More 0pen with Less Judgment

This… this has been brewing… There, but for a lack of education in the nature of the mind, go I. We are not taught to love ourselves, in fact we are assaulted every day by advertising that preys on our insecurities. We are not even taught how to breathe properly (unless you have a yogaContinue reading “More 0pen with Less Judgment”

2015/2016 New Years AFFIRMATI0NS

om Lokah Samasta Sukinho Bhavantu (may all beings in all universes know happiness) om (Apologies for the typos, I’m in a rush AND some of the keys aren’t working! But I have been increasingly slack with the typos this year!) I am infinite. I am a multi-dimensional being. The future is infinite potential. I can haveContinue reading “2015/2016 New Years AFFIRMATI0NS”