Bars – tings on my mind

Been thinking bout… Life’s futility, Christ’s humility,

political morality, philosophy, duality,

life’s true meaning g, my true dreams indeed,

race and locality affects collateral casualties,

I’m too peak to see like mountain peaks in clouds,

we’re all one, see me leave the crowd without a doubt.

I wonder if the people will bite down harder now

while these politicians are still barking loud

or use timeless vibrations  like the jembeis we dance around

from the African savannahs to centre of the darkest town.

….Just a few things I’ve been thinking hard bout.


Wastemans wit and wise mans wisdom.

Ever since i listened To Ice T.  ‘That’s How I’m Livin”.

Lyrically – Tony Jaas fists N feet,  the drum of your sickest beat,

the cap on the pyramid, the rapper that’s infinite.

Wastemans wit and wise mans wisdom. Ever since i listened To Ice T.  ‘That’s How I’m Livin”. Lyrically – Tony Jaas fists N feet,  the drum of your sickest beat,  the cap on the pyramid, the rapper that’s infinite.


What’s going on? Post 2012 astronomical anomalies… #2012 #gnostic

Got some data today about the magnetic fields of all the planets in our solar system changing recently. So? That’s just data.
Valid point of view. Another valid point of view is that all the 2012 prophecies of physical, mental and spiritual evolution are true, that our solar system is on a 25,000 year cycle and moving into an area of the galaxy with increased photos and cosmic energy we know little or nothing about but according to David Wilcock and fossil records prompt seemingly spontaneous evolution.
Another point of view linked to this one is that the Nag Hammadi texts were also correct and we have be ruled by Archon’s manipulating politics and monotheistic religions and as a result of this evolution humanity will wake up and realise that we’re lied to every day by media and politicians and remember that the Earth is the physical manifestation of the Goddess.
Just a point of view, just a story. Slightly less depressing than “most humans are generally thick, selfish, gullible sheeple too cowardly to even dare consider the idea that the conspiracy theories may be conspiracy facts and for all their selfishness and stupidity deserve everything the Archons have planned for them.” But, you know, that may also be a valid point of view.
A third point of view is that all of the above is BS (that’s Belief System 😉 ) and I should go to bed.
I prefer the evolution on the Goddess planet scenario personally.
{If I could find a way to get paid for writing this stuff my life would make so much more sense on a conventional level.}

Casting another white Spider-Man is not racist #TomHollandforSpiderman @marvel #makeminemarvel

So they cast a white dude, Tom Holland, as Spider-man in the cinematic reboot. So? Well cos there has been a black Spider-man in an alternate universe in the comics people thought we might get a black Spider-man in the films. Now there are all sorts of ridiculous Twitter posts and youtube videos with titles like…

“Tom Holland Seems Cool, But We Kind Of Wanted a Less-White Spiderman”.


Unfortunately the leak of a Sony e-mail saying that Peter Parker had to remain white and heterosexual was terroble PR making them look racist and homophobic but really that was just lawyer talk for “make no drastic changes to the character please”.

Okay I’m black. I like Miles Morales (the black Hispanic kid who became Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe). But I have loved Peter Parker since the 80s. Peter Parker’s white. Get over it.

Apparently Miles Morales will take over the role of Spider-man in the main comics soon. “In the new version coming out in the fall, Peter Parker still will be part of the series, but as a mentor to Morales” according to NBC News. Actually, that’s cool. Pete would make a great mentor (the mini series where he was a supply teacher for the X-Men is one of the best things I’ve read in years, seriously.)

Word, like I said, I’m black and I’m not homophobic. But if they changed Peter Parker to being black or gay he wouldn’t be Peter Parker. That means nothing to some of you but if you’ve loved the character for most of your life it means alot. I’ve been reading comics since I was 6, that’s 30 years of loving Peter Parker as the nerdy, unlucky white dude. Change his race or sexuality and it’s no longer the character I grew up with. Co-sign “we are not open to having our childhoods stomped on”. It would be worth bitching if they insisted that a black character be white. They weren’t insisting that Spider-man be white, they were insisting that PETER PARKER stay white. Which means they could still have a black Miles Morales as Spider-man. But insisting that a white character stay white shouldn’t even have to be said, that’s just political correctness gone crazy.

