Darth Vader (I have stopped sleeping)

Approaching Darth Vader mode. Just because you don’r run from your own darkside does not mean you have to indulge in it. Yoda can throw lightning too if he wants to.

People who want to be spiritual tend to deny their selfish side (which we all have) and their sexual side (which most of us have), and people who want to be successful in mainstream society tend to deny their spiritual side; but if you try to accept all sides? You generally end up misunderstood, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re realer and braver than these fake motherfuckers out here. Holden Caulfield said it best in The Catcher in the Rye. I hate a phony too. And in my quest to be ‘spiritual’ I became a phony hypocrite, and therefore hated myself. Transcend the hate by loving it all, the light and the dark, the inevitable hypocrisy of being a multidimensional character with conflicting emotions. Reality.

I do not sleep anymore. If I have nothing I particularly want to wake to I see no point in putting myself to bed. I think I may need a new path and direction. My current existence doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Hmmm… maybe I’ll get an early night tonight and master playing my ocarina tomorrow. 08:08am. Might as well try sleeping again. Or watch Bob’s Burgers and start my Steiner Essay? (Should probably sleep before you start an essay Mr Panton…) Why is the subconscious voice in my head so much more responsible than regular me. Ahhh, it’s 08:09 now, too late for sleeping.

I realised, or rather remembered, tonight that I already have a project it’s called LIFE, (my friend Igor suggested even better LIVING), and I am spreading positivity every day, it’s just become such an every day thing that I don’t value it like I should. Spreading positivity every day is just how I live my life, I just need to do it more face to face and less face to facebook. Or I forget how to interact with people and the fear of judgment turns into anxiety and life starts to lose meaning. But how could life lose meaning when every single act ripples for eternity? A wise man once said – “Each moment is a chance to give from your heart” (it was a man called Green from a reggae band called Avalon Roots, they’re great.)

Give love. Be love.



Uncle Shredder?

This just made me chuckle…

Memory Leak

So today I learned something that blew my mind.  Two shows I enjoyed growing up.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The cool 80s-90s cartoon, not the lame, newer cartoon.  So, that.  And The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  And today I learned of a connection I never knew they had.

Those two people in that image?  The same person.  Uncle Phil is The Shredder.  Once I found this out I could hear it in Shredder’s voice.  But before that? NO idea.  It never would have occurred to me.  How could it?  I mean, how did this idea to occur to anyone?  “I’ve got it, let us cast the large black man as the Japanese villain of this show!”  But it worked.  So I guess point, casting director.

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Terence McKenna’s 2012 Predictions and other potential disappointments…

Terence McKenna’s 2012 Predictions and other potential disappointments…
Yeah, I was a student of the Chinese divination system the I-Ching even before I found out about Mckenna’s ‘Timewave Zero’ theory that related to the I Ching and the 2012 phenomenon. Terrence Mckenna theorised that novelty, the phenomenon of things happening that had never happened before, was increasing towards a singularity on 2012. Which all seemed like a very vague theory to me, as much as I loved and love Mckenna. How do you measure novelty? Does this include things people have never imagined before? Does this include patents pending? I dunno, I think too much for a theory that broad and unspecific to hold any weight with me. Which would sound odd to most of my mates who know that I love the I Ching, loved the 2012 theories and loved Terence Mckenna. But I am not predictable and I am rarely with the majority on anything, not even the majority of the fringe or the alternative.
How did you feel about his singularity prediction not manifesting?
That, my dear is a BIG question, especially for me. Alot of my closest friends were wrapped up in that 2012 stuff. And although I feel like consciousness evolution is always happening and I do hope that 2012 (or rather ‘these times’) is a focal point for change I did actually predict that we wouldn’t have a brain changing, life changing or world changing shift on that date.
Even before it happened I felt like consciousness evolution would be more like a slow sunrise than a light-switch getting switched on on December 21st 2012. But I was still more optimistic about the evolution of consciousness in 2012 than I am now. Unfortunately the ways that people are still fooled by mainstream media into blaming people on benefits rather than the banks and the governments does make me wonder how stupid people are. My judgmental side is coming out now. But I used to wonder how Nazi Germany managed to get most of the country behind genocide and now I understand how powerful mob mentality is, and how easily that could happen here. Beyond singularitys or psychic powers I will be amazed when the majority of the public learn to think for themselves. But I still hold hope that the internet is both a product and cause of consciousness evolution and that the next generation will have too much information too early to stand for this shit. So, only time will tell.
Don’t get me wrong, on December 21st 2012 I was in Avebury playing singing bowls and wearing purple satin robes singing positive affirmations like a card-carrying hippy. But I never believed that earth-shattering change would come on that date, I was just playing my role. I’ll try to be in a sacred space singing positive affirmations on every solstice and most equinoxes too.
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The News lies to you. This is not a conspiracy theory, that’s a fact. They’ve admitted and apologised several times (this month)

In case you didn’t know, the News lies to you.

They’ve admitted and apologised several times in 2015 already (it’s February.)

