How and Why “Conscious” Festivals Need to Change

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a lifestyle where you didn’t have to bounce between “making a living” and enjoying your favorite festivals? Then I have a proposition for you all.

Now, before you get your fuzzy, pink glitterboots in a dusty uproar, rest assured that I’m not just going to bash the beloved Burn. I’m just going to use it as an example since it’s the biggest “conscious” festival of its kind (like Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, Lucidity, etc…). I appreciate much of what Burning Man does as an experimental temporary society. I’ve been to Burning Man, danced my butt off in the dust storms, and I have many good friends who go each year. I’ve seen and heard firsthand both the amazing positive side and the disturbing dark side of Burning Man. Despite the darker side, I appreciate the possibilities for healing, creativity, and camaraderie that Burning Man provides…

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The Illusions Time and Money (Consensus Reality) plus Various Prose (collated from this months facecrack posts…)


There is no such thing as money. Tell that to your landlord.
There is no such thing as time. Tell that to the person waiting in the car spending their money on petrol.

So-called universal truths are also called ‘handy excuses for hippies’.

We live in a consensus reality. David Wilcock says the biggest secret is that the laws of physics change depending on who is in the room with you (and what their beliefs are.) I can ride with that. But unless our landlords, lifts, judges and policemen agree with those so-called universal truths it may be worth valuing both time and money and avoiding judges and policemen.

I would rather expand the minds of judges and policemen given the choice, and I have avoided having landlords in the past – living in squats, or the Tasmanian Rainforest, or my friends van, or a friends couch. I do not foresee me getting a driving licence any time soon. Not never, just not soon. So I will value time.

I have experienced states where time was clearly an illusion and I have experienced weeks when money didn’t matter. But if I have rent to pay or a place to go I really, really, really do not want to hear there is no such thing as money or there is no such thing as time. I know.

Tell it to my landlord. Tell it to my lift.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Albert Einstein


I say we live in a consensus reality – but communities exists where reification is not encouraged, not just the reification of time, or the reification of money but the reification of ANYthing, the concept of me and you, individuality, negative states of mind and even positive states of mind, they are not real, they are merely a dynamic interplay of concepts and ideas. It’s true, nothing is real. But making things real that are not (which is everything, it’s all illusion, just concepts to agree on or not.) I have to join communities if and when it feels right, but sometimes you have to do things that feel uncomfortable because pushing your boundaries is good for you. Perhaps I should join communities which do not reify time or money.Yet to my knowledge all of these communities have to pay rent in some fashion.
Even if we recognise that time and money are illusions if it is of greatest benefit to be on time and pay for things that is what a wise and practical person will do, I don’t care how much white you’re wearing, how many aya sessions you’ve done, or how cosmic you think you are. None of the above will wash with me. Just say “sorry I’m late”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive hippy, I’m late all the time and I literally only started to value money about 3 years ago, I felt guilty if I had any before that.
But I prefer saying “I’m sorry I’m late” and taking responsibility to patronising someone by telling them “time is an illusion” like it’s their fault for giving caring about time.
I will endeavour to take responsibility. It does not always seem easy but it always feels more beneficial



I really do love you guys n gals

Some days that reality is just a tad more… obvious xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx


“That’s why I’m giving honour to all these baby mommas, it takes a woman’s womb to make a Christ or Dalai Lama”. Killer Mike got bars…


The Hawkwood Hustle (Ode to Group 17)