Peter Parker is a white heterosexual male. It’s who he was, it’s who he is. Get over it.

I have no problem with gay characters. I obviously have no problem with black characters. But like every self respecting nerd I have a problem with the sanctity of what we call canon, the universally accepted settings, personality and history of our beloved characters. When Nick Fury turned up as a very black Samuel L Jackson instead of the white guy I knew from the comics I thought, “huh?” But Nick Fury was a one dimensional character anyway, so he got a pass. He’s no Peter Parker.

You want a black, gay superhero in the cinema? Invent one. Then publish it as a comic book. For decades. Then let it become one of the most iconic heroes of all time. Then finance a movie. Until then, leave my favourite comic book character the hell alone.

I’m not a race traitor or a homophobe. I’m just a nerd. No self-respecting comicbook nerd wants Peter Parker’s race, ethnicity, catchphrases, sexuality, or general personality to change.

(Okay, I promise to write about Hip-Hop and/or spirituality again as we return to my normal brand of shamanic, Gnostic, and Taoist perspectives on Hip-Hop culture and modern life in general, you know how we do.)


Happy Solstice 2015

Been thinking bout…

Life’s futility, Christ’s humility, political morality, philosophy, duality,

life’s true meaning g, my true dreams indeed, race and locality affects collateral casualties,

I’m too peak to see like mountain peaks in clouds,

we’re all one, see me leave the crowd without doubt.

I speak like I mean it now on beats too frickin loud.

Will the people bite hard now while politicians r barking loud

or use Timeless vibrations like the jembeis we dance around

from the African savannahs to center of the darkest town.

Just a few things I’ve been thinking bout. X

It’s all perception, opinion, points of view, illusion, Maya, Samsara, information, data. But it feels like the universal consciousness of open-source intelligence is getting better at synchronising vibrations around solstice. More love for the lovely, more money for the generous and more power to the positive. I saw an interview with Immortal Technique where he was talking about a conversation he had with Chino XL. They were saying how underground rappers wanna be successful rappers, successful rappers wannabe Hollywood actors, Hollywood actors wannabe Hollywood directors, Hollywood directors see the lawyers have all the money but the lawyers sons all want to be underground rappers. I wonder if the politicians at the illusion of the “top” wants to be free like the rest of us. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, information. It’s all perception. Data. Love your planet, the mother-ship, as I’m pretty sure she loves you, happy solstice mother-lovers!

Gnosticism (Subjective semi-shamanic rant number 10822, just another story.)

Subjective semi-shamanic rant number 10822 (just another story.) The Patriarchal control system has failed to stamp out phrases such as Mother Earth and Mother Nature despite the male dominated religious and political movements due to the fact that humans intuitively and experientially know that woman gives birth and creation rarely comes from man alone. Empathy with mother nature, known to the new skool True Age (we will not use the corrupted meme ‘New Age’) as Gaia the living planet and known to much of the old skool and Gnostics as the being Sofia / Sophia (the Gnostics said she was one of the creators from the centre of the galaxy who accidentally created the Patriarchal Archon demons before she became the Planet Earth), some say empathy with our home planet leads to an understanding that negates the illusory power of the Patriarchy, the same say telling the patriarchy that you do not fear them negates the illusory power. Others say that when you relax and stop consciously thinking you will spontaneously be aware that you are one with all, mother, father, Goddess and Patriarchy.
There is more that could be said, but this is just a story, no need to fear your own shadow.

Too many rappers, not enough poets #hiphop #poetry

2Pac wrote poems. Just saying.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 15.23.10