Like here…

Brian Williams’ lies not equal to those of Fox ‘News’ “Brian Williams….repeated one time too many a story he has been telling for years: how a U.S. military helicopter on which he was a passenger was shot down over Iraq in 2003. But the man who was flight engineer on that copter said on Facebook that Williams was never on it. Instead, he was on the one trailing it.


Or here…

Apology for ‘Muslim Birmingham’ Fox News claim “An American terrorism commentator has apologised for describing Birmingham as (UK) a “Muslim-only city” where non-Muslims “don’t go” during a Fox News interview.”


And here…

Fox News To Be Sued By Paris For Lying About Muslim ‘No-Go Areas’ The right-wing station apologised to “the people of France and England” on the weekend for falsely claiming that cities within those countries had “no-go” areas where non-Muslims dare not enter. “You see young men wearing Osama bin Laden T-shirts in a hookah shop.” In Paris? Are you dumb?


All of those lies were told and exposed in 2015. Can you imagine how many times they’ve lied and got away with it? If I could afford better lawyers and/or bodyguards I would tell you some of the bigger questions I have and maybe even make some accusations.

But just so you know – the News lies to you. That is not a conspiracy theory, that is as close to a fact as you can get. Even if the wise know that they know nothing, the wisest know you still know nothing after watching the news.

The wisdom of Ram Dass on the subject of Soul Mates

Something I’m told is called a “soul mate”. Do you believe in such a relationship or person and what would that mean? How would I know that?

Ram Dass:
 Got it! Keep lookin ing! I’ll give you the farthest out answer first of all and then we’ll come back to something that everybody can handle. In the farthest out answer, we have all been around so many times that every one of us has been everything with everybody else. So when I look at you, you and I have been in so many relationships together. It’s just that we don’t remember them. Do you know how many times we have been born and died? Remember Buddha’s story: If you take a mountain six miles long and six miles wide and six miles high, that’s the distance a bullock walks in a day. And a bird flies over the mountain once every hundred years with a silk scarf in its beak and brushes the tip of the mountain. In the length of time it takes the scarf to wear away the mountain, that’s how long you have been doing this. Just think about that. Once every hundred years the scarf goes over; a scarf and a mountain. It goes on and on and on. In India there are Yugas and Kalpas of hundreds of thousands of years and then they start the cycles all over again. And we’ve been through all of them again and again.

Now, behind all of this is the One. And that is all there is. All of us here are one in drag, appearing to be many. So we are all “soul mate”. There is only one of it. It’s not mates, because it’s not even two. It’s only one. There’s only one of us. So what you’re really doing is constantly marrying yourself at the deepest level of God marrying God. Now you come down into soul. And each soul has a unique karmic predicament (you could call it a psychic DNA code) that in a way guides which way its life will go. And it is entirely possible that souls when they take birth into parents that are part of their Karma will at some point meet a being and they have agreed in advance to come down and do this together and meet. And that’s what we usually call soul mates.

What you have found from your past marriages is that what you are attracted to in a person isn’t what you ultimately live with. After the honeymoon is over — it’s after the desire systems that were dormant in the relationship that have the attraction in it pass and all of it passes — then you are left with the work to do. And it’s the same work. When you trade in one partner for another, you still have the same work. You’re going to have to do it sooner or later when the pizzazz is over. And it just keeps going over. And you can’t milk the romanticism of relationship too long as you become more conscious. It’s more interesting than that. It really is. And people want to romanticize their lives all the time. It’s part of the culture. But the awakening process starts to show you the emptiness of that forum. And you start to go for something deeper. You start to go to meet another human being in truth. And truth is scary. Truth has bad breath at times; truth is boring; truth burns the food; truth is all the stuff. Truth has anger; truth has all of it. And you stay in it and you keep working with it and your keep opening to it and you keep deepening it. Every time you trade in a partner, you realize that there’s no good or bad about it. I’m not talking good or bad about this.

But you begin to see how you keep coming to the same place in relationships, and then you tend to stop because it gets too heavy – because your identity gets threatened too much. For the relationship to move to the next level of truth requires an opening and a vulnerability that you’re not quite ready to make. And so you entrench, you retrench, you pull back and then you start to judge and push away and then you move to the next one. And then you have the rush of the openness and then the same thing starts to happen. And so you keep saying “Where am I going to find the one when this doesn’t happen?” And it will only happen when it doesn’t happen in you. When you start to take and watch the stuff and get quiet enough inside yourself, so you can take that process as it’s happening and start to work with it. And keep coming back to living truth in yourself or the other person even though it’s scary and hard.

