You are perfect star-dust.

Just a brief reminder – you’re perfect. And you contain all the elements of the universe in the same ratio as the cosmos, and every element that is you was born in a star. But don’t let all that distract you – you’re perfect. Advertisements

Why Am I Here?

Someone asked me recently. Luckily I had been asking myself alot recently. Why am I here? Why was I born where I was and when I was? Taking my strengths, gifts and talents into account and taking the possibility of previous lifetimes into account and taking my personal experiences into account I could give a […]

Ego, Spirituality and the Rest…

“If the voice in your head is you, who’s the one listening to it?” Sometimes it’s your subconscious. Sometimes it’s your higher self. Sometimes it’s demons (which may or may not be part of your subconscious). Sometimes it’s angels (which may or may not be part of your subconscious.) Essentially it’s all you. I think […]