Casually confidently attacking the microphonics tactically with strategy like a Shogun in a battle, the katana in his hand leading the cavalry… mixed with Adventure Time and Giles from Buffy. Trust me the one-man Samurai battalion. Just ask yourself “how can it be?” Transmute that military vibration with One Love emphatically backtracking, we want World […]

The Next Generation: The Dream

Intro… They try to judge our children by constant examination but that won’t reveal all their skills or all of their motivation, we’re governed by thieves and liars in most developed nations, I wonder which generation will be first to run out of patience. Be your own source of… Inspiration. Find that fire inside. Be […]

4 Factual Films That May Change Your Perception of Reality. Drastically. #conspiracyfacts

Someone asked me for documentary recommendations just now. I gave them 4 with brief reviews. There are loads I could mention and I first saw all of these a while ago (years) but I mention them cos they’ve all come up on my radar again recently. …Been reminded of a couple of documentariess that explain […]

Napoleon Hill’s 13 Steps To Riches – Effective or Eccentric?

This is not my article, I am merely reblogging it. Man makes the money, money doesn’t make the man. I value people over profits. However I also value the freedom money can bring and the power to help people that money can bring. So I am absorbing information on attracting wealth and I am sharing […]

For My Like-Minded Outsiders

Me and my like-minded outsiders don’t fit in any tribe, We may drift with hippies for a while engulfed in one love vibe. Now we don’t mind being engulfed… in the one love vibration But if it gets judgmental… well we’ll soon run out of patience. Me and my like-minded outsiders don’t fit in any […]

Feeling Happy (but leaving it at that would be far too simple…)

Feeling pretty damn happy. Actually no, I’ll say I’m content. I started happy but by the time of editing I had chilled out to the point of ‘content’. Contentness tends to last longer with more stability anyway. Considering even my most optimistic writings of recent times have been mainly inspired by my recent anxiety and […]

Why Am I Here?

Someone asked me recently. Luckily I had been asking myself alot recently. Why am I here? Why was I born where I was and when I was? Taking my strengths, gifts and talents into account and taking the possibility of previous lifetimes into account and taking my personal experiences into account I could give a […]

POP – People Over Profits

Old Skool Priorities (people over profits) I used to tell my parents things like “I never chose to be born on a planet cursed with pollution on the brink of a nuclear war”. I used to pray to God and wonder if he heard me, if I read Buddhas “existence is suffering” a little too […]

Romance… was there a generation of women who lost interest in Romance? (Or is that just a subjective experience?)

I have a series of prose called Romance is not Dead with subtitles like ‘part 2, it’s Been Kept Alive by Oversensitive Men‘ (seriously lol). I generally wrote them when I was unlucky in love, my mid twenties (although I was unluckier in my teens and that is what fuelled most of those thoughts.) I […]