Gnosticism (Subjective semi-shamanic rant number 10822, just another story.)

Subjective semi-shamanic rant number 10822 (just another story.) The Patriarchal control system has failed to stamp out phrases such as Mother Earth and Mother Nature despite the male dominated religious and political movements due to the fact that humans intuitively and experientially know that woman gives birth and creation rarely comes from man alone. Empathy with mother nature, known to the new skool True Age (we will not use the corrupted meme ‘New Age’) as Gaia the living planet and known to much of the old skool and Gnostics as the being Sofia / Sophia (the Gnostics said she was one of the creators from the centre of the galaxy who accidentally created the Patriarchal Archon demons before she became the Planet Earth), some say empathy with our home planet leads to an understanding that negates the illusory power of the Patriarchy, the same say telling the patriarchy that you do not fear them negates the illusory power. Others say that when you relax and stop consciously thinking you will spontaneously be aware that you are one with all, mother, father, Goddess and Patriarchy.
There is more that could be said, but this is just a story, no need to fear your own shadow.