The Flower of Life, Coldplay, and consciousness

Someone’s gotta say it (in public, I’ve had this conversation privately twice now.) Anybody else a bit miffed about the fact that the sacred geometry symbol known as ‘the Flower of Life’ has gone fully mainstream on Coldplay’s new album cover? LOL I mean at least I haven’t got a tattoo, how many people are gonna get asked, “oh are you a Coldplay fan?” when someone sees their tattoo now? Like I said, someone had to say it. I remember when the only people putting the Flower of Life on T-shirts were either my friends or people I expected to soon be my friends.


I don’t have any particular problem with Coldplay (I liked their song Clocks until Radio 1 decided to play it a billion times a day, but I can’t blame Coldplay for that.) And sacred geometry has been mainstream but underground for centuries, it’s built into ancient Churches, they just didn’t tell you about it.


A few hack articles claimed Coldplay stole the image from one heavy metal album. Actually LOADS of albums have used the symbol over the years, even I had a variation of the flower of life on my dub and Hip-Hop album a year or two ago and countless psy trance albums have used it. It’s worth noting – mainly psy trance albums. They love it.



Beyond that – it’s ancient. Drunvalo Melchizedek takes the most credit for popularising it, with his two books The Flower of Life parts 1 and 2 which became popular in the 90s, and although the animated web series Spirit Science may have reached more people (I don’t know the figures) even they admit they got their ideas from Drunvalo. I dare say most of the ideas in that series seem to have come from Drunvalo’s two books.

Okay, so my tongue is firmly in my cheek. I say I’m a bit miffed but isn’t the mainstream arrival of the sacred geometry symbol a good thing? Well seeing as the whole point of sharing it in the festival scenes and psy trance scenes etc was apparently to penetrate the universal consciousness with a symbol that accelerates consciousness evolution (or something along those lines, don’t quote me) I would have to say it is definitely a good thing (if we’re gonna accept ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as a paradigm for the sake of conversation). Saying “I’m a bit miffed” is just me being paradoxically humble enough to admit that my ego enjoyed being part of a ‘secret’ club back in 2007. I see the flower of life as such a good metaphor for everything from overlapping social circles like groups of friends to overlapping cultures like squat culture, festival culture and circus culture, that I can only see benefit from more people having such a powerful image in their subconscious. So my higher self is happy and my ego feels satisfied that 10 years of putting it in the public consciousness helped lay the foundations for this… but my ego is still a tad miffed.

What has meditation on this symbol done for me? It’s given me different perceptions. This dimension / universe is fractal, meaning small parts are reflected in the patterns of large parts – like the small circles make one big circle which could also overlap to make even bigger circles. Or everything is macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic, meaning the big is mirrored in the small. For example you can see the flower of life as cell division or as galaxy division. Similarly molecules form as variations of another sacred geometry symbol which comes out of the flower of life known as metatrons cube, particularly the 5 platonic solids and understanding the fractal nature of the universe may help increase synchronicity as you mirror changes in society with changes in your life but none of that cosmic waffle can teach you how to get over heartbreak or not argue with your family – from my perspective now real spiritual growth is not in the light of the metaphysical, it’s in what some people call the shadows of the emotional. But the deeper the roots the bigger the tree (another fractal image), one complements the other. I’m still learning.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 03.24.20



Globally Synchronized Meditations

We shall meditate on the concept “inner peace leads to outer peace” with the intention of world peace.

Every Sunday at 11:11am, 5pm and 8pm UK (BST time).
Every week-day Mon – Fri at 8pm.


The research on the power of group intention is extensive, the research on the personal health benefits of meditation is also extensive. This appears to be one of the most positive things we can do for ourselves and each other.

This is the link to the facebook group to keep you updated on this group and also other group meditations –

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This is the link to the facebook event, although the event officially starts 11.11am GMT / UTC on Sunday, we started this Sunday gone and we will also be meditating together round the world every weekday at 8pm and every Sunday at 11.11am, 5pm, and 8pm



THE WEB OF LIGHT, Paris, Syria and the Middle East

I was more recently  inspired by a talk with an elder on Sunday to visualise a net of light created by all the lightworkers and lightplayers, and sending this light to particularly troubled spots. She suggested the Middle East, which has been in conflict for a long time due to what some might call the misuse of religion (not going into detail here.) However I would like to add both Paris and Syria to the list of places we can direct love and light to.

