Bars – tings on my mind

Been thinking bout… Life’s futility, Christ’s humility, political morality, philosophy, duality, life’s true meaning g, my true dreams indeed, race and locality affects collateral casualties, I’m too peak to see like mountain peaks in clouds, we’re all one, see me leave the crowd without a doubt. I wonder if the people will bite down harder […]

What’s going on? Post 2012 astronomical anomalies… #2012 #gnostic

Got some data today about the magnetic fields of all the planets in our solar system changing recently. So? That’s just data. Valid point of view. Another valid point of view is that all the 2012 prophecies of physical, mental and spiritual evolution are true, that our solar system is on a 25,000 year cycle […]

Casting another white Spider-Man is not racist #TomHollandforSpiderman @marvel #makeminemarvel

So they cast a white dude, Tom Holland, as Spider-man in the cinematic reboot. So? Well cos there has been a black Spider-man in an alternate universe in the comics people thought we might get a black Spider-man in the films. Now there are all sorts of ridiculous Twitter posts and youtube videos with titles […]

Gnosticism (Subjective semi-shamanic rant number 10822, just another story.)

Subjective semi-shamanic rant number 10822 (just another story.) The Patriarchal control system has failed to stamp out phrases such as Mother Earth and Mother Nature despite the male dominated religious and political movements due to the fact that humans intuitively and experientially know that woman gives birth and creation rarely comes from man alone. Empathy […]

Too many rappers, not enough poets #hiphop #poetry

2Pac wrote poems. Just saying. hmmm… Too many rappers, not enough poets, that’s how I felt about Hip-Hop culture til recently, too much TURN UP, TURN UP and not enough “I sip the Dom P watching Gandhi til I’m charged…” but I’m content without the competition. But in the past two years I dare say […]

Black, African, Moorish and Nubian history (and the decline of Red Ice Creations)

INTRO: Red Ice Creations used to be a format for alternative speakers like Michael Tsarion, David Wilcock and Graham HAncock ould do talks on all sorts of political subjects, historical subjects and spiritual subjects that were not getting viewed on the mainstream media. Once upon a time it was my primay source of alternative information. […]

(Don’t) Add Me On Fassbook (unless you’re ready for real-talk)… #realtalk #facebook

People add me on facebook cos they think I’m always a happy hippy. Then they find out I’m sometimes an angry activist who wants to bring down the system and they leave. People want to argue with me cos they think I’m a flaky hippy with a head full of conspiracy theories. Then they find […]

Have a free EP! KP Kev the Poet

Have a free EP! I’ve been busy compiling the brand new. I found a new platform (cos I ran out of free space on Soundcloud and their rivals AUDIOMACK provide unlimited space for FREE. I noticed both Styles P and Method Man were using Audiomack and thought, well if it’s good enough for those legends […]

channelling (dream decoding)

symmetry and focus bird tribe affiliation Kevin is aligned with the crow, but you each have more than one spirit animal, in truth your connection to other species is infinite yet each individual incarnation has it’s own specific preferences for that lifetime do not react to negativity with negativity, transmute negativity fear and love are […]