hmmm… Too many rappers, not enough poets, that’s how I felt about Hip-Hop culture til recently, too much TURN UP, TURN UP and not enough “I sip the Dom P watching Gandhi til I’m charged…” but I’m content without the competition.
But in the past two years I dare say Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Joey Bada$$ and Run the Jewels have given me Hip-Hop with lyricism, poets on beats. With Mick Jenkins, Ab-Soul and plenty more holding it up behind the vanguard.
What happened? I don’t think it was the conspiracy some say (one theory being that record labels have shares in private prisons) but I do think that once gangsta rap became the biggest selling genre that’s all record labels and radio stations promoted for ten years, notably since 50 Cents Get Rich or Die Trying. I didn’t get excited about mainstream Hip-Hop for about 10 years. (Don’t get me wrong, there were always good MCs and always conscious MCs but most of them they were not mainstream, and most would not get played on the radio like the superficial songs getting played 30 times a day). Then around 2012 and beyond Joey Bada$$es crew Pro Era and Kendrick’s team Black Hippy / TDE began to emerge.
Kendrick’s mainstream album Good Kid Madd City (GKMC) was essentially poetic gangsta rap, his first album Section 80 wasn’t mainstream. His second album GKMC was gangsta rap with some deep tracks on it and commercial flavour like Swimming Pools. Fans of the underground slept on him cos the first thing they heard was Swimming Pools (yeah, me). If the beat for The Recipe wasn’t fire I might have continued sleeping.
Kendrick defied the mainstream with his latest album To Pimp A Butterfly by making an album that wasn’t commercial, had loads more live instrumentation and loads more complex lyrical themes.
But what’s my point? Mainstream radio and mainstream record labels can’t hold real Hip-Hop back anymore. Cos the record industry is not what it once was, people don’t buy records like they used to. Artists make their money off live shows and promote their projects on the internet. So an artist like Joey Bada$$ can have mainstream success despite not being signed to a label. Run the Jewels can play on Letterman with an underground sound and a free album with dark beats and lyrics about police brutality and no radio play and no major label backing (although they got distribution through Nas’ imprint Mass Appeal.) Even Lupe Fiasco was on a major label but his project was shelved until the record label received threats from Anonymous (true story.)
So maybe it wasn’t a conspiracy, maybe it was just a financial decision made in boardrooms full of people who don’t care about Hip-Hop culture. Maybe they said “Gangsta rap sells, let’s concentrate on promoting that”, or “Turn Up music sells, let’s concentrate on promoting that.” It’s a logical decision for people mainly motivated by money, I’m not mainly motivated by money but in this day and age that makes me a weirdo. You don’t have to be part of a secret society to be motivated by money or to promote amoral music if it makes more money. Sex and violence sells, can’t blame the industry for what society is buying. But the success of non-gangsta rappers like J Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Joey Bada$$ and Run the Jewels proves that society isn’t just into bling, bitches and shooting people.

So thank the universe that the death of the music industry as we knew it and the rise of the internet has rescued Hip-Hop culture. There was a time it seemed you had to be an ex-crack dealer to be considered a real MC. The time of the lyricists and poets is back. Thank Kendrick, J Cole, Run the Jewels, Lupe Fiasco and Joey Bada$$ for making intelligence cool again

Teenage college kids who know nothing about flows or Hip-Hop culture may spend more on i-Tunes downloads than real Hip-Hop die hards like myself. But as long as real Hip-Hop is trendy maybe those hipsters will learn something. I was a teenage Hip-Hop nerd myself once upon a time.

Of course industry will always follow the lowest common denominator. But artistry will always lead the cutting edge to higher things. From the crack fuelled greed of the Ronald Reagan era to reminding us to say “I love myself”.

ps 2Pac wrote poems.

Black, African, Moorish and Nubian history (and the decline of Red Ice Creations)


Red Ice Creations used to be a format for alternative speakers like Michael Tsarion, David Wilcock and Graham HAncock ould do talks on all sorts of political subjects, historical subjects and spiritual subjects that were not getting viewed on the mainstream media. Once upon a time it was my primay source of alternative information. Recently however it has been a platform for people talking about White Pride (fair enough), which unfortunately sometimes spills over to White Power (ummm, you already have that, like, everywhere) and sometimes sounds quite simply like thinly veiled racism.

One of the comments on one of their youtubes recently attributed all of humanity’s achievements to white people, and claimed that black people and Africa in particular would have nothing without white people. I don’t have a problem with white people or even white pride but I have a problem with historical innaccuracies and/or racism so that comment inspired me to share a few facts about Black, African, Moorish and Nubian history you can see below…

I’m aware that you cannot judge a youtube video or a youtube uploader by their comments, that would be unfair. I am not racist, I am a black Englishman of Caribbean descent and most of my friends are white.  (It’s just information to be absorbed and transcended by universal consciousness – there is no independent nature to race.)


