What IS the point of voting?

What is the point of voting? What happened at the last election? Really? There were 45,597,461 registered voters on the UK Parliamentary register for 2010 general elections. There were 29,991,471 ballots returned by the close of poll, including those postal votes which were rejected before the count and those ballots which were rejected at the […]

Divine Masculine meets Divine Feminine (PART 1)

Deepak Chopra said “Life is the harmonious interaction of the masculine and feminine.” Harmony, no splinter faction. There is the Divine Feminine within All,Both men and women. Whether hemisphere’s of the brain, or of the spirit, we’re all human. It’s time to transform our world into harmony and Sacred Union. Whether holding back with tantric […]

5 Keys to get in the Genius Zone when there’s boring stuff to do

Originally posted on The Handmade Life:
When was the last time you got fully into your flow? You know those moments, flashes, or even whole projects when you are just COOOKING ON GAS and doing exactly what you were put on this earth to do. mmm MMM! Yet, how many times have you resisted letting…

MEDIA HYPE – a poem – Don’t Hate the Media, Replace The Media – a point of view

MEDIA HYPE ‘Don’t Hate the Media, Replace The Media – a point of view’ I am taking commissions. Cash and/or trade. I was requested to write a piece about the mainstream media inspired by the Leveson Inquiry which resulted in one of my new favourites… ‘Don’t Hate the Media, Replace The Media – a point […]

Identity Crisis – A useful cog in society or a spanner in the works of the ‘Evil Empire’?

I am having a real life identity crisis. There is no ‘I’, the appearance separation is an illusion. Is this a cry for attention, a creative outlet, or evidence of something serious? Maybe all of the above to be honest, people are dynamic and ever changing and something that seems serious one moment seems comical […]