I learned so much about Steiner, and myself – it’s worth reflecting.
Extremely inspiring, people admiring,
I wasn’t expecting to become addicted to felting
Or to share songs and hear harmonies that had my heart melting
I wasn’t expecting to be good at felting
Encouraged, soul nourished, all eagerly helping.
Penelope Wildgoose, what an inspiration,
We dropped our inhibitions and sang for the congregation
Marianne and Katie, what a double-act duo.
If you’ve ever experienced that combo, well you know.
So inspired I was often awake just after dawn,
With thoughts of lanolin from wool moisturising our hands in the morn.
Hawkwood House, yeah I’m sad to be leaving, but I won’t be grieving,
Now I have memories and lessons of wool fibre teasing.
I praise Marianne for her enthusiasm and encouragement
As I praise the Hawkwood Chef for the flavours and the nourishment.
The only boy, a city-boy no less, so terrified of judgement,
But by the end, one family, I’ve already got love for them.
Not just inspired but informed, I’d explain what I meant
But it’s hard to express emotional growth and self development
Through art. But throughout I was learning,
My soul was changing in a crucible burning.
Graeme – what a legend! So much info right off the top
Of his head, no need for notes, and I know that he wouldn’t stop
Unless we interrupted him with increasingly esoteric
Questions and he answered them all with grace much to his credit.
But not just information, let’s get back to inspiration.
From learning to felt to singing, painting, even blessed oration.
From Speech with the charming Sibylle to the movement of Eurythmy
I look forward to seeing the growth of the lessons I take with me.
My state school put me off visual art for nearly two decades,
So for getting me to paint again, I send much praise to Dave.
I found myself laughing with the sheer joy of being creative.
Disappearing in the woods again, “I think he’s ‘gone native.’”
And do I list the synchronicities? Three students each
Sat at the table each in possession of a rose quartz crystal
I’d met our singing workshop facilitator Wildgoose’s niece
in Falmouth and also met her half-brother in Bristol.
On the third day I discovered one of my friends from the Buddhist Centre
In Bristol, my friend Dom was living at Hawkwood what a surprise that morning!
Dom from the Buddhist Centre had been sleeping in the woods
Making yurts in Stroud and sleeping at Hawkwood under tarpaulin.
Reflections? You’re all reflections and those reflections
are beautiful AND gorgeous, no apologies, but mentions
That I’m here because I value creativity, spirit, love and art.
And it’s another synchronous tale to remind me to keep following my heart.
So I thank you all, teachers, students, organisers, cooks,
The cat, the trees, the sheep for wool, and more trees for the books.
I wish you all the best and look forward to more meetings.
Such an enriching path to embark on, what good company I’m keeping.
But to be honest, the light bulbs in The Hall are a tad dim.
That’s the only critique I have, the rest was all “win win”.
And it’s all for the children. That means everybody’s winning!
One of the most inspiring weeks of my life and this journey’s just beginning.
Just like teasing felt from wool, it’s like working hard yet meditative chilling.
Employing all my faculties; thinking, feeling, willing.
I guess that means you’ve got me…
Right by the spirit, soul and body.

(ps Thanks Lynne for the Egyptian Spiced Tea
Like the rest of the week it went down ever so nicely.)





Tibetan Synchronicities in Barcelona?! (SynChronicles: part 2)

This is one of my favourite synchronous tales, auspicious moments or ‘lucky coincidences’. I have told it before, but not in detail. However recently I have been inspired to share the story privately more than I have ever so I am taking it as a sign that is time to share for the  sake of sharing.

I was in Barcelona busking with my friend the (world famous) hang player Daniel Waples and I met this lovely Russian girl in Parc Guell. (We didn’t chat for long before she left the Parc and she left Barcelona shortly after that but years later she’s still one of my friends.) Not long after she left she was on facebook and she sent me some photos of her time in Kathmandu. The night she sent me these photos was Daniel’s last night, we were staying in a hostel in the centre of Barcelona. I had deliberately let a plane leave without me already so I would be in Spain on my own and I wasn’t sure what my path would be, this made me emotional. Kathmandu – that will be important later.

Most of the photos were of Buddhist monks in a temple in the Himalayas. They were stunning photos, photos of young children in Buddhist robes, amazing landscapes, and the charming smiles of Tibetan monks. And I felt homesick even though I’ve never been there (at least not in this lifetime.) I felt homesick for the Himalayas and the vibe of a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. Even though I had never been to one. I know what you may be thinking, I thought the same. I thought what if this is just the ego of a hippy westerner, wishing he had lived a lifetime in Tibet? People always have previous lives as Cleopatra or Napolean or Shakespseare – they were never just a plumber, or a farmer, or a sewage worker, right? I have always valued spirituality more than superficiality, I had always valued freedom and integrity more than money. Perhaps this was from a thread beyond lifetimes? But perhaps the emotions I had endured from being a spiritual man in a material world had just made me wish I had previous lifetimes in Tibet. I had already experienced many synchronicities, or lucky coincidences, that pointed at a spiritual path – meeting KRS-One in Stonehenge, picking Bringers of the Dawn off a shelf in a friends van only to find Happy Birthday Kev written in the front, and lots more but what if these were just my ego as well?

So that night I begged the universe for a sign. And the next day I would get one.

