Revolution, Emmigration or Relaxation?

I dunno. Being angry doesn’t help. Knowing old people are getting their heating cut off while bankers get richer for screwing us over isn’t encouraging though. And we’ve still got it better here than they do in many of the countries that we screwed over to get wealth. Maybe we should just be grateful that we ever had a welfare state. Is this just an expression of our desire to be of benefit? Maybe the bankers and the politicians are doing what’s best for their families, maybe most of you would do the same. Maybe. What I perceive to be injustice makes me angry, but that’s just what I perceive.

Am I supposed to acknowledge the perfection within the imperfection or am I supposed to chant down babylon? Am I supposed to sort my own stuff out before requesting other people to sort out theirs? Maybe I should remove the word ‘supposed’ from my vocabulary.

Are WE supposed to have a revolution? A political one, a social one, a psychological one? A bloody one? All of the above?
Some days I just wake up depressed and angry. Sometimes I’m angry with myself. Sometimes I’m angry at the world. Palestine is still occupied. It’s not in vogue to talk about Tibet anymore. No one cares about the thousands of disadvantaged kids who wake up in British housing estates to newspapers telling the they have no future and televisions that tell them if you’re not a celebrity you’re not important.
But maybe none of that matters. Maybe this is all part of ‘the game’, maybe “they’ve got to fulfill the book”. 

Some days I love humans. Jumping out of space shuttles with parachutes and space suits, building skate parks, planting trees, inventing drugs, painting things, writing raps, holding ceremonies, starting charities, making babies. 
Some days I am ashamed to call myself human, bankers, politics, pollution, STILL fighting wars in 2014? Come on. Like an adult tells a child to share… ask a bank to share! Ask a nation! 

Maybe I should quit trying to save a world that neither wants nor needs to be saved and tidy my goddamned room. Maybe I should remove the word ‘should’ from my vocabulary. Is this just an expression of our desire to be of benefit? 

Meanwhile they’ve just back-doored a bunch of laws about freedom of speech so I don’t even know if having an opinion is legal anymore.

Wake me up when the revolution starts. (Or if you’ve found somewhere nice for us to emmigrate.)




Quantum Linking (Blessed but emotional)

Edited revised lyrics…

What Dem t’inking? Got dem tinking, 
we’re Not thinking, just Quantum linking.
What Dem dealing? Seemingly healing, 
not even healing, just quantum revealing


With drum beats to knock out front teeth We send vibes so lovely,
… like the blessings I received within one week

I was offered to host an open mic at a lovely venue in Bristol,
And asked to be a trustee of two different charities by two different people,

I was looking forward to supporting Congo Natty in a couple of weeks
With Jakus Lakus providing more than a couple of beats

Said to myself “you’ve been raving to Congo Natty since your teens!”
and still got Fizzy Forest’s Happy Daze on February 14th!

Plenty more dreams to come true… and MAD art,
But Not a bad start… to Twenty Fourteen.

More Pan Art Hang jams, practice the sax some more, seen.
More Self discipline… cos idle hands get more lean.

And not in your dreams have you yet experienced,
this bredrins weirdest flows or concepts, yep, yeah I guess they’re ‘various.’

May leave your mind precariously delirious. But like the rest they’re just appearances….
Rest in your awareness, yes.

(for short moments many times,
it may sound tedious
But it’s not. I can guarantee it, yes it can profoundly relieve stress.)

I got to Appearing truly blessed from appearing truly cursed.
…Whatever the appearances? You are the universe!

That’s why ya flow… Act like ya know!
I cry. Let no one to tell you how to act like a bloke…

We are all one with a force nothing could ever stop king.
Never got sober so much as just over over-drinking,

Now it’s time to stop over-thinking. Cos when I watched many minds stop thinking
for short moments many times… I watched many shine.

Uh! Some days I just felt too emotional to cope at all,
The hermit watching Kermit but still often known to ball.

We’re the ones who catch the alley-oop AND those who throw the ball
But if we’re ALL da kings and queens… is there no throne at all?

It’s fine to be emotional, just watch them emotions all disappear into the nothingness…
…from whence they came, then more loving, yes!

Love yourself. Love each other.
Spread love to your sister and brother

Just Take a pause to stop thinking.
We’re always connected, Quantum Linking!

No need to remember to love myself, laughed at myself being hard on myself,
Self critical, judgmental, too quick with a par for myself

Raise yer chin, drop the drawbridge, kick back.
Raise a grin, feel inner peace impact!

What Dem t’inking? Got dem tinking, 
we’re Not thinking, just Quantum linking.
What Dem dealing? Seemingly healing, 
not even healing, just quantum revealing
You are worthy of love.

The past only mattered when it was the present. Forgive yourselves, love yourselves and love each other x


your power’s infinite (working title)

He used to fear that they’d all question his ability to represent
Hip-Hop – an over-sensitive man, calls himself a feminist.

Cos mainstream Hip-Hop seems so superficial, masculine and venomous
To women. Laurel and Hardy ain’t seen such revoltin’ developments.

I used to pick up peng from London’s most revolting tenements
Long before my brethren got Bristol bladder from more ketamine than elephants.

I AM Hip-Hop… my memories the evidence.
Before and after the dub poetry I dabbled in all Hip-Hops elements – 

B-Boying, DJing, Beatboxing, Graffiti, and the fifth
MCing, time to be quartz crystal clear and end the mist/mystery

/Terry Gilliam directed this lucid dream, end the myth.
I used to HATE myself for caring what you think a legend is. 

While telling you all to love yourselves, yeah, “KP KeV the hypocrite.’
Hooked on Facebook and YouTube while still saying “televisions shit”, 

Galactic Central? send upgrade labelled ‘remember mission quick.’
They sent one blank sheet of paper… And a pen – a bic. 

There was another envelope they must have sent it with.
Inside it said “Just love yourself, ps it’s you that sent the script.”

And for a moment I remember – Consciousness is infinite, 
If everything’s everything, let’s just live for mutual benefit.

Is that so hard? Even with cracked old hearts?
It seems the evil got power and the good got scarred.

But dualitys a fallacy of faculties that’s limited. 
What if there is no good and evil and your power’s infinite?