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Kevin Huntley Panton aka KP Kev the Poet (born May, 1980) is a multi-media writer and performer; rapper, poet, singer, dancer, comic-book author, blogger, teacher and poetry workshop coordinator.

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Biography 1980–2010: Early life and career beginnings

Was born in London, Enfield.[5] He was nearly called Huntley, his father’s middle name, but his mother insisted it become his middle name.[6] In

In 1996, aged 16, he joined his friends Yun-Gun aka Essa and Ricochet aka Juggla Reds of Universal Soldiers on stage at a Hip-Hop open mic hosted by his idols Taskforce at a nightlub in Finsbury Park called The Powerhouse.

In 1999 he attended Keele University to study English Literature and Philosophy.

In his own words “I left home to study English Literature and Philosophy at Keele University in Staffordshire aged about 19 years old. I didn’t expect to like university because I didn’t like school but it was very different, I was happier than I had been since early childhood, my course wasn’t five days a week, I had time to read other books on other subjects and found more like-minded outsiders who shared my political beliefs and spiritual values. Until this time my life was more or less void of people who shared my interest in politics or spirituality. I also grew creatively and started to perform in front of crowds for the first time.” From his wordpress page

In 2005 he left London and moved to Bristol to pursue his musical career. Within a year he was hosting an open mic at the cafe Cafe Delight on Gloucester Road. The celebrated Carrie Tree had her first gig in Bristol at Cafe Delight at an event hosted by Kev the Poet.

From 2005 he performed at many festivals, particularly returning to Sunrise Festival and hosting the Rollerdisco at Shambala Festival.

From 2007 he started collaborating with a poet / MCs that called themselves the Synchromystickz. Founding members included Tariq aka Dipo Kolajo, Benjamin Clark aka Ben Tree, Craig Reynolds aka Craig R Ninjah and Daniel who would later distance himself from the group for personal reasons.

In his own words, “This decision would affect every aspect of my life dramatically. In Bristol I would meet musicians, artists and activists who would become my friends. While living in the west I would meet Druid’s (and became a Bard of a Druid Order, knighted a bard in Stonehenge on the Spring Equinox of 2006) and I would meet Buddhists, I attended meditation sessions at a Buddhist centre in Bristol and read many books on Tibetan Buddhism) and in Glastonbury I would meet Sufis – I took part in a Sufi chanting circle and became a fan of Sufi poetry – and during this period I also met Hindus – I became a part-time Amma devotee and see her every time she visits England and I chant Hindu songs, bhajans, occasionally in ritual singing sessions called Kirtans. These meetings and experiences would all modify my own spiritual beliefs and spiritual practices which became a patchwork of whatever resonated with me at the time and remains with me to various degrees now.”


In 2010 he created his first official release The EP – MANIFEST LIGHT (in the shadow of the Tor) by KP and J Rokka. It was entirely produced by Jerome O’Connell aka J Rokka. They were friends, introduced by Benjamin Clark aka Ben Tree.

In winter 2010, after performing with Daniel Waples in Barcelona he unofficially released a collection of songs with Daniel Waples, a hang drum and hand-pan player, on the website Bandcamp. Daniel Waples and Kev the Poet also met Flavio Lopes in Barcelona

In December 2012 he released a collaborative EP for free with the breakcore producer Anorak. Although Anorak was known for creating breakcore music, the EP was uncharacteristically slower and more relaxed.

In 2013 he released a collection of songs that he had recorded with various producers during his time in Bristol called Open Handed Words released March 20, 2013.

Featuring Production from… Jerome J Rokka O’Connell (Divine Collective / Synchromystickz) {Track 10} Anorak (Neverlution) {Tracks 5, 7 and 9} Colour (Happy Daze) {Track 4} Ominous (Upperkutt UK) {Track 14} Bobby Taylor Kay (Gypsy Unit) {Track 2} Reuben Grant (Synchromystickz) {Track 3} Kingsley Prassad (Synchromystickz / Light-playaz) {Tracks 1, 6 and 11} Appleblim (Apple-Pips) {Track 8}

Live instrumentation from.. Daniel Waples {Tracks 12, and 13} Craig R Ninjah {Track 6} Jerome “J Rokka” O’Connell {Track 10} IK Dell {Track 10} Michael Stanton {Track 13}

Vocals from… Craig R Ninjah {Tracks 8, 14, and 15} Dipo Kolajo (Tariq) {Tracks 7, 8, and 14} Ben Tree {Track 14} Brown Bear (Nav) {Track 4}

Cover art by Rebecca Currell

In June 2014 he released the album Yugen.

In December 2014 he released two projects via Bandcamp, a mix tape of ‘cover versions’ of previous released tracks called Awesome: A Multi-dimensional Mixtape. He also released a project that consisted entirely of self-produced tracks, albeit unmastered with no assistance from other producers or studio engineers called Low-Fi, High Concept. He said on the bandcamp page for the latter, “Completely raw and untouched by a studio engineer, low fi but complete creative freedom (and some altogether bonkers concepts, quite simply I love it, and I think you’ll like it too.)”

In June 2015 he released Pop Music for Weirdos (Multidimensional Mixtape 2)

In September 2015 he released the following statement in a facebook post, “I have a version of my album Yugen that’s been remastered by Celt Islam. It’s already one of my most professional sounding albums but as some of the samples in the interludes have not been cleared I’m not going to officially re-release the new masters (possibly on iTunes) until those interludes have been replaced or removed.” [10]

Artistry Influences

He cites his influences as Nas, Chris Paradox, KRS-One, Public Enemy, The Tao Teh Ching, and Tibetan Buddhism. [9] Musical style

Although he was initially known as a performance poet, he makes rap music, sings and primarily records over both Hip-Hop and dub instrumentals. Personal life

In his own words, “When I was about 22 I graduated from university and started temporary work in various offices in London. I didn’t particularly want to, I believed that was what my parents wanted for me, a ‘normal’ office job. My creative side had no outlet and my life had no meaning or purpose. Within two years I was suffering from depression. Aged 25 I had found a community within the UK festival scene that appreciated my lyrics and my spirit. I moved to Bristol to focus on my creative side and so I could busk without embarrssing my mother. I left London and moved to Bristol. I had been getting depressed working temp jobs and after a summer of performing poetry at festivals that summer I decided I would move to either Brighton or Bristol and focus solely on performance. The I-Ching said “the South-West will be fortunate”. Decision made. It was fortunate.”

Discography Album: The EP – MANIFEST LIGHT (in the shadow of the Tor) by KP and J Rokka

Mixtapes / Bandcamp only releases: Balance and Harmony with Daniel Waples

Open Handed Words

KP and Anorak do Tea


Awesome (Da Multidimensional Mixtape)

Low-Fi, High Concept

Pop Music For Weirdoes





[5] Yugen



[8] [9]

[9] KPs MIXCLOUD page, “KP Kev the Poet on UJIMA 98fm radio with Tasha and Muttley, May 2013.”

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