As I went to sleep with these questions, and intense emotions, I begged the universe to give me a sign. In a way I got two. Both were inconclusive in as much that any sign from the universe is going to be subjective and the first was more vague and psychological but the second was such a ridiculously lucky coincidence it’s hard to deny that if you’re looking for signs it qualifies.

The first ‘sign’ was the dreams I had that night. Yes there Tibetan monks and that was probably psychological based on what I was looking at before I went to bed. But also African tribes, Australian Aborignals, particularly vivid memories of Tuareg or Bereber tribes in blue robes riding horses and camels. But nothing

When I woke up Daniel was gone. I felt emotional blessed by the dreams but still inconclusive. Was that my ego again?  

I walked out of the hostel room and down the stairs. and on the stairs in front of me was a Tibetan monk an a little Indian looking dude. Yes, really.

So I get to the bottom of the stairs with this Monk and his friend walking in front of me and at the foyer and the monk and his friend have stopped. I wanted to talk to them but what would I say? I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of the guy who worked at the hostel foyer after being so professional when me and Daniel booked in. Then I suddenly remember the book the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, and it’s advice to follow synchronicities, not to let them pass. I realise I have to follow the synchro flow.

So I ask the monk a question, I tap him on the shoulder and I tell him about the photos and the night before. I almost remember my exact words, something like, “hi, sorry to disturb you. But I had an experience last night you may be able to help me with. I have had lots of ‘spiritual’ experiences and synchronicities over the years, and I was looking at photos of a monastery in Kathmandu last and started feeling almost homesick even though I’ve never been. So I asked the universe for a sign, And this morning here you are.

and and he replies ” I am a Lama, {Thubten Wangchen} I run the Tibet centre in Barcelona and I am here to visit my friend from Kathmandu…..

So since that moment I am pretty satisfyingly convinced that I have a destiny and a path linked with Tibetan Buddhism.

Beyond that I went to visit the Tibet Centre, Fundació Casa del Tibet, Tibet House, Barcelona, later that day. They had a sand mandala there that was so beautiful I nearly cried. And they had a room dedicated to the dalai lama and the missing child lama the Chinese kidnapped that held such emotion and reverce that it did make me cry. Which I would not have experienced had I woken up 2 minutes later or earlier, definitely not if I had left Spain when intended, and I may not have spoken to the Monk if I wasn’t looking for answers. Incidentally I also caught a white feather as it fell from the sky that day, I didn’t even have to break my step.

 fam 7

KP Kev the Poet and Lama Thubten Wangchen (in a hostel in Barcelona.)

I’m actually not sure it’s finished, I think I have to add another paragraph or two about the bigger picture as far as the nature of reality and the nature reincarnation are concerned and a sentence or two about synchronicities I’ve had since.

On the nature of reality and reincarnation. If time is an illusion and consciousness is infinite maybe we are all everything and we’ve all been everyone so reincarnation is a limiting belief system based on seeing time as a finite line rather than an infinit cycle (or spiral even, as the cycle always changes?) So maybe reincarnation is in some ways irrelevant! That perspective helps to remove ego from the observations, but perhaps we make certain links in order to bring attention to certain aspects of our lives, maybe in my case it was just to help me find a context for my prioritising of wisdom and compassion in a world that seems not to value these things sometimes. Maybe it is just nice to have a link to a culture that appears to share my natural priorities. But it is also important to realise that it is still subjective, maybe it’s just a luckier coincidence than most. Only I can decide what it means to me. Which is the case for every experience ever. “Just don’t be distracted by the what ifs, should have and if only’s. The one thing you choose yourself, that is the truth of your universe” Kamina, Gurren Lagann.

Also incidentally one of the most potent teachings I have come across I discovered before this experience. This teaching avoids religious and even spiritual phrases but discusses merely the nature of the mind and teaches ways to retrain the nature of the mind. I discovered it maybe 3 years before this experience yet after years of not claiming (nor denying) any spiritual or religious links it has recently (about 4 years after this experience I had in Barcelona in winter 2010) been revealed that the head teacher of this training is recognised as a Rimpoche by Dzogchen path of Tibetan buddhists. I am not qualified and I do not believe I am permitted to recommend them but I will say this, the teaching to simply stop thinking for short moments many times until that becomes continuous has been very helpful for me. I’m not permitted to share because I have not signed up 100% but I will also add that is mainly due to my social awkwardness, fear of groups and organisations than anything inherent to this group or organisation. But as I say, one of the best teachings I have come across, and it also has links to Tibetan Buddhism and the Dzogchen path has always been the aspect that I have been most aligned with naturally (the first book I read on Buddhism aged 18 was the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rimpoche.)

thubten wangchen



Help me Help You – an open letter (or why you should book KP Kev the Poet for gigs and workshops)

Reasons why you should click this link for an epic song

and a comprehensive list of reasons why you should listen to the rest of my soundcloud, book me for gigs and workshops and/or buy albums from my Bandcamp page…

KP Kev the Poet – A rapper, poet, singer and teacher.

