Flat Earth – THE TRUTH! (why it doesn’t matter) #flatearth #conspiracy


First – why I think it’s a psy-op. (but the psy-op is not the truth, that’s just my opinion.) The bottom line, on two angles, is “who does it benefit?” If the Earth really is flat, who did it benefit to lie about it? Nobody as far as I can tell, it’s a pointless lie. But if it’s the flat earth theory that’s a lie, who does it benefit? The government, cos now anyone that says, “I don’t trust the government” sounds like some nutcase who believes the Earth is flat. Next time we say “I think 911 was an inside job” some bell-end is gonna reply, “yeah, you probably think the Earth is flat as well.
The other point is, give the theory the benefit of the doubt again – even if the Earth is flat – so what? That would be a massive lie, and have literally astronomical implications (yeah, I’m proud of that!) but it’s still just a harmless lie compared to hiding abusers in government positions and false flag attacks to justify amoral wars to install central banks and steal resources. So forger about it, it’s not worth discussing until we sort the important stuff out such as not being ruled by psychopaths and switching to sustainable energy before we all die.

The truth is – it doesn’t actually matter.


Dead Man’s Trigger (Brown Paper Envelope)

This is my brown paper envelope. (Paronoid? Yes.)

If I ever die before my time (especially if it’s in a police cell) please share the wikipedia page for “David Kelly (weapons expert)” throughout the month of June (and please share my soundcloud and bandcamp pages on my birthday.)

David Christopher KellyCMG (14 May 1944 – 17 July 2003) was a British scientist and authority on biological warfare.

It is my firm belief that David Kelly should be a hero and I also believe his sacrifice was covered up and the media are complicit in this for ignoring the clearly suspicious circumstances and treating us all like we’re stupid (but many of you clearly were. Judgmental? Yes, sometimes I am disgusted by humans, by the selfish greed of the ruling classes and the gullibility of those who let them rule and my own cowardice for waiting for the rest of you to work out what’s happening so I don’t have to do this revolution thing on my own.)

David Kelly was born in May and died in July so June seems like a good month to remind people who he was and what he was going to do had he lived {quite possibly would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, no exaggeration}.

If I ever commit suicide, I promise you, it will never be in a police cell. I wouldn’t want them to get credit. I’ve been low, I’ve been depressed and I’ve been anxious, there were times in my twenties before I truly discovered my calling as a poet let alone my later calling as an educator, that I was actually suicidal. But I was too stubborn, too curious about the future and too scared to do it. Now I am just as stubborn but even more curious about the future and now I know my strengths, gifts and talents it would seem unjust to deny myself the infinite possibility that is the future or deny the future  the infinite possibility that is me. So I am unlikely to ever commit suicide in the future, so that, if I’ve not made it clear, would be a suspicious circumstance.

For the record I think most policemen are alright, they took the job to help their community and genuinely want to be heroes. But the few who took the job because they wanted to get into fights and be bullies, they are extremely dangerous.

All due respect to David Kelly and his family.