Happy New Year

Happy New Year.
2014 had it’s tests. Oh yes it had it’s tests, but it had it’s high points and I bet you can guess, it’s still standad procedure – everyt’ing bless! Rest before the test, rest during the test, or as I think Craig said “rest as the test”. Even Bruce Lee was known to attest that when we’re relaxed we work the best.
I got real with reality and closer to my family, Pleaidians and Sirians, yeah, THEY can channel ME. I got real with reality and closer to my family so can it be that I give thanks for getting depressed? Yes!

Yeah, 2014 had hilarity and tragedy. It was a challenging and rewarding year. I give thanks for the challenges. But I also give thanks to the lovely people who helped provide happy times to get through the challenges. To name a few, the Happy Daze crew and the Happy Daze Ravers Guide to the Galaxy, the 12:34 crew and the Congo Natty Event and the Kenny Ken event (big up the Falmouth massive), the HAppy Daze crew and Boomtow crew for Boomtown shenanigans, Dub Revolution for the Dub Revolution German tour with Plug Dub and Plug Wizards and the Dub Station and all the German crew, espeically Sista Sherin, Senor C and Toni Wiese (little do they know they were the beginning of me crawling out of my hole of depression and back on to stages), The Poet Tree Alliance Crew for the Milton Keynes links and fun, the Balanced View crew for thetrainings, wisdomm and friendship, and for revealing the basic nature of inteligence and the nature of the mind,  the Steiner training group, all my teachers and Group 17, and for those that supported me during my winter rebirth – The Zu Studios crew in Lewes, the PAssing Clouds crew in London particularly Ashearon and Gita, Dorothy Watkins and the Duende crew in Bristol and last but not least my Synchromystic family for synchronously and mystically linking me everywhere from Avebury on Summer Solstice to Winchester and Stonehenge on Winter Solstice and various unlikely jams and unexpected meetings and unplanned rehearsals inbetween 🙂

Happy New Year.

Hm, not really capable of leaving it there. Well I am but that’s not my preference. It’s been a testing year and a rewarding year, one of the most testing ando ne of the most rewarding. So expect a philosophical and emotional essay which I will edit and/or deete dependng on how anxious and self conscious I feel later 🙂
It seems this year in particular this little incarnation of infinity, this little peephole out of open intelligence, was really facing the things a mirror that was reflecting darkness that had been avoided or replaced for years.  IT thought it was an “I” and this I hated hypocrisy. But this I had been preaching forgiveness, but it’s hard, if not impossible, to forgive someone that does not want to be forgiven. The illusion of “I” could not practice what it preached. The illusion of “I” began to hate itself. Again. There is no “I”. Just a massive web of infinite consciousness, maybe occasionally, simultaneously looking out of two eyes, or maybe three. Or maybe 7 billion “I”s and sets of eyes, but that doesn’t count the trees. Meh.
The truth is that we’re all massive hypocrites, and I exalt that, how can we not be with our super-multidimensional selves, we’re always going to have aspects of our personalities that disagree with our habits, our ever shifting preferences are always going to be at odds with our ever changing emotions, our desires do not always align with our morals, as long as we cling to this illusion of an I that doesn’t change. So we can paradoxically exalt and salute our hypocrisy in acknowledgement that it is an expression of how infinite and complex we all are. While at the same time those of us who share a hatred of fakeness can salute our integrity and honour, just don’t get attached to it cos its an imaginary rug waiting to get pulled.
Okay, this is where it gets personal. The illusion of the I spent ten years avoiding and replacing situations that made me depressed and anxious. That list grew, from my family to London to anywhere I couldn’t be lean. Really. Despite all my hippy spiritual stuff and thoughts of tolerance it was easy when I was surrounded y hippies or activists and just about anyone else made me angry. You were either as over-sensitive as I am or a ****. I hated most people for not being sensitive about the world we live in and most people in mainstream society **** me the **** off, I couldn’t live with them and I couldn’t work with them without getting upset or full-blown depressed.