A rapper, poet, and singer performing mainly spoken word, Hip-Hop, rap and reggae but also recording soul and MCing to Dub and Jungle. Also an accomplished and amusing compere MC.

He is an ordained bard of a Druid Order that organises events at Stonehenge and his influences include Taoism, Druidry, Theology, political activism, Buddhism and the Bristol free-party scene.

He is known in the UK festival scene and the free-party scene for comedy with social commentary and can be seen reciting cosmic poetry in Stonehenge and at acoustic events as well as ranting over breakcore, breaks, dub, dubstep and jungle at nightclubs and free-parties. One of the most eclectic MCs you are ever likely to hear, philosophical and funny with it.

Also a workshop facilitator, play-write, teaching assistant and copy-writer. An English Literature and Philosophy graduate who possesses experience in stage performance, events promotion.


Has had music played on the radio (Bristol’s Passion FM and Ujima.FM)

Recently hosted the ‘Happy Daze’ stage (The Okay Corral Courthouse) at Boomtown festival 2014 (as Kapes and Jakus with DJ Jakus Lakus playing Hip-Hop and Dub [he also mixes Jungle but we weren’t allowed] we smashed it), also supported Zion Train and Gaudi (December 2013 – yes, big tings) and Congo Natty (January 2014 – big tings indeed.)



Performance / Promotion Experience (abridged version)

Events Promotion and Poetry Performer: Mr Wolf’s, Café Delight, The Cube, the Arc Bar, E-Shed, Trinity Arts Centre, Keele Student’s Union, St James’ Church and others. (2001 – present)

Glastonbury Festival: Compere / Stage host / MC / performer: 2011

BUMP Roller Disco: Host / performer (2010) also BUMP Rollerdisco host at various festivals including Shambala and Boomtown Festival in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Further Youth-Work Experience

Cambridge YMCA: Conducted Hip-Hop, poetry and songwriting workshops with young people, assisted with song recording and production workshops (August 2014)

St Pauls park Bristol: Volunteer Basketball coach Volunteered to teach children basic basketball skills and rules on weekends in Bristol 2013

Glastonbury Festival: Poetry Workshop coordinator, taught an all-ages poetry workshop 2011

Magical Theatre (One World Festival): Workshop assistant. I was helping to conduct creative writing and drama workshops with children  aged 4 – 12 at the One World Festival. (August 2005)

Enfield Grammar School: Teaching Assistant. Assisting the English department at Enfield Grammar School for boys. (May 2005)

The Basement Studio: Volunteer music studio assistant at Basement Studios. The Basement Studio is a Bristol-wide youth work and music charity for 13-19 year olds, targeting those who find it difficult to access music resources, equipment and support. They offer free live music, music technology, vocal and DJ/MCing with experienced music tutors and gear via twice-weekly open access sessions, plus free music technology or radio courses. (October  2006 – 2007)

Work Experience

Steiner School Kindergarten Teaching Assistant: Teaching Assistant at the Kindergarten Bristol Steiner School from October 2012, I have been on the covers list ever since (2012 – Present)

Ethical: Tele-Fundraising for charity (mainly RSPB) (2010)

Workshop Coordinator for Fairfield High-School: Running poetry/lyric writing workshops with students varying in age from 11 to 15. Every student completed a poem or verse, and there was positive feedback from both the students and staff.  (October 2008)

After School Club / Day Club (Child Support Worker): Part-time support worker helping to supervise children at an after-school club at a primary school in Bristol and during the day in holiday times. (September 2007 – 2008)


CRB police check as of October (2012)

The University of Keele, Staffordshire: (1999 – 2002): BA Hons: English Literature and Philosophy


Skills and Experience Gained

I continuously have to put the children first at the steiner school to meet their needs. I have had to multi-task to read books to kids who want books read to them while assisting with supervising children who are playing elsewhere in the room.

I have been an events promoter for years and often have to organise DJs, performers, stage manages and or venue owners to achieve the goal of a fun and profitable event.

