Soul mates, twin flames, Disney and pornography.

Soul mates, twin flames, Disney and pornography.

Have our expectations regarding our love lives been programmed by Disney movies when we were children? Have our expectations regarding our sex lives been programmed by porn?

Been chatting bout soul mates, twin flames, destiny, Disney movies (and their possible responsibility for people thinking that soul mates exist) and such like in various threads on Facebook quite randomly this week.

On twin-flames / soul mates – whether twin flames or soul mates exist logic dictates that if you are following your path and/or following your bliss and doing what makes you and others happy you will attract them while you are doing what you are meant to be doing. So don’t look for your soul mate or twin flame, just do what makes you and others happy and if they’re the right person that is what will attract them. And if soul mates and twin flames don’t exist at least you’ll be doing what you love.

…Jealousy is real, but I don’t know its source. I’m tempted to watch a bunch of Disney cartoons and examine whether my quest for a soul mate was a delusion created by Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Jungle Book…

On Relationships – time changes everything, maybe some people are destined to inspire and/or help each other more and more but the faster things change the less likely two people are going to be in a space where it continues to be mutually beneficial to hang out with each other and/or have sex with each other indefinitely. This is complicated by the addition of having a child together or the seemingly completely natural phenomenon of jealousy. Whether the future of relationships is lots of short relationships or open relationships is yet to be seen, I have witnessed issues with both of those solutions. But I do believe we have to take responsibility for our own happiness, however the better we are at that the better we become at helping guide other people to their own happiness including our partners whether they be permanent or temporary. I do not know if my perception of a missing soul mate was intuitive or planted by media, I currently have an objective view on the subject and no conclusions. Reflections would be appreciated.

On porn – most porn is made by men for men and is definitely a bit too on the male aggression vibe (at least for me). But I also had an ex ask me to be more aggressive in bed so that is also a taste thing (I assure you that most of my partners are not into weird stuff, and I was not comfortable with being more aggressive.) I think there is definitely room for different tastes though and some people are just different. Not every submissive or dominatrix is going to be programmed by porn, some people are just different. Literally different strokes for different folks.

PS just cos Crowley and his colleagues were into it doesn’t make everyone that has partaken in anal a Satanist (obviously). But I concede the exes that wanted anal may have been convinced by ex boyfriends or porn into thinking all men want to.

EDIT: Also, some women just like anal. But porn is more than likely affecting our perception of sex on the whole. Since I first wrote this I have spoken to a surprising number of men who are interested in spirituality and this sensitivity coupled with an awareness of the domination of the patriarchy over the sacred feminine or merely a sensitivity to the dominant nature of most porn and have tried to stop watching porn and discovered that it is an addiction. Once you are aware of karma it is hard not to question the karmic consequences of watching porn, which may depend on the type of porn and even the history and intentions of the people performing in each individual video. Should spiritual men feel guilty for watching porn? Guilt is rarely a positive thing if ever, but should that guilt be avoided by not indulging rather than transcended once you’ve indulged? I do not hve an answer to that question yet. Do you?


2 thoughts on “Soul mates, twin flames, Disney and pornography.

  1. I do not know whether to believe in a soulmate as I’ve never needed anybody else to make me feel completed or whole in a way the world tells us is a soulmate.
    The whole porn thing is also perception, I agree that it can be aggressive and made by men for men but there is a lot of women out there who really enjoy the porn being made. Everybody has a line they won’t cross in regards to the type of porn they will watch. Which is the same thing as in the bedroom everybody has different wants/needs/fantasies! There is a line which should always be respected. In my opinion! I don’t think women only do anal because they have been convinced, a lot of women will do it for the experience themselves or because they enjoy it!

    1. Thanks! I’m blogging on Steemit now and trying to create a community of like minded people.
      Someone I trust said Steemit is better than (and less corporate than) FB and a related site called DTube is better than YouTube. Both reward you for your contributions in a cryptocurrency called Steem. Seems cutting edge, subversive and solution-focussed.

      So today I uploaded some epic content onto #Steemit and #DTube! Some funny stuff and some deep stuff on #philosophy, #politics, #cryptocurrency and #spirituality

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