Nearly every MC consider’s themselves to be the best to draw breath ya see, but to see talentless cheese still get bigger checks than me? This face is confusion! …it’s not just viewing enviously But if I’m telling the truth, it’s probably also jealousy. “Tell em how you really feel!” Like the best MC! Big ups […]

Kev the Poet (re-introduction)

{INTRO} Allow me to re-introduce myself… Kev the Poet, Kev the Poet, Kev the Poet, Kev the… {HOOK 1} Poet, singer, dancer, rapper – multi-dimensional performer – multimedia writer, playwrite, Blogger and comic-book author, poet, singer, dancer, rapper, acapella or eclectic beats. To make ya nod ya head… or shake your hips n feet. Open-ended […]

Revenge of the Nerds (Geeks run the world) #nerd #geek #comicbook

It’s revenge of the nerds from the hood to suburbs, now we’re cool if we’re ro-lling like superheroes, computer geeks run the world cos it’s all digital, used to be cause for bullying, but now it’s cool. _ When I was a kid comic books weren’t cool, the mighty Thor didn’t make the fan-girls drool, […]

Bluebells, Angels, Soundsystems and Mic Cords

She said “most little girls won’t look for a prince, so they won’t find him, they’re looking for a villain and hope to find a prince inside him, most grown women learn better and some wise girls know from the start”, But I don’t play the game of faking villain, life ain’t a game, it’s […]

Wearing Nothing But Tears

Wearing Nothing But Tears   These are the words of a man who has stood naked in front of the universe and demanded it’s attention.   These are the words of a man who has felt guilt, who has felt shame and grew tired of hiding it.   Twice I have dropped the cloaks of […]

Do I Blame David Cameron?

Do I BLAME David Cameron? I see a system that raises man-children, that argue in the House of Commons in such an immature way that, honestly, no teacher would allow their students to behave. Shouting over each other, trading insults instead of policies. If you study politics you study the history of nations robbing each […]

Mysterious lack of US victims in the Goldman Sachs funded Panama Papers #panamapapers

Hmmm… curious about the MYSTERIOUS LACK OF U.S. PERPETRATORS IN THE LEAK? Perhaps we should ask more questions…   (The following was nearly all taken from )   IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN LEGAL FOR U.S. ENTITIES TO USE PANAMA SINCE 2010 As Zero Hedge just wrote, international laws have prevented U.S. entities from using […]