When I promote events I often have both acoustic musicians as well as DJs. My poetry performances also reflect my diverse influences. The children we work with at the steiner school come from very diverse backgrounds geographically and culturally.

In December 2013 I organised a one of a kind event with DJs and musicians and healers in a Church.  We had acoustic musicians, a dub DJ and a Jungle DJ playing in a Church with healers providing complementary therapy and massage for discounted price and I only charged £5 entry.

In August 2014 I organised and promoted an acousti event in a Yoga Centre in Bristol near St Nicks Market (Breathe Bristol)

Examples of work online


Kev the Poet’s Youtube page

The SynchroFlowShow – youtube



The SynchroFlow TV Show

An alternative reality TV show, and a musical. Showcasing consciousness evolution via UK Hip-Hop, poetry and beatboxing with vocal harmonies, discussing synchronicity.

Featuring Rodney P and Skitz, Dub FX, Kate Tempest, Buggsy, Chester P of Taskforce, The Boxettes, MC Xander, Terence Mckenna and KP Kev the Poet.

The Band

The Synchromystic Acoustics

Operation: Bless Everyt’ing facebook group

events and information network




Kev the Poet – Reference by Leah Marks, Arts Administrator, Fairfield High School

Kev came to Fairfield for a day to run a packed schedule of poetry/lyric writing workshops with students varying in age from 11 to 15. The workshops were creatively designed to a specific brief, and a combination of his friendly, approachable personality and undoubtable talent made for a very successful day. He differentiated the workshops beautifully, providing individual support for the younger students and his modern performance and presentation style made it easy for the older students to identify with him.

Every student attending completed a piece of work, and there was extremely positive and enthusiastic feedback from both the students and the staff who observed him in action.

Leah Marks

Former Arts Administrator


In short I try to inform, inspire and entertain people with lyrics and when I’m not doing that I like to teach children how to do the same. Your life will be better click this link for an epic song

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Help me help you 😉

Summer Bars (for a possible D-Red collabo)

The seasons got me fiendin for cuddles on summer evenings

Reminiscing… of river skinny dipping. Breathe in

the summer air… banging drum without a care

in the world, but a little free time and a lotta love to share

Radiate your light, I’m high off your rays, basking in your shadow

Blatantly alright, feeling mighty brave, not parrow.


{middle section [might delete it]}

Vitamin D can be synthesized in adequate amounts

when exposed to sunlight… …Sungaze for that Gummi Bear bounce.

Sunshine affects the brain via the interaction

of melatonin and serotonin, time for some action.

When sunlight hits eyes, optic nerves send a message

to the gland in the brain that produces melatonin,

is that bio-chemically gifted, or spiritually blessed?

Philosophical but rhetorical – I just like to throw them in.

Melanin serves as a natural defense against

UV rays, you’ll see Kapes in summer ciphers with rookies and veterans


{I may delete the middle section that gets technical}

The most natural way to get vitamin D’s exposing your bare skin

to sunlight, but eventually the science bit wears thin.

Beyond the science is a feelin, and when it’s missing I’m fiendin

when you’re gone, nights are colder without you here for heating,

It’s like I get high off your vibe, wish I didn’t know you were leaving

But you’ll be back again for healing, illuminating and revealing

Nights are longer, everything and one looks more appealing.

I want the sun for basketball, barbecues, free parties – and all the fun between them.

BARS – old lyrics, new songs – some of these verses were written as far back as 2012 I think but

Dat Flex! (Batuque Riddim) Lyrics

Indigo Generation, 3rd Eyes Open
Rainbow Warriors, Crystal Children, long heartbroken

Shambhala Warriors
Bringers of the Dawn
Living the power of now learning the teachings of Don Juan

Blessing food, blessing water, releasing attachment to property
Living Gurren Lagann, Bleach, Star-Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Celestine Prophecy!

An awakened generation’s always been in the plan
Respecting menstruation and the pineal gland

Accepting subtle energies cultivating negative ions
For positive vibes like lambs playing with lions

A generation of messiahs Cotching with Mary magdalene’s, ravers and tax collectors
Kicking over tables in temples – that’s for the debtors

Honestly… actively manifesting prophecy
Accidentally activating crystal grids even on military property

(Just watch a little ‘Spirit Science’, re-watch ‘What the Bleep’ 😉 …ain’t nuffin stopping me, you’ll be like “What the BLEEEEP”! )

Yeah, even when my soul needed resuscitation
I’m still organising Worldwide synchronised meditations

Yeah, even at Festivals between sleeping and raving
I’m still taking part in worldwide synchronised meditations

Indigo generation neo-shaman or mad man?
Maybe all of the above but maybe I’m just a bad man!