Do not be afraid of our shadows, do not be in denial of shadows, but focus on the love and light.

Inhale energy into the belly, inhale love into our chests and hearts – exhale gratitude.


PADMASAMBHAVA, the Buddha of Tibet


Padmasabhava is generally credited with bringing Buddhism to Tibet.

Last night, just before bed there was a moment I kept hearing “Padmasambhava” repeating like a mantra. I didn’t think much of it until I saw this pic got posted today. And I STILL didn’t think that much of it until a friend I saw last night (Craig R Ninjah) said he too had the same name, the same mantra, just before bed. Synchronous. Deep. Auspicious. Just a story?

“Padmasambhava was a historical teacher who is said to have finally converted Tibet to Buddhism. He was a renowned scholar, meditator, and magician, and his mantra suggests his rich and diverse nature.”

“Although there was a historical Padmasambhava, nothing is known of him apart from helping the construction of the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet at Samye, at the behest of Trisong Detsen,[1] and shortly thereafter leaving Tibet due to court intrigues.[2]

A number of legends have grown around Padmasambhava’s life and deeds, and he is widely venerated as a ‘second Buddha’ across Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Himalayan states of India.”
From Wikipedia.

I had heard the name before. Tibetan Buddhism, specifically Dzogchen, is my fave form. The first book I read on the subject properly was The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. Also Craig has this card with an image of Padmasambhava attaining the Rainbow Body and it was at the centre of an altar during a ceremony we had at the start of Autumn. Seems like we tuned right into his vibration then and now that I’m promoting synchronised meditations and training in the nature of the mind (balanced view) he’s tuning into us again, perhaps to assist us, perhaps just to encourage us that we’re on the right path, perhaps both, perhaps it’s just my imagination.




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part 1 The Mother Nature Matrix of Magic (universal consciousness)

An Introduction to a growing idea…
There are times to work and times to rest, like seasons, either are fine and neither are to be judged as wrong or right – they just are.
Our existence is validatation enough, nature wanted us here now, reality itself wanted us here now, the mother nature matrix wanted us all here now, all that we do is an expression of the magic of the universe.
There are 7 billion equal people with different opinions. It avoids seeing that I am as important as any of the people I am trying to please. Constantly living life to please other people will lead to constantly feeling sad that I have let people down. If you are living life to please the right person then living life to please yourself will attract the right people into your life.

Verbal remedies

Verbal Remedies

it used to be herbal remedies on the daily

… until those herbal remedies failed me,

paranoia, depression, anxiety –

my mind going round and round like a kaley,

with the wind out my sails, the seven seas couldn’t sail me,

purple heavenly hazey, and several cheese grades we

sampled probably had too little CBD, probably had a little too much THC,

a thin line between schizophrenic and Shamanic

when weed shotters say don’t panic, it’s organic

grown outdoors in Spain, Greece, Portugal or UK we

Would wonder does it matter if it felt real sunshine and rain? See,

the verbal remedies never failed me, when I was Jack Jonah in the whale see

it was to the authors cross my subconscious had nailed me.

… Must be blessed, this whale also swallowed a writing desk,

and purple pens to see me at my fighting best.

When the herbal remedies failed me I can’t let nature take the blame we

bred some of the healing out of the nations highest grades see

self esteem just brakes he could blame ex girlies calling lazy

the hard working employee of spirit going crazy

but he takes the responsibility, no victim and no blame he

knows self worth is worthy, self love with no shame he

didn’t want to leave to perform for those who never heard of me,

felt vulnerable and fragile but expressed those feelings verbally.

Never say never to healing herbs or healing herbally

but always say yes to healing words ya see

healing herbally was tried n tested in ancient ways in the

ancient days ya see. But when life was pain I’ve seen

who were friends to me, I’ll explain all eventually.

But just expect an eternity of verbal remedies.