~Ram Dass


Gig Review – Lyrically Challenged 5th Birthday

{I also have an interview with one of the hosts and promoters of Lyrically Challenged coming on The Metropolist website, http://www.themetropolist.com/ however this is the gig review for the 5th Birthday Bash without the interview.}
Since moving back to London I had made it to catch the end of one of the monthly Lyrically Challenged Hip-Hop events. The vibe was nice and for that, and for a handful of other reasons I will explain in detail later I knew I had to reach the 5th Birthday special when they were to take over two floors of the venue Passing Clouds. So I went to “Lyrically Challenged, the 5th Birthday Bash”. It is not an exaggeration to say that personally it was like witnessing first-hand evidence of consciousness evolution. And a sick party. All rolled into one all encompassing experience. Allow me to give you some of my personal history with regards to rap clubs before I start the review in detail.
I used to go to Hip-Hop clubs in London in the late 90s and early 2000s, this was when Canibus and Eminem were Hip-Hop’s biggest influences, everyone wanted to be a battle rapper or a gangsta rapper. But I would rap about crystals and ayahuasca and just feel like the odd one out. My how times have changed.
Don’t get me wrong, even back then MCs like Chester P, Jehst and Roots Manuva had poetic lyrics and influenced the scene. But most of the rappers coming up were largely inspired by what was coming from the states and in the early 2000s the biggest album was Chronic 2001 and the biggest success was 50 Cent. With 50 Cent and Jay Z vying for ‘King of New York’ status it seemed like you had to be an ex-crack dealer to be considered a ‘real MC’. My how times have changed.
Then I discovered a poet called Paradox and the poetry scene in the London squat scene, here was a well-spoken black man talking about consciousness evolution, politics and spirituality to an audience that wanted to hear it. I just left the London rap scene behind for a while and focussed on performing poetry in squats like Unity Workds, Project 142 and St Georges Theatre. Then I moved to Bristol and focussed even more on poetry.
I was in Bristol for 10 years. Since I went away Lyrically Challenged started 5 years ago. I don’t know what it was like when it started but that 5th Birthday was like a dream come true for me. Hip-Hop culture expressing the evolution of consciousness; from Marv TheRadio doing a verse about Ayahuasca to hearing poetry at the start to seeing sacred Geometry like The Flower of Life and the Merkaba / Metatrons Cube spray painted on the decor – some of these things may seem superficial in isolation but together it created the atmosphere that something authentic and special was happening. Even the fact that it was hosted by two female MCs, MC Angel and Shay D, defied a stereotype about the culture. It was literally as if all my dreams for a consciousness evolution in the Hip-Hop community had come true while I wasn’t looking. So big up.
One of the reasons I went was because Passing Clouds has quickly become one of my favourite venues since I moved back to London, from Dub nights to art workshops, the atmosphere is always pleasant. Another one of the reasons I reached was because Mista Penfold of Itch Fm was playing and I hadn’t seen him or hung out with him since the early 2000s. He smashed it with the rare grooves and classics (the Michael Jackson medley was a highlight!) Another one of the reasons I reached was I knew my mate Felix Luke would be be there but I had no idea he was DJing (and MCing cos he’s multi-talented and multi-dimensional like dat!).
But headliners 47 Soul took everything to another level. After their own set of funk soul Hip-Hop with middle eastern sounds (that’s the best way I can only begin to describe them) they invited the MCs in the building to join them including Marv the Radio, Sonny Green, MC Angel, Shay D, and loads more including myself (I also got involved in the poetry open mic at the start and the Hip-Hop open cipher in the middle, plus joining Felix and the Truesounds Tribe upstairs for a jam – I must have been in a good mood.)
Also worth mentioning another highlight for me was Marv the Radio’s beatbox set, especially the Jungle tribute. He made us all rave with his mouth.
In short – that was the best Hip-Hop night I have been to in a very long time.

That was the 5th Birthday bash, so they took over two floors of Passing Clouds on a Saturday. Usually Lyrically Challenged is once a month on a Tuesday, upstairs in Passing Clouds, the space is smaller but that just means the performances are more intimate and the vibes are high. My advice? Reach.


Album Review – ‘Creation’ by Avalon Roots

When I first wrote this album-review for Avalon Roots it was before the album Creation was released. It has been released (and the world is a better place for it.) http://avalonroots.bandcamp.com/album/creation

Feeling lucky to have received a copy of the new Avalon Roots album, ‘Creation’, ahead of it’s release date. It’s expertly crafted, beautifully written and masterfully produced reggae music with inspiring lyrics and satisfying bass. It expresses the atmosphere their loyal followers have come to expect at an Avalon Roots gig and everything from the CD cover to the music itself exudes the positive, conscious intent in the lyrics and perfectionism that was poured into the music and presentation, it was several years in the making and worth every minute.

Beyond just this album, I love Avalon Roots, I love the writer and front-man Green for infusing the music with his positive intent and ideals, I love extremely talented core band members and all frequent collaborators who are then session musicians but friends of Green and therefore part of an unofficial ‘Avalon Roots collective’. Favourites of the UK festival scene but with connections and roots from Australia to Glastonbury Avalon Roots have earned alot of love and respect for their live gigs. This album more than expresses the energy of Avalon Roots, it presents it through beautifully rendered packaging, and well thought out versions of their songs with well placed solos here and there from some of the world-class musicians Green has attracted.

Basically the album is awesome, sort yourself out with one as soon as you can and your life will be better. It’s out on the 23rd of January.

{It was, now you can click below, cos I like to make things easy for you. Aren’t I lovely?}