Indigo generation neo-shaman or mad man?
Maybe all of the above but you can call me a bad man

Yes yes! Indeed it’s dat flex, seen?
Yes, It’s dat blessed, seen?
Yes, it’s dat next G! X3

Yes yes! Indeed it’s dat flex, seen?
Yes, It’s dat blessed, seen?
Yes, It’s dat sexy! X2

Soon as you open the gate and show me the stage! Explode on the
Dancefloor… like a supernova of rave

I’m not like fifty cent, more like fifty sentimental
Samurais – wielding teary eyed n sniffly pens n pencils

Yes, I been a mess, who hasn’t been distressed?
But I slowed down my breathing, then seen life like scenes in Limitless

Seen love and abundance and shine from the divine
Dodged Babylons bureaucracy… in bullet time

Yeah it’s true, I sometimes kiss rose bushesrw as I walk on by
I guess I’m just that kinda debineer don kinda guy

Feeling kinda fly, went from being kinda shy, a cute Yout, to being wild
On stage and seeing my face on telly n YouTube – big smile beaming wide!

….Now I’m feeling mighty, shining with my beaming tribe
Thugs dealing wit healing… instead of dealing White

Now Cos I’m being silly n being wise they’re feeling me, LITERALLY feeling me…Instead of asking me if I’m feeling alright 😉

Yes yes! Indeed it’s dat flex, seen?
Yes, It’s dat blessed, seen?
Yes, it’s dat next G! X3

Yes yes! Indeed it’s dat flex, seen?
Yes, It’s dat blessed, seen?
Yes, It’s dat sexy! X2

Nod to the beat… wind to the baseline
Whether pacifist or activist on frontline at crunch time

Feed me Dem treats at lunch time From MPCs
To mp3s, wavs from Reason and logic,
yes, Dem heavy beats

Bring your bubble blower to the protest, doubt there’s any brief
Autonomous revolutions defending streets, please defend with peace

Now plenty of YOU peeps see movements in Facebook newsfeeds…
And on YouTube, but doesn’t seem the mainstream news needs

To tell you what I can and Max Keiser can
Economic Revolution – that’s why Mum’s gone to Iceland

My mum’s NEVER gone to Iceland, still the truth he spits
What do we really know about protests in Turkey or Egypt?

What do we really know about Muammar Gaddafi?
Rolling dolo with the top down, him and his people looking happy?

What do we know? Distracted by paparazzi from the Bush dynasty Nazi
What do we know of who was guilty… or patsy?

I know NOTHING. I don’t know who to trust so I just trust
My heart to keep me safe – that’s why I’m looking non-plussed

Trying to be an agent of good karma, but it’s subjective
If I’m just. But I’m love. That’s just MY perspective

Cos I can’t express how much I feel or care
For those who aren’t even there… to hear me share

I don’t need Newtonian physics, I feel you’re there
Whispering from quantum “trusting your heart will lead you here…”

Yes yes! Indeed it’s dat flex, seen?
Yes, It’s dat blessed, seen?
Yes, it’s dat next G. X3

Yes yes! Indeed it’s dat flex, seen?
Yes, It’s dat blessed seen
Yes, It’s dat sexy! X2

Backseat Writing / Riding Lyrics
KP Kev the Poet



Following Share Activity


Verify lyrics


Martin had a dream
Martin had a dream

Kendrick had a dream, KP have a dream!

[Verse 1/hook]
Most my life I shunned money n power
Now I get both, get mine n spit meteor showers!

Half my crew are ravers high as the Eiffel Tower
The other half r healers who fast 24 hours! Some are like…

“damn that feels amazin!” …Fam I think racin. They want
Wholesome fun.. Reiki n Indian head-massage… n Some are like…

“Damn that feels amazin!” …Fam
I think im racin
They want naughty fun,…MDMA n… A massage from a bassbin!’

Some times I’m with the goddess, chanting n chanting
Sometimes I’m with the Goddess watching dirty dancing

Sometimes I’m with the goddess, flicking through net-flicks
Sometimes I’m with the goddess, kissing her best bits

Some are like.. …”damn that feels amazin!”… KeV, so what you saying? Innocent or naughty?
…foot rub then just playing?

