Gender Issues

“Xenomorph Beth going Indominus Rex” – It’s a Rick and Morty reference, one day that’ll make sense.

Just had a highly enlightening and synchronously relevant conversation with some inspiring guys and girls about heterosexual males who are in touch with their feminine side being assumed to be gay, and how insecurity can lead to being offended not due to homophobia – there’s obviously nothing wrong with being gay – but due to wanting to be seen as attractive and available to women. The conclusion was that most heterosexual (or bi-sexual) women worth hanging out with are going to be attracted to a man who is in touch with his feminine side, and even if they think you are unavailable that will just make you more attractive. Highly enlightening. Now I’m sure there is some section of society that I am inadvertently leaving out of the conversation but I am primarily talking about men I can relate to – heterosexual men – and I am primarily talking about women I am attracted to and available to – heterosexual and bisexual women. I realise that gender is not polarised in such dual and limited ways but that is what I have personal experience with so that is what I am writing abut. N doubt someone will get offended, it’s impossible to talk about such things without offending somebody, but I mean no offence.

It’s a conversation worth having. Straight guys, don’t feel unattractive or unavailable to women just cos you’re in touch with your feminine sides, it turns out that being unavailable is attractive, it also turns out that being in touch with your feminine side is really, really attractive. Wubalubadubdub!


Kim Kardashian – That Ass and Your Daughter

Kim Kardashian bares her backside in the Magazine Paper. Is this good, is this bad, or does it not matter?


My question is this – WHAT IS SHE FAMOUS FOR? A sex tape with Ray Jay, then for being Kanye’s wifey, so what have we rewarded? Her selling her body and her association with a talent. So why is she more rich and more famous than all of the talented people I know? Some days I’m just like f*** this planet and f*** the humans on it, we celebrate talentless people with big bums while people who try to uplift their people with knowledge and wisdom can’t pay the bills. If asking that question makes me a hater – I am a hater, all day. But I don’t hate Kim Kardashian, on the contrary, I don’t know her but I admire her ingenuity more than her ass.

If a man were famous for the same reason I’d call him a man-whore. I am calling someone who got famous for having sex on tape a whore because the dictionary definition of a whore is someone who has sex for money. But I do not disrespect sex-workers and I am not disrespecting Kim Kardashian, I am disrespecting the institutions that support the idea that this should make her a celebrity.

Okay, I’ll be take the buddhist perspective for the sake of argument (and not having one). She can do what she wants. I’m not into slut shaming, she can have sex with who she wants. I’m not into policing womens actions. But I’m not into the celebration of mediocrity and talentless reality tv stars regardless of their gender, male or female, I’m not into the celebration of talentless people because they happen to have larger parts of their anatomy regardless of their gender. For the sake of argument (and not having one) I’ll stop being a hater this moment and celebrate her ingenuity, she has somehow got on the front of a magazine by (allegedly) injecting fluid into her buttocks (she claims it’s all natural, and I don’t have the proof or the lawyers to claim otherwise) and somehow she has been named GQ woman of the year for what? For having sex with Ray Jay and marrying Kanye West? She is in fact a marketing genius that has done all this without a single, without an album, with just a reality tv show I’ve never watched but I assume she displayed no talent in cos you don’t need talent for reality TV and she has somehow got complete strangers jumping to her defence when someone points out that she is famous for having sex on camera. She’s a genius businesswoman, there is talent in marketing a fake backside, I’ll give her that. I shall save my hate for the system that supports her and do not assume that there is some sort of gender bias to my disgust at mainstream media and mainstream society’s celebration of nothing in particular… Well done Kim, I take it all back, you’ve done well. It’s not your fault the planet is full of morons, you just saw a gap in the market and made your paper. Big up.

I’m gonna go there. What are we teaching our daughters? That a sex tape and a marriage to a man with talent are viable options for success. Couldn’t GQ find a woman with more talent and dignity to name woman of the year? “Women of colour get your bits out and maybe we will reward you” is the message that GQ, Paper and Kim send. Women like Lauryn Hill and Eryka Badu will get sidelined if they don’t toe the line. The feminists should be upset with GQ for rewarding behaviour that objectifies women, not with men who point it out. She can do what she wants, but when your daughter thinks “I want to make a sex tape with a celebrity so I can be a success too” maybe then we will all reassess our priorities. Just saying.

It’s context. 50 Cent used superficial tactics to man-whore himself to teenage girls cos they buy more records than gangsters, exhibit A 

exhibit B 

and I DO go in on the man-whores but there is context – 50 Cent writes bars, 50 Cent has talent. If 50 Cent was going everywhere topless and he didn’t have any bars and he was only famous for having sex with celebrities on video tape believe me I’d cuss him just as hard. But he is a rapper and an excellent businessman so he has my respect. The gender issue is a cultural context because it is even harder for women to make money in this superficial world we live in, and it is more of an issue that women are valued only for what they look like by sexist men in power and not for what they are capable of. I believe we should not be reinforcing the idea that a woman’s worth is based on the size of her ass or how much of that ass she is willing to show to you. With 50 Cent sex appeal is something he can use as a side dish to lyrics that he wrote and beats Dre produced whereas with Kim Kardashian sex appeal is the main course. I would diss Peter Andre all day, but there’s quite frankly no need.

To be fair 50 Cent’s interviews are pure gold, he drops more wisdom in his interviews than he does in his bars, don’t sleep. And he is one of the realest people I’ve heard talking too, he’s fearlessly honest. I can’t front on that. And to say he doesn’t have bars is unfair, I’m not into what he’s saying but he does have a stylish way of saying it. I’m going off subject just to be little more honest and not to be a COMPLETE hater lol Back on the subject, to answer my question more directly, – in the sexist world we live in we expect a man to have a skill or talent before we crown him with the title ‘celebrity’. If David Beckham couldn’t kick a football he’d just be a good-looking brick layer or something. If 50 Cent couldn’t rap he would be in prison or dead or selling crack waiting to get arrested or shot (again.) But due to the fact that men run the world it enough for a woman to be hot to become a celebrity, all Paris Hilton had to do was get a sex tape too. The only male super-model was Tyrese and he can sing. The fact that the whole world is stunned when an unattractive over-weight girl wins something like X Factor is the problem. That shouldn’t be stunning, it should be the norm, we should EXPECT a singer to rated on their singing voice alone, they’re singers, not models. But we live in a superficial world where women are rated by their looks not their talent and bun anyone or anything that supports that. In my (not as) humble (as it should be) opinion :-p

Aaaaaaanyway, I made my stance rather clear on this earlier this week in this freestyle, even said and I quote “I’m not slut-shaming, don’t be ashamed if your whore – get your money” – man done! 

(Then maybe listen to Erykah Badu and her daughters say everything I was trying to say but put it in a much sweeter way, after all that you deserve something cute and chilled out, trust me, it’s worth the look!