Casually confidently attacking the microphonics tactically
with strategy like a Shogun in a battle, the katana in his hand leading

the cavalry… mixed with Adventure Time and Giles from Buffy. Trust me
the one-man Samurai battalion. Just ask yourself “how can it be?”

Transmute that military vibration with One Love emphatically backtracking, we
want World Peace… and co-create with our extended family.

Like a fertile field in sunshine our tribe grows naturally organically.
Taking short moments many times to rest and manifest the clarity.

…Nothing exists. What persists, our mind co-creates.
And there is no place our minds you can locate.

The universal mind wakes in mindscapes beyond time or space.
Timeless as moonlight’s grace shining off lakes.


The Next Generation: The Dream


They try to judge our children by constant examination
but that won’t reveal all their skills or all of their motivation,

we’re governed by thieves and liars in most developed nations,
I wonder which generation will be first to run out of patience.

Be your own source of… Inspiration. Find that fire inside.
Be your own source of love. Love yourself and each other yeah, even your dark side.

Stop… Slow it down.
Relax… Hold it down. .


I dreamed of a way out, dumped in my head as a one-part package as if
inspiration was data and information translated into vibration from Galactic

Central. Has the whole world gone mental? It’s like a maze,
with Pacman running from ghosts… and I’m amazed

how each generation copes with learning the ropes
of how to succeed in a society with increasingly twisted principles,

media encourages selfish service to self instead of selfless service to sister or brother,
or instead of seeing self as one with all, or the self as one with ‘other’.

Stop… Slow it down.
Relax… Hold it down. Now come again.

How come again our team should trust a politician like Constantine to edit what God could mean?
Don’t you frown… You don’t have to get bored among the… hum drum again.

Live a life of jams with hang drums, tongue drums… and fun with yer friends.
Then home alone with Radiohead… yeah, songs like The Bends.

Rely on your self to supply to yourself love and inspiration
so love from other’s just a bonus positive vibration.


They try to judge our children by constant examination
but that won’t reveal all their skills or all of their motivation,

we’re governed by thieves and liars… in most developed nations,
I wonder which generation will be first to run out of patience.

Be your own source of Inspiration. Find that fire inside.
Be your own source of love. Love yourself and each other yeah, even your dark side.

Stop… Slow it down.
Relax… Hold it down. Now come again.

black unicorn

4 Factual Films That May Change Your Perception of Reality. Drastically. #conspiracyfacts

Someone asked me for documentary recommendations just now. I gave them 4 with brief reviews. There are loads I could mention and I first saw all of these a while ago (years) but I mention them cos they’ve all come up on my radar again recently.

…Been reminded of a couple of documentariess that explain what’s wrong with the world and why recently.

The Corporation – all about the power that corporations have and how they’re structured to are about nothing but the bottom line

The Corporation:

…and The Century of The Self about advertising and how the mainstream media and advertising use psychology to get in your head to make you selfishly seek money to pay for things you don’t need. (Not a conspiracy theory, a well documented fact.)

The Century of The Self :

But also a couple of things about how it’s all gonna be alright. Run From The Cure: This is about how cannabis, particularly the refined oil, can cure cancer (an official US government study has come to the same conclusion so I can say it in public now apparently.)

Run From The Cure:

and a brief TedTalk on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world. Maybe watch these in reverse order… lol

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World:

Now I am sure you all have recommendations about films that illustrate similar points. I find conspiracy facts or conspiracy theories tend to only convince you that everything is hopeless or help you win arguments against people with less information or more hope than you, these days I am more interested in giving people hope than in winning arguments. So please, feel free to send me documentaries about solutions – free energy, sustainable living, hemp, etc but don’t bother sending me more political conspiracy vids cos I will not watch them. I know enough to know that we have problems to solve and I know enough for now to know what I want to do with my strengths gifts and talents, I’d like more solutions and less problems please.

wake up occupy

Napoleon Hill’s 13 Steps To Riches – Effective or Eccentric?

This is not my article, I am merely reblogging it. Man makes the money, money doesn’t make the man. I value people over profits. However I also value the freedom money can bring and the power to help people that money can bring. So I am absorbing information on attracting wealth and I am sharing that information in the spirit that you get what you give (and to lose my previously held shame in desiring money by publicly declaring that desire.) Again, this is not my article, I am merely reblogging it.

For My Like-Minded Outsiders

Me and my like-minded outsiders don’t fit in any tribe,
We may drift with hippies for a while engulfed in one love vibe.

Now we don’t mind being engulfed… in the one love vibration
But if it gets judgmental… well we’ll soon run out of patience.

