Nobody Gives a Damn about Your Conspiracy Facts and Ancient Cities! lol

One of my friends sent me a text informing me of the ruins of an ancient city hidden in Antarctica that is allegedly being covered up by the US Government. I am no longer excited by this sort of news cos it rarely amounts to anything in the long run, or affects my life directly […]

Living the Wandering Pixie Gypsy Life Verse 2! (It’s only been 4 years…)

(Verse 1 was inspired by Green, I wrote the verse originally to accompany the Avalon Roots original version of the song, before Dan and I made a hang version. It was inspired largely by the Rainbow Gatherings in Avebury 2010.I recently told Daniel J Waples that I want a hand pan (a hang drum or one of it’s derivatives. He challenged me to […]


Yugen – an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words, and consciousness exceeds dictionaries and scientific discoveries… yeah when you’re feeling that steez… …it’s Yugen, Samurai Champloo, choose technique or intuition like Jin or Mugen we’re all veterans of existence, none of us are noobs friend. But I […]

Chuck D Says Hot 97 Made A “Sloppy Fiasco” Of Hip Hop; Ebro Darden Responds

#hiphoplives #culturalCrime #Thot97 I just started a twitter campaign to petition for an independent Hip-Hop show and a conscious Hip-Hop show on Hot 97. We Hip-Hop request both a conscious Hip-Hop show AND an independent Hip-Hop show on Hot 97 @LupeFiasco @MrChuckD @Rosenbergradio @oldmanebro” We Hip-Hop request both a conscious Hip-Hop show AND an independent […]