Revolution, Emmigration or Relaxation?

I dunno. Being angry doesn’t help. Knowing old people are getting their heating cut off while bankers get richer for screwing us over isn’t encouraging though. And we’ve still got it better here than they do in many of the countries that we screwed over to get wealth. Maybe we should just be grateful that weContinue reading “Revolution, Emmigration or Relaxation?”

Quantum Linking (Blessed but emotional)

Edited revised lyrics… What Dem t’inking? Got dem tinking,  we’re Not thinking, just Quantum linking. What Dem dealing? Seemingly healing,  not even healing, just quantum revealing —- With drum beats to knock out front teeth We send vibes so lovely, … like the blessings I received within one week I was offered to host anContinue reading “Quantum Linking (Blessed but emotional)”

your power’s infinite (working title)

He used to fear that they’d all question his ability to representHip-Hop – an over-sensitive man, calls himself a feminist. Cos mainstream Hip-Hop seems so superficial, masculine and venomousTo women. Laurel and Hardy ain’t seen such revoltin’ developments. I used to pick up peng from London’s most revolting tenementsLong before my brethren got Bristol bladderContinue reading “your power’s infinite (working title)”