Watch Daredevil Season 2 (Review) @Daredevil #Daredevil #marvel

Wow. Gangsters. Ninjas. The Punisher. Elektra. The Hand. (That’s not a spoiler unless you’e read the comics soyou know who I mean but haven’t seen the trailers son’t see any of that coming. But if you’re one of the few comic boo fans that didn’t know The Punisher was about to make an appearance you wouldn’t be reading a review before you watch it.)

For a Marvel comics nerd Daredevil Season 2 was a dream come true, not just because  of all the features mentioned above but because it is beautifully written, extremely well cast and acted and the tone is dark and believable.

Yes, I have a bias because I love Marvel comics. But the critics praised the first season regardless of bias, the actors and writers and excellent. So if yo like crime dramas, yol like it, if you like martial arts you’ll like it, if you like legal firm dramas (LA Law, Ally McBeal) you’ll like it. If you like all of the above and superheroes you’ll love it.

Personally is up there with the animated series, the last Air-Bender and as one of my favourite TV shows ever.

Spoiler alert below.

So the first half of the Season focuses on Frank Castle aka The Punisher. He his a brutal vigilante, ex military and willing to kill with military hardware. John Bernthal is an incredible Punisher, and credit to the writers who make him just as hard as he is in the comics but with alot more depth and emotion than we see in the comics usually. He is less caricature with more nuances and subtleties. The second half focuses on Elektra, a female assassin and love interest. It also focuses on a cult of ninjas called The Hand. And the last few episodes ties it all together. The martial arts choreography is amog the best I’ve seen (not quite up there with Ip Man or The Raid, but equal to your averag kung fu movie and better than any other series I’ve ever seen.)

And it’s dark. Boy us it dark. I’m actually quite squeamish and I would ordinarily not be able to handle these scenes, I can handle cinematic gore but not pain and torture, I had to look away from two (very brief) scenes of torture (I stopped watching Game of Thrones after watching a a small girl burn, that is not entertainment for me) but the story, the acting and the action made it all worth it.

The story and the action has me eager for the follow up series in the same universe Luke Cage and Iron Fist. And whether the next step is the team-up series The Defenders or Daredevil Season 3 I’m up for seeing more of Daredevil in whatever capacity Netflix and Marvel are willing to bring him to us.

{I know, this blog is usually emotional poetry and critiques o rap culture but I’m a nerd and I had to express myself after binging. Watch Daredevil is what I’m trying to say. I’m also mbracing my inner geek more and more so expect more of these nerdy reviews. Bless.}






Kev vs the Kardashians (again) and Game of Thrones?

Here’s the short version – I am not fond of the Kardashians. Game of Thrones is not so clean cut, I used to love Game of Thrones but I got bored of watching my favourite characters die and/or watching children burn to death.

But allow me to elaborate…

Hmmm… I wouldn’t have to lose all my facebook posts and change my personal profile into a “public figure” page (just cos I’ve run out of space for new friends) if I could enforce this rule. Delete me if you watch “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” or write me an essay entitled “Why I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.

I’m judgmental. I’m working on it. We all have shadows.

I posted that on my facebook page. 3 people deleted me. Nobody sent me an essay yet (boohoo, now I only have 4997 “friends”. Surely none of my real friends watch that. I would hope any of my real friends would rather write me an essay.)

Kim Kardashian had the most popular instagram post, her wedding photo with Kanye, until it was topped by a photo of her sister Kylie Jenner. I found that out by accident. I thought the most popular instagram photo would be a mountain or a sunset or something. I had way too much faith in humanity.

Why do I prefer mountains to Kardashians? Allow me to elaborate (I’ll keep it simple…)

Kim Kardashian got famous for a sex tape then a talentless reality tv show. It seems trivial but the fact is that her fame teaches our daughters that having sex with a celebrity is a viable road to success. Currently that’s true, that’s just a (sad?) fact. The fact that she’s more famous than talented musicians or activists who risk life and limb to save the planet means I have less sympathy for humans in general and the ice caps we’re drowning our children in. Learn to swim.

Kardashians down, Game of Thrones to go.

I lost three “friends” since my judgmental post about The Kardashians. I guess they didn’t want to write an essay justifying their television choices. The Kardashians are just trying to be of benefit, specifically for their families. In their position I would probably do the same for the financial stability of my family. But I probably wouldn’t find myself in the position to have sex with Ray Jay on camera or marry Kanye West. I just think it’s of greatest benefit not to legitamise the idea that filming sex with celebrities is a valid form of “success”. When the Greenpeace activists that got arrested for boarding an oil tanker get the same love and respect I’ll chill out.
Meanwhile if saying “outrageous” (haha) things is gonna free up some friend space I’m gonna continue ranting (cos I’m not writing my essay now and I have nothing better to do than rant on facebook, it amuses me.

So, in true Lout Zoo mode, it’s F the BS season. I loved Game of Thrones. It was well written and full of beautiful people getting naked. But it was brutal. The first episode I watched I saw some kid get molten gold poured on their head. So I didn’t watch again for months until enough people said to me “WHAT? Kev you’d LOVE it!” They were right. I watched 3 seasons in one week, it was brilliantly written and addictive. Until my favourite character got his head squished (spoiler alert-Ish – that was two seasons ago) and I very nearly gave up then. But I soldiered on. The latest series I managed to just not start until (SPOILER ALERT!) I heard on the grapevine that there was finally some fully grown dragon riding agwan. Then I had to start watching again. Lo and behold the first episode I watched when I came back to it I saw a little girl get burned to death. Great. They didn’t just imply that this happened off screen. You saw them light the fire and you heard her scream.

Television is generally $#!t. These archons will fill your head with demonic images and call it entertainment.

I am never watching Game of Thrones again. And now that my other favourite character is dead there is little pulling me back that way apart from the little guy and the mother of dragons, both of whom I expect to die horribly eventually while characters like “I like to skin and torture people” Ramsay run around impervious to karma. Good guys die, bad guys win. It’s so realistic. And that’s the problem. I watch fiction to forget that life sucks and bad guys get rich while good people suffer.

Oh, but there’s that duality consciousness again. It’s MY definition of bad and it’s MY definition of good. But I think skinning people is bad and risking your life to save people is good. It’s just a point of view.

So, no, I will not watch Game of Thrones with you. He says. Thinking about watching Game of Thrones. I miss you Khaleesi. *sniff*

I don’t want you to delete me if you watch Game of Thrones. Some of my best friends watch it and I’m still tempted. I just felt like ranting. Probably should have picked something more important, like fracking, TPP or the fact that there’s a website called “Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth”. That’ll probably lose me LOADS of friends.

(But it’s so well written. And there are bare breasts on occasional. Oh, and the graphic murder of the occasional child. Yeah, don’t watch it.)

I honestly would have loved to have received an essay legitimising watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians but I don’t really see how that’s possible. And I am under no illusions that I deserve an essay from anyone. In fact if I watched it and read that I would either just unfriend me or not even bother and keep watching. Who the f** am I to tell anyone else what to do?

(KP Kev the f*ck!ng Poet. That’s who 😉 x )