The Gentrification of Stokescroft, Bristol (and the irony of the anti-capitalist activists who accidentally raised house prices.)

I honestly believe that my friends accidentally raised house prices in Stokescroft, Bristol by being too creative – putting on epic free parties with art installations and leaving epic art all over the place from graffiti to sculptures. To whom it may concern – sorry. To my knowledge none of them got rich off it yet. Should write a book really but would probably incriminate ex-squatters and give unwanted fame to a bunch of anti capitalist activists. A whimsical blog post will have to do. Hohum.

“All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.” ― Kabir

I was just another droplet in the wave, not taking sole credit for anything.
But I think it’s high time we realised our ability to effect big change when we get together and make stuff for the sake of making stuff… next time the big companies can beg us to let them sponsor us, and we can pick our sponsors with wise integrity.

Random Hook from November 2015

The purity of admitting insecurity is paradoxically

the bravest act of actually acting confidently.

From expressing insecurity artistically

to being the man with the plan who ran tings narcisstically.

My friends did lines so big you’d see ’em from space – Nazca

Hip-Hop needs to purge shallow swagger – Ayahuasca….

U R Infinite (You’re Infinite) Lyrics


The present is infinite potential.

The future is – quote – “Infinite Possibilities” – end quote – Brian Visiondanz.

And within that you have the bonafide miracle of choice. We are infinite! What shall we co-create?



Visualisation and rhyming affirmations with chi gung breathing

in combination means I’ll never need a hip-operation. IRATION!

I came and brought Hip-Hop to sacred stone circles,

and brough Hip-Hop a one-love vibration.

Who got the hot spit for hop hip, reverse?

Rejoice with the voice. We all made the choice to watch Earth rebirth.

What is it? The most mystic Hip-Hop from the most Hip-Hop mystic,

Earth changes? Then just evolve with it.

Watch my raps get even phatter. Our true power is infinite

… and I’ll prove it with lyrics kid.

Watch cash appear out of thin air, debts disappear, stacks get even fatter,

MANIFESTATION! True power’s unlimited.

Watch archetypes enlighten, even the rapper.

Dream time? Star-system Sirius – visit it.

Delirious with it, the furnace in the blizzard.

Part-time shaman, full-time wizard and hilarious with it! OH!


What is it? Melodic Trip-Hop, B-Boy, Hip-Hop mystic

Earth Changes? We just evolve with it.

YOU’RE INFINITE! We already know this bit.

Sew seeds of love and watch miracles grow with it.

All said and done if there’s a divine one we’ve all gotta be one with it,

Love wishes sunshine and sun kisses.

All said and done if there’s a divine one we’ve all gotta be one with it,

Earth wishes love, it’s the lushest gift.

love, it’s the lushest gift…

sunshine and sun kisses…

[BRIDGE {VIOLIN SOLO, Flavio Lopes}]


Violet flame of transmutation. Self inflicted

violent pains need need explanation. Health restricted

by modern western environment? Nope.

Only restricted by your own belief, know you’re perfect, don’t just hope.

It’s been said disease is dis-Ease – so rest easy.

Find relief. Believe in yourself if you don’t believe me.

Indian Head massage to hugs to chi gung.

Sweat-lodge to sleeping bag, and sleep to freedom.

Letting go of attachments to future projections.

In the now, appreciation for inspiration from reflections.

We can do anything. ANYTHING.

Perform miracles. Healing. Manifesting.

Each cell of our body chants “ohm”. Lightning sending

healing from finger tips to nerve endings.

Straight spine for pure light to shine from crown to healing palm of the hand

Know love’s woth, passion of father sun meeting the calm of the land, Mother Earth.



What is it? Melodic Trip-Hop, B-Boy, Hip-Hop mystic

Earth Changes? We just evolve with it.

YOU’RE INFINITE! We already know this bit.

Sew seeds of love and watch miracles grow with it.

All said and done if there’s a divine one we’ve all gotta be one with it,

Love wishes sunshine and sun kisses.

All said and done if there’s a divine one we’ve all gotta be one with it,

Earth wishes love, it’s the lushest gift.