strange n
life changing situations, acknowledging death, and not hedging bets,

No one really believes these official stories anymore
We’ll soon all be ignoring all these stories, but KPs still spits raw.

Everything’s changing, rearranging, getting strange n
life changing situations, half my friends are quitting tobacco,

quitting green, Brazil lost 7 – 1, some go through hell for false Heaven’s fun,
starting n quitting jobs, but KP’s still spits phat though.

More discipline these days, pulling in the slack bro.
Everything changes, that never changes, that’s still a fact yo.

They’re blaming Carnivals for stabbings, I say there’s personal responsibility,
Blame serves little purpose, (you could still blame the crack though.)

And the crack exists as exits from economic situations
The media says buy more stuff, always in your face n

If employment ain’t in the area, but you know your mates n
know you can make some money I wonder what you’d do in their place friend?

What you resist persists, just witness this war on drugs
Remember alcohol prohibition? Now they brawl in pubs.

But now we connect hearts when we lose inhibitions
Sometimes I lose them with short moments, sometimes aided by wine.

Just a few things to try to not obsess over,
There’s times to rave and shock out, n times to stop and get sober.

Times to appreciate the things that really matter.
“Nothing really matters” cos “Everything is everything”

Singer, poet, rapper? We can all be anything.
Spent a decade thinking no one would ever hear me sing.

Now I love to harmonise a melody line with a bassline
Preferably dub, give em some operatic dub to shine.

I love a good dub sound healing when it’s sub bass in my face time,
I’ll get even better at the saxophone and I still love to rhyme.

I still love to find new styles, stare at the moon, share smiles, hug trees,
smash stages, then cuddle puddle with some lovelies who love me.

Brief twitter convo backing up a legend like Chuck D,
while Ebro fails to justify Hot 97s playlist

and fails to son me. Yeah it’s all funny.
But get off social media if outside it’s sunny.

There’s nothing to see in here. My greatest treasures are intangible
So you can’t take nothing from me. When I make pleasure I’m an animal,

drum like the Muppets Animal, I’m a general like Hannibal,
Not Hannibal from the A-Team but the one riding elephants,

Thanking all my elements, embody Nature’s intelligence,
I am the entire universe, but truly Earth’s my residence.

Spirit animal resonance, resonant frequencies,
Acceptance, excellence, share lucid dreams with me.

Share raves, share cuddles, share your dark secrets, with me
Share your fears, we’re all scared but we’re brave if we reveal it, see?

If I make outlandish statements just take them literally.
Power born black hole to big bang, n right back to sucking titty.




AUTHENTIC PRESENCE – The Four Dignities of The Warriors Path

AUTHENTIC PRESENCE – The Four Dignities of The Warriors Path

Tue, November 2, 2010 – 9:54 AM

Authentic Presence – inspired by “Shambhala, The Sacred Path of the Warrior” by Chogyam Trungpa

The Four Dignities of The Warriors Path




Shambala, the Sacred Path of the Warrior for peace
The meek tiger, not hunting, at ease, in relief

because he likes his body, bounciness and rhythm
He’s relaxed, one of the notorious B.I.G. cats.

“From the tip of hs nose to the tip of his tail
there are no problems”, if there were you know he’d solve them.

With authentic presence the Warrior of the Meek’s vibes
“like the tiger in the jungle, both relaxed and energised.

Constantly inquisitive but awareness is disciplined,
focussed, not fidgeting, chillin, just vision him

Meek, a humble tiger, in the vicinity
“Accomplish every activity without difficulty”

It inspires others to do the same…
The Warrior of Meek has abandoned gain

victory and fame, leaving them far behind.
Modesty allows them to shine…



Snow lion enjoys the freshness…
of the highland mountains, I guess it’s blessed yes.

Snow lion is vibrant, energetic, and also youthful
Environment is fresh air and wild flowers – all so beautiful.

Snowlion is perky, these kings are cheerful
but not due to the temporary things that are there too.

Unconditional, cheerfulness from ongoing discipline.
Discipline is a pleasure – not a demand

and you’ll find Stage 1 is creating the joyful mind,
Stage 2 is transcending doubt and thoughts of it’s kind.

Free from doubt, practicing continuous joyous discipline,
Free from the lower realms due to the strength that’s within him and

“So the fruition… or the ultimate notion…
Of perky is that you achieve a wholesome

body and mind” and the synchronisation
of the two with resonance between their vibration.

Both humble… AND uplifted!
Fundamentally youthful, some good tools to live with.

Both humble… AND uplifted!
Fundamentally youthful, some good tools to live with.



The Warrior for Peace via the outrageous,
Not unreasonable or even wild, nice vibes are contagious.

Pure fearlessness, transcending hope, relax
Release perceptions of the future to which you may be attached.

The Tibetan Garuda, the King of the Birds,
Hatched fully grown to fly to other worlds!

