False Flags – what are they? And have they ever been proven?

Disclaimer: some might say it’s too soon after tragic events to discuss False Flags. To that I say… 1 it is never too early to discuss who might be the perpetrators of tragic events. If there is any question that may be asked it should be asked. And… 2 nowhere in this article will IContinue reading “False Flags – what are they? And have they ever been proven?”

Belief #belief #reality #philosophy #thematrix and #hoverboards

Inspired by a conversation with Chris Paradox… It could be argued that none of us know anything. “Am I a man who dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly who is dreaming he is a man?” Scientists disprove each other all the time so we can’t rely on that to have all the answers,Continue reading “Belief #belief #reality #philosophy #thematrix and #hoverboards”