“Nubian pyramids are pyramids that were built by the rulers of the ancient Kushite kingdoms. Prior to the Kushites building these pyramids, there had been no pyramid construction in Egypt and the Nile Valley for more than 500 years.The area of the Nile valley known as Nubia, which lies within present day Sudan, was home to three Kushite kingdoms during antiquity. The first had its capital at Kerma (2600–1520 BC). The second was centered on Napata (1000–300 BC). Finally, the last kingdom was centered on Meroë (300 BC–AD 300).”

“The civilization that built the Sphinx, raised the pyramids and built the world’s first library also produced the world’s first physician, created geometry and astronomy and were among the first to explore the nature of our existence. And they passed their knowledge along to the Greeks. Modern people, in turn, have benefited greatly from this early education.

It’s well-documented that classical Greek thinkers traveled to what we now call Egypt to expand their knowledge. When the Greek scholars Thales, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and others traveled to Kemet, they studied at the temple-universities Waset and Ipet Isut. Here, the Greeks were inducted into a wide curriculum that encompassed both the esoteric as well as the practical.”

“Both Plato and Pythagoras, identified as icons of Greek philosophy, stated that they and other great Greek philosophers had studied and learned that knowledge in Egypt. Many had studied many years at Egyptian schools, to return to Greece as the “first philosophers”.

Thales of Milete

Iamblichus wrote that Thales of Milete had to make it clear to Pythagoras that the latter had to go to Memphis, in Egypt, to study. Thales added that it were the Egyptian priests that were a veritable source of knowledge and information. Thales stated this at a time when he himself was Greece’s most famous and applauded philosopher, even though it would be his protégé Pythagoras who is currently best remembered as the “first philosopher”.
After Socrates’ death, Plato left for Egypt, where he studied for a period of 13 years. His mentor was Sechnuphis, a priest of Heliopolis (modern Cairo and thus near the Great Pyramid).”

So that’s all evidence, I don’t know if it’s proof, it’s just data. Data comes from our infinite consciousness and goes back to infinite consciousness but it’s evidence that Africa had kingdoms and libraries and information that is missing from the mainstream history. But it’s just data, just a story. I only share it to counter the other story – that blacks had nothing until the whites gave it to them. Just not objectively true.


EPILOGUE: for those of you who may think I’m anti-white…
“Typical African immigrant?”
Actually my parents were Caribbean immigrants in the 50s and 60s when they were actually advertising jobs to the Caribbean because they didn’t want to drive they’re own taxis and buses. So they were completely justified in immigrating – they were invited to work here (a little bit of history most racists forget / are ignorant about.) And I was born in London so I was born with a British passport. So… you’re wrong too. Nobody in my family has been in Africa for 400 years, not since they were enslaved and taken to the Caribbean, but let’s not dwell on that shall we, I’m just telling you the accurate history of why I was born with a British passport but I wouldn’t want you to think I was spreading the blame. (And if you can read between thlines you’ll see why parts of Africa are under-developed, because we gave the Greeks the wisdom to build civilisation and then that information was used to build a technological empire and that empire used technology (guns and ships) to steal land and resources. African mines still make European families rich.)

I don’t hate white people, I am simply a long term Red Ice listener who has been listening to Red Ice since at least 2011 and has noticed a lot less objective alternate history and and objective alternative news and alot more fear and bigotry in the past two years to the point that I no longer listen regularly anymore and I do actually genuinely wonder sometimes if the real Henrik isn’t somewhere under Guantanamo Bay or something.
I simply see where the line gets blurred between white pride and simple racism.
There used to be a time when I assumed most of the listeners of Red Ice were well educated enough to know the global reasons for local conflicts and I wouldn’t have to educate people about the World Trade Organisation, globalisation and the military industrial complex in order to explain why Africa suffers so much conflict to decide who gets to mine diamonds for foreign nations to sell, or who gets to mine gold for foreign nations to sell etc. But the ignorance of their current listeners indicates the quality of their journalism. In my humble opinion it’s declining.

But that’s just my humble opinion, it’s just data to be subsumed or absorbed and transcended by open intelligence or universal consciousness – there is no independent nature to race and unless the real Henrik has been co-opted, bought, or brainwashed I would think he’d be too well-informed and open minded to have made his mind up about all members of any race. But maybe I’m assuming too much empathy?
It’s just data, points of view.