Do I think I’m wrong for that? No. Our taxes get spent on bombing children to make money for global corporations that avoid paying taxes while most people care more about celebrity than dying children. But They’re not wrong for feeling that way either, who am I to tell people what to care about and who am I helping if I’m crippled by depression or hatred because people disagree with, or can’t even see my point of view? Nobody’s wrong, we’re all trying to be of benefit with the data we have, I just have different data.
Eventually my avoiding and replacing didn’t work anymore, The illusion of the I didn’t want to live in squats anymore, the illusion of the I had to pay rent, the illusion of the I hated most jobs cos most people who are neither activists nor hippies will probably challenge my beliefs but this little incarnation of infinity has decided this year to face those challenges, leave the 4:20 all day every day life behind, live with family and train to be a Steiner school teacher.
The independent and rebellious side is really reluctant to give credit where it’s due mainly due to a fear and hatred of most organisations and/or groups (and because I have to humble myself for dropping out of the teaching in 2007 and slowly re-intergrating into the community particularly when my depression came back at the start of 2014.) But I would not be where I am today, and I mean literally I probably would not be in London training to be a Steiner school teacher, if the Balanced View training had not helped me live with depression and face my fears. It’s the most practical teaching I’ve come across and the most useful organisation / or group I’ve been a part of and they’re all lovely.
2014 you appeared to be a rollercoaster of epic highs and  tragiclows but the universal consciousness it all appeared in remains the same – open source intelligence fully networked, steadily improving connections to the 7 bilion other humans whether digital or beyond.

And I have not forgotten, the epic highs and the epic people were EPIC! Thank you lovely people for the highs.

So, in short, thank you depression for helping to get real with reality. Thank you hypocrisy for helping to see how multidimensional we are. Thank you rebellion for showing me how the same lessons are learned on a seemingly unique path. Thank you 2014 for being a test.
But mainly thank you for the people. The people ho said wise things or loving things, the people who spoke from their hearts and not their ego, the people who live to be of benefit to all (that’s everybody), and the people who KNOW they live to be of benefit to all (that appears to be a growing number.) Thank you people.
But 2015 – I’d rather not have to learn those lessons again, rest before the test, rest during the test and rest as the test and maybe it won’t be so testing? Relax before you react?
May I learn to rest before the test in 2015. Relax before we react, and react as one. Relaxed but getting more work done.
So 2015, less deaths and more money would be great. But if it’s not the case I’ll just relax anyway, and get more work done. It’s just stuff that happens.
So thanks again people for helping me to get through a testing year. I don’t know if I’m less depressed now or less anxious now or just better at living with it. But this little incarnation of infinity, this little peephole outof open intelligence, is better at living with depression and anxiety, thank you all for helping life on planet Earth seem less constantly painful and reminding me that there is wisdom, beauty and love on this journey.
Wishing all of you all of the verybest for 2015, and may you all learn to live in joy with whatever it gives you.
Om lokah samasta sukino bhavantu.


TRUE AGE Part 2 – neither ‘New Age’ nor ‘Old Science’ #trueage

TRUE AGE Part 2 – neither ‘New Age’ nor ‘Old Science’ 


There’s no need to micro-manage the natural unfolding of knowledge, data or information. Words are just labels and put things into boxes but there are more emotions than there are words to describe them and nothing has an independent nature.

However some people call any spiritual information New Age information but other people know that ‘New Age’ originally referred to a precise lineage of information from very particular and limited original sources (some of whom had questionable intentions and/or morals).

Some people are aware that quantum physics has blurred the line between science and spirituality however it does not, in my humble opinion, it does not prove that there is what the Abrahamic monotheistic religions would call a God.

Students and writers who are interested in spirituality and/or quantum physics who are not restricted by New Age dogma, nor the dogma of Newtonian physics, who are interested in facts and/or personal experience, may want to distance themselves from the term “New Age”. I have not yet decided if I would rather use the term True Age. These essays are not entirely an exercise in my ego trying to help define a new area of research, these essays are an exercise in working out whether or not that is a good idea.

See part 1 here -> PART 1

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I feel that the spiritual movement needs a new objective and open-minded focus as it has been quietly guided Theosophical dogma, Zechariah Sitchin, and channelled information (which could be true in some exceptional circumstances but in other circumstances ‘channelling’ could sometimes just be a way of egotistical people getting gullible people to listen to everything they say) all of which has been accused of being false to one degree or another with compelling evidence to support those allegations.

I have no problem with Theosophy in general and I have little issue with channelled information in general but to assume that they are always correct may be, and I am aware that my wording here is strong, assuming they are always correct may be foolish.

