Love, Death and More Love

The inevitability of death is most painful to me right now, the feeling will pass and it’s such a typical existential angst that it hardly seems worth mentioning. But it’s there at the back of my mind, that and an inability to express my love for everyone to the extent I would like to. Either because I couldn’t find the words if I tried and because it’s not socially acceptable to just tell people “I fucking love you. Like so much.” (Unless they’re your partner, in which case it’s socially acceptable but preferable in private.) And thirdly the inability to express how important I feel it is for us all to express our love for each other.

I think I express it more than most. But I want to express it more. Cos one day we’ll most likely be dead.

I love you guys n gals, I love you for letting me express myself, I love you for expressing yourselves, I love you for sharing things that may be socially unacceptable in places less safe. Spread love, we might as well.

(And to quote the Vulcan’s, “live long and prosper.”) x

love 655f3775861ba17b2c7cb4b8a71b733f

(artwork by the legend Alex Grey.)



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