Some are like… …”Damn that feels amazin,”… KeV so what you saying, innocent or naughty
…sub dub n ravin!

Goddesses not bitches
Goddesses, not bitches
Goddesses, cos I don’t want bitches for friends, girlfriends or mistresses!

Most my life I shunned money and power
Now I get both, n get mine N spit meteor showers..

Half my crew are ravers high as the Eiffel Tower
The other half r healers who fast 24 hours!

Goddesses, not bitches (okay!)
Goddesses, not bitches (okay!)
Goddesses help me pick wifey outta these potential mistresses!

Goddesses, not bitches (okay!)
Goddesses, not bitches (okay!)
Goddesses provide me platonic cuddle-puddles n kisses, yes!

Most my life I shunned money and power
Now I get both, n get mine N spit meteor showers..

I’m like a cat. Half the time I’m chillin, cotch mode, divine
The other half? Transform! Ninjas it’s GO TIME!

Oh my! It’s da Undertaker vs Kane and da Big Show time!
It’s give da back seat beat a tag on it’s toe time! Let da flow shine

It’s go in and go deep after taking it slow time
Like I’m taking the beat from behind and da backseat’s so fine!

Everything’s divine but I’m SO divine, with an open mind and a flow to rhyme
Make rap fans happy as a wino in summer sucking frozen wine

I live every day like my last, or at least like Michael Jordan, not old – in his prime
In a play-off game, on the free-throw line with his moms watching in over-time. I’m amazing

Damn I rhyme amazin! …man my mind is racin
But my third eye view’s a birds eye view. Dat’s da kinda man ya facin…

A man who flows, meditates n goes ravin with his mates n
Has strange dreams of living sustainably with acres of trees n surplus papes friend

…and has strange dreams of living sustainably with acres of trees n surplus papes friends…

Martin had a dream
Martin had a dream
Kendrick had a dream, KP have a dream!

More power to the positive people
More money for the generous people
More love for the lovely people
Yeah, KP has a dream…

But Craig reminds me more money for the greedy people too
So more love for the haters cos it’s unconditional….

…yeah KP has a dream…

Spring Water (Stream of Consciousness) Lyrics
KP Kev the Poet



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Life’s a Holo-deck, I manifest the dopest days
Captain Kirk’s still mad at me, I broke his phaser

No weapons in space, huh, vibe with the nineties, hip-hop’s golden age
Cos I bump Das EFX, Illmatic and spit in golden ways

But I’ve been past 3030 like Deltron, now get warned
My mission ain’t over til disunity gets gone

And lying politicians get parred by the populace Yes – We care
Even though it’s not people We know… who get bombed

We took time to get strong, identified our spirit guides
Identified my path – i’m always where I’m meant to be

Successfully engaged in the right action. Following passion
For the benefit of all – making mother Earth heavenly

Manifest destiny, even when times are testing me
Passing the tests, pass to the left, spirit guides still defending me

Elder Druids sending the indigo generation on Quests to see
The Rainbow Tribe under the star Sirius ever blessing me

Spring Water stream of consciousness
Oh my golly gosh it’s blessed
x 4


…No really listen, When I’m spitting
I’m not just spitting… I’m really on a mission

To spread love and wisdom to everybody Thugs, politicians, pacifists chill with the militant
Jews rave with Palestinians, !

Bored of rappers, try to shock me, chat bout something different…
But cussing boring rappers ain’t original either

Real MCs Slaughter rappers, every tracks gettin a lickin…
Who needs jewellery to bling? I’m a diamond geezer!

I’m not cool… I’m a rhyming freezer
Mystic poet, healing herbs, mint, nettle, neem, indica, sativa

Ill make you a believer like Big Pun, no player either
A gentleman, a nice guy, a flirt – Punani teaser

Spit like a volcano, stop flights round the globe worldwide
Meditating or spittin – i change the whole world’s vibe

Hotter than chopping firewood topless to heat a goddess
Til she Rides you like a unicorn bareback across this forest

Spring Water stream of consciousness
Oh my golly gosh it’s blessed x 4


MacBook on my lap, I push the control button… Like Kendrick
No it wasn’t, liars get it, I respond like Papoose or Joe Budden…

Let’s have all these wack rapper CLONES runnin…
Like… “hmmm… That droid control ship is sooo coming”

Whose the lyrical death-star AND holy Grail
Nah, the holy grail’s the mooncup homie, bail

If that’s too much. I’m not trying to be some Jay-Z
I dont need Jay-Z money to get a Beyonce – see?