Zechariah Sitchin’s ‘translations’ of Sumerian texts are responsible for such things as the widespread beliefs that humans were genetically created by aliens to mine gold for the Annunaki and the belief that ‘Nibiru is coming to get us’. Those beliefs create an inferiority complex in people and create fear, both vibrations which serve no one but the power-elite who also believe that most of humanity is subordinate and use fear to control us. Unfortunately the fact that Sitchin has been accused by another scholar of at least mistranslating and quite possibly deliberately misleading people is still not yet common knowledge. More fervent conspiracy theorists have accused Sitchin of being a member of being a member of the ‘I’ word to maintain my credibility I won’t go into that – and just in case they’re real – to maintain my safety for now – I won’t go into that.

Suffice to say the New Age has had its positive manifestations in my eyes, a resurgence in Goddess worship, a resurgence in ancient wisdom and a re-prioritising of spiritual ideals. Indeed all of this is beneficial in the long run because everything is beneficial in the long run. But I mentioned the term New age on a forum recently and somebody just labelled the whole thing ‘Luciferian’ (ie Satanic. It’s not. Well some of it is, but most people who use the term New Age do not mean the original usage of the word which some would define as Luciferian.) Although that was clearly the emotional response of an all-or-nothing mind stuck in the duality of ‘good or bad’ I can see why someone would say such a thing.

Labels, names, data. Perhaps by trying to create the title ‘True Age’ to define pragmatic investigation of spiritual sciences and/or scientific spirituality I am just creating a new label, a new name, more data to be redefined and tarnished at a later date? Almost certainly, but I do what feels right and now it feels right to try. Humans tend to like their labels, when I stop thinking and relax it doesn’t really matter what label people put on my work, my writings or my investigations or who my work, writings and investigations are associated with.

Therefore I ex-communicate myself from the New Age, establishing a TRUE AGE, where belief will not be stated as fact and opinion will not be stated as truth, where the scientific method will be respected as a method to find truth but not necessarily trusted dogmatically to have always or infallibly found truth because reality is evidently ever-changing variables. If Sitchin turns out to be correct – fine, I will adjust my belief and/or knowledge, you can believe everything Sitchin says and still be part of the True Age but acknowledge that it is belief and opinion and neither fact nor truth, and you can only call yourself True Age if you have also looked at the evidence to the contrary as well. If you live in fear of Nibiru and yet have not questioned where that belief comes from perhaps there is a way to stop living in fear. If you are content with fear that is fine, if you know nothing of Sitchin or Nibiru that is fine, “there is no need to control the natural unfolding of knowledge or information.” I am merely inspired to provide another flow and/or conduit of information from pragmatic researchers such as Mark Passio, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Daniel Tatman and (arguably) David Wilcock and provide a platform for the Divine Masculine to find himself and worship the Goddess.

Essentially True Age is just another label, just more data in the stream. That’s fine, but the Tao that can be described in words is not the true tao. So maybe this is an exercise in pointlessness but it felt good to write it and maybe it will inspire some much needed dialogue.

Ignorance is Bliss part 1

Shakespeare said… ignorance is bliss,
now I’m blessed with the curse or cursed with the gift – I don’t wanna tell em this darkness exists.
Shakespeare said… ignorance is bliss,
now I’m blessed with the curse or cursed with the gift – I don’t wanna tell em this darkness exists.

Ask yourself “where are the kids?” They should be safe with Churches or Social Services,
Ask yourself why Jimmy Saville was friends Royalty and Conservatives.

Priests hide paedos, banks steal billions… they’ll see no jurors which is
ironic cos they’ll be quick to imprison teenage herbalists cos they burn a spliff.

Yeah I used to think too much about reasons to smoke too much or drink too much,
But luckily prefer clarity and honesty, sober when I write this so you can stay mad at me

while I’m relaxing with afflictive thoughts n emotions, a pressure cooker of data,
I’m straight chilling til I eloquently and articulately offend someone later…

These things happen every day, Am I enlightened if I’m not angry about it?
I take responsibility for myself, I wanna see with a third eye that’s not clouded.

What can I do right now is pull the wool from the eyes of the shrouded.
Tell me everything’s perfect? I tell you this darkness is perfect, then rewind this to remind you about it.

Shakespeare said… ignorance is bliss,
now I’m blessed with the curse or cursed with the gift – I don’t wanna tell em this darkness exists.
Shakespeare said… ignorance is bliss,
now I’m blessed with the curse or cursed with the gift – I don’t wanna tell em this darkness exists…

(Christmas gag order lasted until Boxing Day morning. I just can’t help myself sometimes.)

