The Illusions of Space, Time and Self

So I don’t know what “I” means. I don’t know where I end and the rest of the universe begins.
Einstein said that time is an illusion. But then death and birth are simultaneous, as is the rest of life.

But if self is an illusion, and time is an illusion what are we all doing here? If our greatest scientists can’t even work out what consciousness is, what we are, where we are or when we are what are we ever arguing about ever? Nothing really matters?

Well Einstein did add the caveat that time is a very persistent illusion. Same could be said for self, politics etc. And all of that seems quite freeing from one perspective BUT it’s reality check time. Try telling someone time is an illusion when someone they love has just died. Try telling someone that self is an illusion when they lose a limb or even suffer from toothache. Try telling someone nothing really matters when they’re town is being bombed.

So there may be spiritual truths. There may be scientific truths. There may be emotional truths. They may all be true yet contradict each other. The universe may not be black and white. It might be scarier to accept that it’s grey. But it’s alot more fun to realise that it’s multi-coloured. And it’s alot more freeing to accept that we don’t know. Perhaps the only thing we ever know is what we should do right now. Perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky when we know that.



Artwork by Cameron Gray







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