But a Goddess don’t need me to put a ring on it
She puts rings on MY fingers more than just to see more bling on it

She’s an independent woman… that’s Destiny’s Child
She runs with wolves and runs with me being wild…

….And I’m being wise…. Investing in my future..
…seeing nice but dim men fleeing wives

Who weren’t ever nothing But gold diggers… Digging it out
When yer money run out? Well go figure… (it out.)

Yeah I love a beautiful body, but fprefer beautiful human
Once a shy nerd, now surrounded by… beautiful women

Must be doing something right, without a doubt, just ride it out
Cos me and my female friends are beautiful… inside and out

95 Til Infinity KP Kev the Poet Remix Lyrics
KP Kev the Poet



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I’m not a mobster, I’m the nice guy… but watch the

Pixie spit the truth and rock da mic like a MONSTER!

I’d tell you bout my flow, you already know, speaks for itself

I’m seeking health, yeah, I’ll hug a tree and speak with elves

I’ve done it for heart and spirit that’s still the path but I’m seeking da wealth

But not before the love and chi and feeling well, pause…

Cos breathing helps, my skill with transmutation makes your confrontation

Masturbation cos you’re only beating yourself

Like heat seeking stealth missiles I’m blowing up like tissues

I help Hip-Hop grow up and stop seeking issues

We’ve all got ‘isms, ‘noias and ‘enias though

We’re all perfect even though I’m not feelin ya flow

“I’ve already made it…” like Dub FX

I love this game loves me like the sane love the sex

I won’t get troubled or vex, yo you can double your bets

KPs a Gemini, so he’s a couple of vets

Go In and Go Hard / Lockheed

(the moon-roof in Bordeaux)

95 Til Infinity Time, we in disguise behind enemy lines
Women with no identity signs, can’t get my lines
I used to give af kyou could find…


Lovin it

Sober days, I know the haze of silver and purple

But now I’ve got the energy and will to quickly hurdle

Over challenges, leave end of level bosses wearing bandages

Psychics monitoring shout out “HOW DOES HE HANDLE THIS?!”

Nothing can stop me now, I’m the hot heat, wow!

I’m the Lockheed BLAOW! …pacifist activist!

Staring at the moon through the moon roof on the way to Bordeaux

A decade ago I was already over your flow

Like a pure yogi baba I’m just chillin til I’m Loch Ness spittin

Attractin abundance, pockets fillin’

They’re feelin this hot ish in Sirius cos I stand in my purpose

I walk my path cos anything less is worthless

Best friends on planet Earth best… raps in the universe

I’m a wizard, not a warlock, I wouldn’t know who to curse

But I know who to bless, everyone and everyt’ing

It doesn’t come from me, it’s true, the sun is the King

Heavenly father but Earth’s the mother, that’s what provides

I just still my mind so I can feel their vibes!

Galactic Central sends me updates and upgrades

Ever since I was a kid I could never trust fakes!

True hallucinations, True Romance, na, not Rome

Not the Vatican, no need to battle ’em, too advanced

That foods full of chemicals, we’re not usin’ yer drugs

And extra-terrestrials are switching off your nuclear subs!

(if you think I’m crazy Google every word I say G, I make sure I do my research so those fools can never play me)



Y’all know about me, I’ll flow about three rhymes

At the same time – I’m flowing quite deep

Two modes sleep – or explode he may not seem lively

Most likely just preparing to explode on mic’s, see?

Satisfied indeed I rap and host my own show

“stay humble, don’t boast”, showing of my own flow

I rest attachment but don’t rest on my laurels

I reserve judgement but don’t press on my morals

He probably won’t stop even after he’s got the

Field of hemp for a healthy body and a sexy hotty

Love’s all I quested to find but let’s manifest a field

Of Jah bless the mind, now that’s dope press rewind!

Chorus ?

Don’t you ever, ever try to tell me what to do

You’ll make a monster out of me, I’ll make a monkey out of you

Don’t you ever, ever try to tell me what to do

You can yadder yadder chat ’bout while I yabba dabba do!

When it comes to spreading one love you won’t find a phatter crew

One love to the heart chakra, vein, artery and clavicle

When it comes to spreading good vibes you won’t find a madder few

You can yadder yadder chat ’bout while I yabba dabba do!