The News lies to you. This is not a conspiracy theory, that’s a fact. They’ve admitted and apologised several times (this month)

In case you didn’t know, the News lies to you.

They’ve admitted and apologised several times in 2015 already (it’s February.)

Like here…

Brian Williams’ lies not equal to those of Fox ‘News’ “Brian Williams….repeated one time too many a story he has been telling for years: how a U.S. military helicopter on which he was a passenger was shot down over Iraq in 2003. But the man who was flight engineer on that copter said on Facebook that Williams was never on it. Instead, he was on the one trailing it.

Or here…

Apology for ‘Muslim Birmingham’ Fox News claim “An American terrorism commentator has apologised for describing Birmingham as (UK) a “Muslim-only city” where non-Muslims “don’t go” during a Fox News interview.”

And here…

Fox News To Be Sued By Paris For Lying About Muslim ‘No-Go Areas’ The right-wing station apologised to “the people of France and England” on the weekend for falsely claiming that cities within those countries had “no-go” areas where non-Muslims dare not enter. “You see young men wearing Osama bin Laden T-shirts in a hookah shop.” In Paris? Are you dumb?

All of those lies were told and exposed in 2015. Can you imagine how many times they’ve lied and got away with it? If I could afford better lawyers and/or bodyguards I would tell you some of the bigger questions I have and maybe even make some accusations.

But just so you know – the News lies to you. That is not a conspiracy theory, that is as close to a fact as you can get. Even if the wise know that they know nothing, the wisest know you still know nothing after watching the news.