Open Heart Relation

Sometimes I feel like my soul is in a strange dimension it doesn’t understand, like Dungeons and Dragons… …electric blue illumination of clouds, wondering aloud, …and standing proud, honest communication leads to open heart relation, …empathy over retaliation. Competition’s not better than collaboration, more beneficial than nationalism’s seeing just one nation love expressed through the […]

Sweet Ting

Sweet Ting VERSE 1: Sweet Ting,  the epicentre of each other’s comfort zones, ignoring the vibrations from our mobile phones, when we’ve got to get up for work, missions or roam, its hard, it’s oh so hard for me to leave the girl alone. It’s difficult leaving her, I believe in her. She’s a sweet […]

Bliss Plus Joy (equals now)

I’m the master of time and space… I ‘m the joker, the King, the Queen and the ACE. I’m abundance for freedom and power, I’m bliss plus joy equals now is the hour. I’m a Melchizedek advising kings, king of peace I’m Elijah mocking spiritually impotent priests, “you have no power over me” – ‘Labrynth’ […]

My yearly ‘Tax Return Rant’, Living with Toothache, Online Privacy and other recent rants and lyrics!

Tax return. I just did it. Yeah, it was as accurate as I could make it, but there were estimations. Why? Cos I’m a poet, not an accountant, I hate paperwork and I hate maths so being forced to do both let alone either by a government that spends my taxes on illegal wars upsets […]