‘Low Fi, High Concept’ the EP by KP Kev the Poet

‘Low Fi, High Concept’ the EP


The EP is out Sunday, Winter Solstice! Kev riding his self produced acoustic loops with vocal harmonies, live piano, happi tongue drum, saxophone and beatbox, positive affirmations in complex rhyme schemes, building harmonies and epic concepts – I guarantee you have never heard anything like it. Including a Bobby McFerrin Inspired cover of Cruisin’ by D’Angelo!

‘Low Fi, High Concept’, the EP out Sunday 21st.



relaxed and empowered (in the face of anxiety, fear of judgment, death and baring my soul!)

Relaxed and empowered in the face of baring my soul this week with two musical releases, one memorial, and a gig. Scared? Yes. Anxious? You could call it that. You could also call it amped and excited. The memorial is marks a true tragedy, yet it will be a celebration of goddess and a light that shone bright but short and another that shone even shorter and a collection of inspired and loving beings, some of whom haven’t seen each other for a long time and no doubt some who have never met. I usually avoid these events, afraid that my unconventional views on death and reality will offend somebody, but i cant avoid or replace my fear of judgment or death forever and even if i could i choose not to. The first release is out, the ‘AWESOME’ mixtape to good feedback, but I’m also releasing a second project this week, the ‘Low Fi, High Concept’ EP. It’s an experimental conscious hip-hop EP made entirely of acoustic loops of vocal harmonies and live instruments, mainly piano, all played by me. I am not a professional producer, it is not ‘mastered’ but it is the rawest collection of pure creative expression I have ever compiled and for that I am grateful and very very excited. Fear of judgment again? Yeah, sure but experience has taught me that i am most effective, efficient and useful as the calm in the eye of the storm. Relaxed and empowered.

For this i give thanks to the Balanced View community which has shown me i have always had the tools  to relax with anxiety.

I’m proud and I’m rebellious and I’m not fond of organisations in general, it is not always easy for me to give credit where it is due so you know i must be really feeling grateful. 🙂

This week i have learned from direct experience to appreciate my life, l could have lost it, my freedom, i thought i lost a large chunk of it but got it back, and my mother, i lost it with her then got a reality check, if she doesn’t know or understand me it’s because I’ve been hiding who I am but she loves me regardless.

Its okay to be who we are. I’m anxious, I’m afraid of judgment, I’m a nerd, I’m a geek. I’m somehow also a rapper and a writer and apparently an inspiration. Its all i wanted to be but writing that still embarrasses me. Its okay.

So it looks like this winter we’re gonna have two very different KP releases, my EP of mainly self produced acoustic tracks but also a mixtape of me rhyming over banging hip-hop instrumentals I’ll give away for free. I settled on the name Low Fi, High Concept for the EP and the Mixtape is called AWESOME! The Multi-Dimensional Mixtape, the mixtape is multidimensional as the first half is Kev riding hip-hop instrumentals (3 of which turned out to be beats for members of the Black Hippy crew, unplanned but there ya go) and the second half is Kev riding a psy-dub mix. Yes it is. There are more than a few surprises on both though, I play with other genres and my lyrical content is mad as per usual.

As I said this is a prelude to the Low-Fi, High Concept EP (I’m releasing two projects this week), this Mixtape is more just fun over hip-hop instrumentals which I’m releasing for free but the EP is gonna be more acoustic Hip-Hop, more artsy with me playing live piano, saxophone, singing more and beatboxing.

Get familiar with the semi-conventional conscious Hip-Hop mix tape before i go all the way left field and release my bonkers EP on Sunday’s winter solstice – the mix tape is out already and available to download for FREE! The acoustic EP will only be available to stream for free but when you hear the relaxed and empowered complete creative freedom i hope it inspires the same in you.



‘AWESOME! Da Multi​-​Dimensional Mixtape’ by KP Kev the Poet

 AWESOME! Da Multi​-​Dimensional Mixtape
Kev riding 2014 Hip-Hop instrumentals, Cosmic Waffles Psy Dub Mix, going off on the monetary system, ‘smuggling buddhism’, being silly and a couple of off the scale surprises! and it’s FREE! ‘AWESOME – Da Multi-Dimensional MixTape’ out Wednesday 17th of December.

The EP ‘Low Fi, High Concept’ is out Sunday, Winter Solstice! Kev riding his self produced acoustic loops with live piano, happi tongue drum, saxophone and beatbox, positive affirmations in complex rhyme schemes, more harmonies and epic concepts – I guarantee you have never heard anything like it. ‘Low Fi, High Concept’, the EP out Sunday 21st.

