Uncertainty (probably maybe)

Humans are amazing, inspiring and infuriating. This infuriating certainty in treating our opinions as fact. I’m sure its all of benefit but this certainty infuriates me. Especially when it ia based on tradition or dogma whether that dogma is scientific, religious, or political and especially when that dogma or tradition is just a social norm. Lynching black people used to be a social norm. Imprisoning people for owning plants is still a social norm.

I cannot escape the hypocrisy that I am human or that I am fairly certain that I shouldn’t be certain about anything.

Some people seem either not intelligent enough or not brave enough to hold the possibility of two or more contradictory ideas in their heads at the same time. It has to be either definitely this way or definitely that way, there’s no room for ‘maybe’. These people cling to either science or religion (the irony being that materialist science is now as rigidly dogmatic as religion despite the fact that science  by definition only finds the most likely hypothesis, never a certainty.)

I find it hard to believe people are not intelligent enough to accept the word ‘maybe’ into their realities because we are all one with the intelligence of nature, science and the universe. So I think it must be stubbornness, arrogance and a fear of the unknown.

Maybe we should make room for “maybe”, we should probably budge up for “probably” too.

For example… The Illuminati probably existed as there is lots of historical information (data) about the Bavarian Illuminati that existed (according to record) in 1776. The Illuminati probably doesn’t exist now or in the way most people think, maybe it’s just a group of international bankers, war profiteers and oil companies with shared interests helping each other stay rich. But maybe I’m wrong.

“Love is the answer, who cares what the question is.”