Overcoming hope and fear with a sense of great freedom,
Perceiving perception, a birds eye view sees them.

Outrageousness is that vast mind which has gone
beyond the beyond. Fear and hope be gone.

Replaced with outrageous power and strength
to soar any heights and go any length.

See no fear… and no imperfection,
it’s all refelection within your perception.

With no obstacles obscuring vision,
You can remove them for others and start working with them.

Providing whatever’s needed when it is needed,
Immense capabilities, just you believe it.

Outrageous Garuda, King of the Birds, doesn’t need this…
illusion, flying high in the sky long behind they leave it.



Energetic , powerful, unwavering…
Dragon… but the ancients were saying

the dragon does not stand alone without the Tiger’s meekness…
the Lion’s perkiness or the Garuda’s outrageousness!

the combination may lead to this uniqueness,
Maybe this… is why it’s revealed in stages, yes?

Fearlessness develops… gentleness.
and sympathy… for the mentalness.

Non-comittal… unattached…
But with a sense of humour none can match!

The Dragon’s state of being… resting
in the sky, with cloud and wind blessing.

Due to playfulness… and humour, yes King,
there’s no need for depression and no time for stressing.

In the sky throughout summer in the ground throughout winter. Hibernating through the cold bitter

months but once in a while when a storm is necessary
a Dragon breathes lightning and roars thunder! Legendary!

Predictablity within unpredictability
Settled down in their confidence… inscrutability.

Enlightened confidence free from analytical scheme,
Giving rather than takin, creating a dream-world

bringing freedom… from inhibition
relaxing within wisdom, feel and see the vision

of learning without struggle, blockages overcome.
Brilliant. Fearless. Guided by the Great Eastern Sun.

UNFINISHED (a chorus?)


True Synchro Stories from the Vaults… part 1

Part 1 0 The Crow Spirit (Dreams of Pyramids and Psychic Children…)

Mon, October 25, 2010 – 5:35 PM


KP Kev the Poet loves pink sunsets in the English countryside.
Circling overhead? Crows and swallows…

It looks like the crows don’t know the difference between trees and lampposts.
But look at a crow carefully, he knows, yeah, he knows…

So the quick version of the actual dream- I dreamed I was in a pyramid, it appeared to be some sort of school and I was teaching lots of children with at least two women. I think I know one of the women (a friend in my ‘real’ waking life who is a world class hula-hoopers and she teaches circus skills) the other woman I’m not sure if I had met her in waking life yet, but maybe, dreams are vague. The pyramid came under attack, my vision switched to an outside view and I saw fireballs hitting the side and sliding down. This is the interesting bit – we the adults had to escape on foot and get to a 4 by 4 vehicle… But the kids just teleported out of there! So it appears that in some ways the children were more advanced than the adults so I’m not sure why we were teaching! It gets deeper. We drove away, defying logic considering the giant fireballs flying overhead but dreams tend to defy logic, and no, I’m not sure if the fireballs were from old-school catapults, or from present day war machines or from new-school space-ships, I cannot remember.

We drove across what looked like English countryside (although Canada looks similar) and get to a wooden hut which is guarded by a bear who won’t let us pass. The part of me that is curious about previous incarnations is curious whether there were bears on every continent or if this can be narrowed down. I expect there were bears in every continent. By this point I think our crew included another man, vague recollections of me not being the only male evacuee. So this bear is between us and this hut in the middle of nowhere (nowhere but green hilly countryside that tested a 4 x 4. I tell the other passengers not to worry, I’ll sort it out. I get out the car, turn into a crow, and I explain to the bear that I’m not really human I’m a crow spirit and we have to go now. This seems to give my argument some weight, as if humans are not allowed here unless accompanied by a spirit! The bear’s cool now, calm and accomodating, he somehow expresses something along the lines of ‘fine, sure, of course, go ahead.’ We the pyramid evacuees go into the hut and there’s a portal just floating in the middle of a bedroom. I fly through the portal, still a crow, and i wake up. Like wow. I don’t usually dream, but when i did they were frequently nightmares, often about wars. Despite the fireballs that one was overall actually quite pleasant 🙂

For the record I do not believe that pyramids were schools, I believe they were tools for changing the subtle energies (chi, pranah, electro-magnetism) of a large area, possibly also generating electricity due to the piezo-electric effect of the rocks and the water that runs beneath them. But I am not a scientist or a geologist. Anyway, those of you wondering if I believe this dream was a past life memory – I do not. It had inconsistencies much like the King James Bible people believe in. But I do think the dream pointed to some synchronous facts in my waking life that are worth a mention.

ps this was not my first ‘synchromystic’ crow experience, in fact I had a few moments with crows in the waking world before this dream. Ek Mau and Pixael may remember discussing my relationship with the crow =, despite me never talking to them about my previous experiences, on a weekend when I was back in London from Bristol. That same weekend I came back to Bristol with a crow stencilled on the back of my jacket. I think the synchronicity surprised Ek more then Pixael at the time. I’m still wondering when synchronicity will stop surprising me, it perhaps should have by now but I still get excited. Perhaps that excitement is part of the energy that allows it to happen? A speculative tangent…