TRUE AGE Part 1 – neither ‘New Age’ nor ‘Old Science’ #trueage

a meme is growing in the universal consciousness that cannot be co-opted. I am temporarily calling it the TRUE AGE and I came up with an acronym for it but it is a temporary autonomous thought-form and to shackle it with the definitions would limit it’s power for the sake of my ego.

There is a gap between the dogma of ‘old science’ and the dogma of ‘new age’, no, Theosophy isn’t quite there, Anthroposophy isn’t quite there either.

There is a gap between the dogma of ‘old science’ and the dogma of ‘new age’ which is a scientific evaluation of essentially ‘spiritual’ ideas that does not leap to conclusions as unrealistically reaching as ‘quantum science proves God’, it may prove there’s more to life than meets the old scientific eye but it does not prove that a bearded man, specifically a man, will punish me for not doing what I was told to do by books written by other men in his name. It may, MAY, prove that we’ll be punished if we think we’ll be punished though, but that is something different. It may prove that an energy binds us all together though, but that energy may not be sentient enough to have a gender or separate enough to be capable of jealousy, vanity or giving orders. But now my ego is getting involved in description.

What is he trying to say? The ‘New Age’ is not what it once was, weighed down by dogmas and followers. There are thinkers, writers and researchers that are not yet mainstream but may be in a decade. They are alternative, they are concerned with matters that may be considered spiritual but they would not call themselves New Age for various reasons, reasons I may discuss at a later date when I have discussed this idea with some of them. I expect few or none of them would want their area of research to be defined by title anyway.
True Age is a paradox, because the wise one knows that they know nothing, and the objective existence of truth is a philosophical debate. The scientific method is quite likely the most effective method to get to truth but it is not fool proof, the nature of reality is ever changing variables and the more we zoom in on the quantum or zoom out on the cosmic the more supposed laws and rules get disproven or re-written. Science, like religion and the new age is crawling out of the holes dug by it’s own dogmas and assumptions.
Some researchers take nothing for granted, assume that neither science is correct, nor accepted history are correct, however neither are the new dogmas of the new age necessarily true.
There is no need to filter the information, it’s just information, it’s all constantly being updated on both a personal level and a universal level.

All I am saying essentially is that alot of us who are more pragmatic than dogmatic would rather not be associated with the label ‘New Age’ or the dogmatic assumptions often associated with the term.

I can give one personal example. I do not believe that quantum physics proves that there is a God, not in the sense that it proves there is one sentient being that makes sentient decisions. That does not mean that I do not believe in God, it means that I do not see proof of God in my limited understanding of quantum physics. However I am not with the old-school scientists there either, I do definitely believe that quantu physics and numerous experiments in the power of intention (not just the double slit experiment but numerous tests with random number generators and such like) do appear to prove that there is more to reality than physical mechanics. This is one of the gaps between old school scientific dogma and new age dogma. And the truth is that it is inconclusive. Arrogance on either side would like to tell you how it is but from my perception all you have are concepts with no independent nature arguing over concepts with no independent nature over what to label various concepts with no independent nature and where to draw imaginary lines between objects with no independent nature like borders between countries which only exist as lines on a map enforced by check points only if and when humans believe in them. The same power of belief that allows people to live and die fighting over pieces of paper.

Scholars and students of the True Age, not the New Age, want truth, not dogma. Facts, not assumptions. And it’s a fact that truth is elusive, and facts are only truth until a new fact disproves it.

There is a gap between the dogma of ‘old science’ and the dogma of ‘new age’, from my perspective – the scientists at Hearthmath would know where I’m coming from, Lynne Mctaggart would get it. Thee are others but unless I can be bothered to list the scientific credentials with references there’s no point naming the names of the more ‘out there’ researchers who are not bogged down by dogma from either side.

The truth is we don’t know squat and I could give a long list of evidence that we know less than science thinks and even less than new age wafflers pretend to. And if it feels like enough people want to wade through the waters of the truth of the unknown I may elaborate further. Another day, essentialluy none of this matters. It’s floating about the universal consciousness, somebody else somewhere maybe thinking up another better name for the paradox between the scientific study of spirit rather than the dogmatic assumtions of the new age or the old science.

Until then I say merely this, I am not a New Age writer, researcher nor practitioner. I am a True Age researcher and writer, I practice nothing but self experimentation and I don’t know anything.

(To be continued…)