Open Your Heart (lyrics) by KP Kev the Poet

  O – pen Open your heart Share – love through acts and art Be – brave facing your fears But gent – ly we’ve earned our tears _ O – pen Open your heart Spread – love through acts and art Be – Kind kind to yourself while we manifest love, inner peace, security,Continue reading “Open Your Heart (lyrics) by KP Kev the Poet”

Peace, World Health & Clean Water – lyrics

Peace, World Health & Clean Water, inner peace leads to spiritual wealth we walk the Earth. Mother Earth’s healthy – Mighty Healthy. At least love yourself. Love cleans and heals all the Illusions we’ve shelved. Drumming beats til the dawn for The Fairies and Elves. Crystals ‘pon the altar. We chant affirmations, sending vibrations OfContinue reading “Peace, World Health & Clean Water – lyrics”

Gig Review – Lyrically Challenged 5th Birthday

{I also have an interview with one of the hosts and promoters of Lyrically Challenged coming on The Metropolist website, however this is the gig review for the 5th Birthday Bash without the interview.} Since moving back to London I had made it to catch the end of one of the monthly Lyrically Challenged Hip-HopContinue reading “Gig Review – Lyrically Challenged 5th Birthday”

‘Low Fi, High Concept’ the EP by KP Kev the Poet

‘Low Fi, High Concept’ the EP The EP is out Sunday, Winter Solstice! Kev riding his self produced acoustic loops with vocal harmonies, live piano, happi tongue drum, saxophone and beatbox, positive affirmations in complex rhyme schemes, building harmonies and epic concepts – I guarantee you have never heard anything like it. Including a BobbyContinue reading “‘Low Fi, High Concept’ the EP by KP Kev the Poet”

KP vs Mixmag, Vice and Simon Cowell

BRAND NEW MIXTAPE AND A BRAND NEW EP coming to Bandcamp this winter! So it looks like this winter we’re gonna have two very different KP releases, my EP of mainly self produced acoustic tracks but also a mixtape of me rhyming over banging hip-hop instrumentals I’ll give away for free. I think IContinue reading “KP vs Mixmag, Vice and Simon Cowell”