My first crow experience was when I was about 18. I was reading The Tibetan Book of iving and Dying (a modern day reinterpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead) and I thought it would be a good idea to meditate on death in the park near my house opposite the graveyard. (My grandmother would be buried in that graveyard.) I was there for I don’t know how long, it was a time-transcending experience where the way the wind was moving the trees made it look like they were breathing in unison. Or were they? Regardless, when I came out of trance and remembered where I was, who I was and what I was I was surrounded by crows and more than likely ravens too. Maybe fifty, maybe a hundred, I couldn’t count but it was alot. I didn’t notice them land. In native American mythology the crow watches between the world of the living and the dead. I have been between worlds, but there appear to be an infinite number of angles that the spirit world can be viewed, via meditation or libation. Crows, rooks, and ravens, I find it hard to tell the difference often but they are all part of the Corvid family. Funnily enough – so is the magpie (I was loosely associated with a squat called The Magpie for a few years…)

I usually do not discuss my synchromystic experiences in public. Yeah, I’ll put it in a poem cos the skeptics will assume it’s a metaphor when it’s actually an experience. One of the tools of shamanism also appears to be secrecy – I personally believe that this is because there is power in belief and if you share things with people who do not believe you then it takes away power. But I am generally sharing my experiences with people I believe trust me and I believe things have changed. It’s all points of view and time is an illusion, but the Age of Aquarius has been described as ‘the age of revealing’ and I feel like sharing and generally do what ‘feels’ right. Or to quote Eric Cartman, “I do what I WAAAAANT”

I have had other crow experiences. And I have had other weird dreams. I’ll just tease you with the idea of the crow with the silver wings and the wet dream of sacred sex in a pyramid and save those for face to face conversations.

I am not saying that the crow is my spirit guide, or that I am a crow spirit, or that I am a reincarnation of a member of the Native American crow tribe, I don’t know anything other than my subjective experience. I try not to believe or disbelieve anything. But these are all ideas that I have thought about. Perhaps other shamanically inclined friends can give me some advice relating to spirit guides and spirit animals. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert on spirit animals, or spirit guides, all I know is what has happened to me and what little I have read (and who knows what the authors experienced so it’s all points of view once again.) I would LOVE to know more about native American crow magic (I’m not even sure what that means, but I’ve heard of it!) Please feel free to respond intuitively in a private message if it feels right. The tribes we now call the Celts had some interesting myths regarding Ravens and the sacred King Bran which relates to traditions STILL kept today (the ravens of the Tower of London.) but my memory for myths fails me, poor show for a part-time Hip-Hop Bard of a Druid Order!

Gratitude for your time, and gratitude in advance for your reflections.

Blessed be.
Mon, October 25, 2010

Easy Mo Bee (Biggies original producer) deserves your love and respect

I’m in a ranting mood so I’m gonna throw some shine and throw some shade in some directions I feel like throwing it. Easy Mo Bee deserves your love and respect.

EASY MO BEE produced most of Biggies debut by which I mean made the actual beats, but cos Puffy had the title ‘Executive Producer’ credit and was in most of the videos Puffy got most of the credit. Puff turned B.I.G. and Mase into pop stars but Easy Mo Bee gave Biggie the beats you loved. Easy Mo Bee should be a superstar. He produced classics for Pac as well, Temptations by 2Pac was one of his beats.
Executive producer means nothing but “I signed the cheques”, Suge Knight was executive producer on most of the Death Row material but never tried to take credit for making beats.


Or in Wikipedia’s words, “Osten Harvey, Jr., better known by his stage name Easy Mo Bee, is a hip hop/R&B record producer, known for production work for late 80’s artists such as Big Daddy Kane and Miles Davis, but most notable for his affiliation with Bad Boy Records in its early years and his heavy production involvement in The Notorious B.I.G.‘s acclaimed debut Ready to Die

…Additionally, Mo Bee produced the “Flava in Ya Ear (Remix),” a driving single for both projects, featuring Craig Mack, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, Rampage and LL Cool J. {Remember how Puff was all over the vid for that, but he didn’t make that beat!}.

In 1994-’95, Mo Bee was also associated with 2Pac, having produced songs for both, including one called “Runnin’ From tha Police,” featuring both Pac and B.I.G. as well as rapper/producer Stretch and 2Pac’s crew Dramacydal.[10] Mo Bee went on to produce two songs for Pac’s 1995 album Me Against the World,[11] although the two recorded several other songs that did not make the cut.[12] During this time period, he also crafted moderate radio hits for the Lost Boyz (“Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz”);[13] Das EFX(“Microphone Master”);[14] and Busta Rhymes (“Everything Remains Raw”)