Near Death Experience Research bars? #NDE

Near Death Experience Dr Jeffrey Long conducted the largest study ever on near death experiences, I love the endeavour, that’s right, near death experience study, Sounds like it could be the weirdest thing to investigate buddy, A study of near death experiences? But we make sense if we investigate it if many experience this. If […]

Consciousness Evolution, emotional maturity, Ascension, Evos, Jesus Christ and Jedi Knights #fourbloodmoons #evolvewiththeeclipse #itsjustastory

I think we might all be evolving on an energetic level and I think the coming eclipse might be part of it. No, I don’t think the four blood moon prophecies are apocalyptic in the way some television Evangelists are saying, but actually I do as the word apocalypse directly translates to the word “revealing” […]

The Return of Enoch (the crow ate the spider)

The Return of Enoch (The Book of Enoch was one of many books that was edited out of the ‘mainstream’ version of the Bible…) Slow flame detox. Keep locked. Code name Enoch. Co-Ds Archangel Metatron. He’s like “So what? I’m the scribe of God, that’s why i write so hard, and shine like quartz with […]