How and Why “Conscious” Festivals Need to Change

Originally posted on LVX:
Wouldn’t it be great to have a lifestyle where you didn’t have to bounce between “making a living” and enjoying your favorite festivals? Then I have a proposition for you all. Now, before you get your fuzzy, pink glitterboots in a dusty uproar, rest assured that I’m not just going to bash…

The Illusions Time and Money (Consensus Reality) plus Various Prose (collated from this months facecrack posts…)

  There is no such thing as money. Tell that to your landlord.There is no such thing as time. Tell that to the person waiting in the car spending their money on petrol. So-called universal truths are also called ‘handy excuses for hippies’. We live in a consensus reality. David Wilcock says the biggest secret […]

The Hawkwood Hustle (Ode to Group 17)

    I learned so much about Steiner, and myself – it’s worth reflecting.Extremely inspiring, people admiring, I wasn’t expecting to become addicted to feltingOr to share songs and hear harmonies that had my heart meltingI wasn’t expecting to be good at feltingEncouraged, soul nourished, all eagerly helping.Penelope Wildgoose, what an inspiration,We dropped our inhibitions […]

Tibetan Synchronicities in Barcelona?! (SynChronicles: part 2)

This is one of my favourite synchronous tales, auspicious moments or ‘lucky coincidences’. I have told it before, but not in detail. However recently I have been inspired to share the story privately more than I have ever so I am taking it as a sign that is time to share for the  sake of […]

Help me Help You – an open letter (or why you should book KP Kev the Poet for gigs and workshops)

Reasons why you should click this link for an epic song and a comprehensive list of reasons why you should listen to the rest of my soundcloud, book me for gigs and workshops and/or buy albums from my Bandcamp page… KP Kev the Poet – A rapper, poet, singer and teacher. A rapper, poet, […]

Summer Bars (for a possible D-Red collabo)

The seasons got me fiendin for cuddles on summer evenings Reminiscing… of river skinny dipping. Breathe in the summer air… banging drum without a care in the world, but a little free time and a lotta love to share Radiate your light, I’m high off your rays, basking in your shadow Blatantly alright, feeling mighty […]

BARS – old lyrics, new songs – some of these verses were written as far back as 2012 I think but

Dat Flex! (Batuque Riddim) Lyrics Indigo Generation, 3rd Eyes Open Rainbow Warriors, Crystal Children, long heartbroken Shambhala Warriors Bringers of the Dawn Living the power of now learning the teachings of Don Juan Blessing food, blessing water, releasing attachment to property Living Gurren Lagann, Bleach, Star-Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Celestine Prophecy! An awakened generation’s […]

More prose n poetry from the archives (2011)

poetry Start Day-Dreaming by Kevin El Poeta on Monday, 04 April 2011 at 15:27 I saw sustainable cities made of hemp pyramids, circles, and spirals, powered by over-unity generators, surrounded by communities of people who had given up on cities living in tipis, yurts and benders, both the cities and communities inhabited by people who […]

Bad Movie (plus the epilogue ‘last minute script changes – the positive timeline’)

Prologue: Bristol Credit Union The dude on customer service, Matt, at Bristol Credit Union somehow talked me into singing the Pigeon Street theme (or at least as much as I could remember.) Sometimes me and him talk about sacred geometry, sometimes we talk about the New World Order, but only after he gives me my […]

A MFing rant! Conspiracy Facts, Conspiracy Theories and Depression.

I once wrote “too good for this planet, too much pride for suicide, but running out of patience, who’ll ride by my side. We’re all on the same side, I’m gon make you believe me, now I finally realised I gotta make it look easy.” From ‘T3RRO1ST THREATS’ UK Indigo Remix by KP Kev the […]