Me and my like-minded outsiders don’t fit in any one scene,
But blend in til you see we’re not sheep on the team.

Now we don’t mind you taking drugs, mix and snort until you cry,
But we may eject from your scene… when one too many die.

An outsiders community might sound like loads of fun.
But we tend too share our stuff on stage, or private one to one.

An outsiders community is kinda not allowed.
Cos most of us just pretend not to feel anxious in a crowd…

An outsiders community will be safe and be fun.
We’ll play ukeleles by ourselves and share poems one on one.

An outsiders community is the future without doubt.

Cos just ask around – you’ll find most people feel weird in a crowd…

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 00.49.11

Feeling Happy (but leaving it at that would be far too simple…)

Feeling pretty damn happy. Actually no, I’ll say I’m content. I started happy but by the time of editing I had chilled out to the point of ‘content’. Contentness tends to last longer with more stability anyway.

Considering even my most optimistic writings of recent times have been mainly inspired by my recent anxiety and depression I thought I’d share that with you. Also thought I’d share the depression and anxiety so I don’t make you all jealous or nauseated by the rainbows and unicorns. I’d still rather get inspiration from youtube and a select few lovelys on facebook than leave the house these days but even my rare journeys out the house have been pleasant. Okay. What’s the focus? What’s made me happy and what the philosophical significance of what has made me happy, what have I learned and how it can help others.

I have some rather pleasant appearances in my reality right now, leading to some rather pleasant data. But I don’t want my emotional stability to rely on experiences beyond my control. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with me when I labelled my infinite beneficial potency as depressed, it was juat stuff I was going through. I had my path, my goals and priorities reinforced by likeminded people, that’s the bottom line. But the happiest times of my life when I was squatting with likeminded artists and activists I was surrounded by likeminded people but when I moved and they moved I found myself in what appeared to be a hostile environment, avoiding and replacing (like avoiding people you disagree with and replacing them with people you do) is not a long term solution. I’m still gonna enjoy this now though! My good mood was also inspired by past life perspectives of the years of research and hypnotherapy by the late Dolores Cannon RIP and The Law of One material channelled by the late Carla Ruekert RIP which also support my priorities. But it is not the cosmic material or the support of my points of view but mutual emotional support that made me happy this week, mutual emotional support, an appreciation for the little things, and a shared desire to make the world a better place for the benefit of all. Also, ironically, it was the lessons I learned in my effort to manage my depression, both the lessons learned through experience as well as the advice I received in the dark times that led to happier times later, lessons I shared with others that led to a strengthening of bonds.

Yeah, I’m pretty content right now, maybe even happy. But I strive to maintain mental stability through afflictive emotions and emotional stability through afflictive mental states. Even unhappiness, even depression.

I think Rudolf Steiner would call me sanguine. “Sanguines surrender themselves to the continual , changing flux of images, feelings and ideas” (from The Four Temperaments by R Steiner.) But from another perspective all of those feelings and ideas are just data that come from and go back to the pristine and unchanged mind, open intelligence. “The introduction to short moments of open intelligence many times may at first seem radically different… Thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences – all data – appear and vanish naturally within open intelligence, like the flight path of a bird in the sky. The potent open intelligence and alertness that is identified when you stop thinking is the basis for all data” (from EDUCATION IN THE NATURE OF THE MIND by The Balanced View Team.) It’s this perspective that mind is perfect open intelligence regardless of what appears in it, even perfect when a bad mood appears in it, that helped get me through the sad times, ironically putting me im a good mood to attract better appearances. Now that I’m content I intend to enjoy it but never want to rely on happy experiences for mental and emotional stability. To remember it was being okay with how I felt when I was sad that attracted positive people and experiences, not the other way round…

Well regardless of the fact that I strive to maintain mental stability through afflictive emotions and emotional stability through afflictive mental states I would look like to thank the people who have given me pleasant emotions and thoughts recently, the lovelies who appreciate the little things like, poetry, pink blossoms, and honesty. Especially honest answers to difficult questions.

So yeah, feel like I’m on track doing what my higher self would like from the perspective of many lifetimes – focussing on love and creativity. Give a fu** what the twisted, shallow priorities of modern western society would like, those standards are clearly insane. But that’s just a story, just my data. Just my point of view. But hey, same thing could be said of happiness (and they’d be right.)

In short, your perfect even when you’re sad, appreciate the little things – even Dizraeli’s nan says so, and even if nobody gets you be yourself for long enough and the other weirdos will find you and share their sadness and weirdness until none of you feel so sad and weird anymore. But don’t let that make you forget – you were perfect, even when you were sad.