More 0pen with Less Judgment

This… this has been brewing…

There, but for a lack of education in the nature of the mind, go I. We are not taught to love ourselves, in fact we are assaulted every day by advertising that preys on our insecurities. We are not even taught how to breathe properly (unless you have a yoga teacher or chi gung teacher in infancy). We are not taught how to love each other, indeed I suspect that the so-called elite are taught from a young age to have contempt for what they consider to be the lower classes (in fact we’re taught to perceive class and then taught to hate and compete with other classes rather being taught to see individuals with no defined separation). And I cannot expect everyone to be inclined to think outside the box for fear of being ostracised. So how can I blame anyone for anything?

I started 2015 with a very neutral viewpoint. After focussing on creativity and being motivated by politics for many years – pro-peace and pro-sustainable (read anti-war and anti-capitalist if you’re still running those operating systems.) This severely limited the jobs I would work in, the ways I would live and even the people I would hang out with. Certain political points of view would anger me, and I couldn’t work with people who would anger me. Then 2014 depression came and by 2015 I was numb, almost as a subconscious act of self preservation I became numb in the awareness of the alternative I can experience as extreme empathy, it hurts. I no longer had well defined political opinions or a moral stance, every question on the subject was met with – “it’s complicated”, or “I don’t wanna talk about it”. I didn’t want to be restricted anymore, but I wasn’t sure where I was willing to compromise, where I might feel I was selling out and where I might feel I was merely growing up.

I’m still not entirely sure. I am more open now. But some lines are being re-drawn (just in pencil instead of pen this time).

Somewhere mid-2015 I became less numb. Refugees. War. Racism created by fear promoted by a sensationalist media. What I perceived to be avoidable refugees running from avoidable wars for resources we shouldn’t even be using anymore because oil is unsustainable and there are lots of sustainable solutions that would cost the oil companies a fraction of their profits to implement. Why does this not happen? Because those are fractions of billions, and a corporation’s only responsibility is to make profit for the shareholders.

So… People are dying every day due to our tax money funding unnecessary wars. At one point in my life I was so emotionally and ideologically opposed to being any part of that I dropped out of society – no rent, no council tax, no bills, no JSA, no address – nada. Those lines got rubbed out and re-drawn a few times since then. I still think it’s a valid stance, but it’s not one that serves me now, not when I can see how much good I can do with money and a stable home. (And quite frankly I was sick of being cold and feeling unappreciated.)

So I had a few powerful conversations in 2015 that helped me see a new goal. Kanada of Embercombe in particular reignited a fire in me that I had allowed to dim. When I attended a talk she did as part of the talk she recited a Hopi prophecy I had heard many times before – it had inspired alot of my closest friends – but the passion and the context and the synchronicity of it in that moment made me cry and made me care again. Numbness be gone. I was strong enough for empathy again. It made me celebrate the tribe I had found when I “let go of the sides” in the rapid flow of change. It made me grateful that I had gone an unconventional route and that I had prioritised my principles, that I knew where to find spring water, that I was living where I was living at least for now, harnessing the right relationships, that I was doing things that fulfilled me creatively as they would later fulfill me financially. Some of those principles had fallen a a little by the way-side but it was enough to make me feel, yeah, I’m proud of who I am, what I do and why I do it. But if I didn’t allow mainstream society to fill me with doubt, if I didn’t allow anxiety to hold me back I could do so much more. I have big ideas. It made me cry. Tears of guilt and tears of pride, conflicting powerful emotions.

I have recently had a conversation over New Years Eve that re-clarified my political perceptions. I don’t have political ‘beliefs’ anymore, I have perceptions. Beliefs appear fixed, perceptions imply that your view is just one angle that is subject to change. I can’t blame the politicians or corporations if they have been taught since childhood by everything around them that profit is the most important thing. I will be the change, I will continue to show people that other things, intangible things; like emotions, love, respect, legendary status, hugs and good memories are important too. But I will make more profit than I did in the past so those people who only respect money will respect my opinion. And so I have the freedom and power to make positive changes in my life and others.

So… 2016. I’m gonna be more open. I’m not going to be afraid of socialising with people richer than me. They’ll finance my ingenious ideas. That’s right, I said it. I’m not gonna worry about my old activist friends judging me for wearing a suit. I look damn good in a suit. I’m not gonna be afraid of asking to get paid for what I do. I’ve done gigs for free when I had no money and lived in a warehouse with no central heating. I have nothing to prove to anybody. And if I’m ver afraid, or if I ever worry I’m not gonna judge myself for worrying. Social awkwardness happens to all of us, and bravery is not lack of fear it’s acting despite it. I’ll try to be brave.

More open, less judgment.

I will try not to judge and I will try not to blame because most of us lack an education in the nature of the mind and in the nature of reality. But I will merely try to be the change I want to see.

I AM the change I want to see. And we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for. Why would it be anyone else?

{I will also try to write things like this during the day instead of 5 in the morning so I can sleep at night and walk my talk during the day!}


Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 20.57.08

{I will also try to write things like this during the day instead of 5 in the morning so I can sleep at night and walk my talk in the day!}



2015/2016 New Years AFFIRMATI0NS


Lokah Samasta Sukinho Bhavantu

(may all beings in all universes know happiness)


(Apologies for the typos, I’m in a rush AND some of the keys aren’t working! But I have been increasingly slack with the typos this year!)

I am infinite. I am a multi-dimensional being. The future is infinite potential. I can have anything. I can do anything.

Feel the happiness and freedom of manifesting your dreams now, as if they’re here already….

So, in reality everything is as it is, time is an illusion and everything is connected and inseparable from the mind that perceives it, or as Craig reminded me – “Nothing needs to be affirmed as all is super complete”. So remain open to all possibilities and realities?

Last night / this morning I was trying to remind a friend (and myself to be honest) not to take life too seriosly. Paradoxically it can take some seemingly grim realisations and reality checks to remind you why life is a massive joke and you should enjoy what you can when you can. This was, more or less, what I said…

I still catch myself taking things too seriously occasionally, it’s really not worth it.
On SO many levels.
None of us are getting out of here alive, although infinite universal consciousness has no birth or death (or time), but the illusion of individuality may be limited so enjoy it while we can.
This planet has been here for billions of years and we’ll get 80-100 if we’re lucky (infinite possibilities, chi gung and spring water could stretch the years but who wants to have the same body and consciousness forever anyway? Infinite consciousness, open intelligence, is already one and eternal.
Even if we reincarnate (I’m pretty convinced but then again if time is an illusion that point is pointless anyway) IF we reincarnate this whole lifetime is a blink of the eye between hundreds or thousands of lifetimes (and that’s seeing time as linear, when time itself is an illusion according to physics and gurus.)
And on top of all that any answers we get lead to more questions the best we can do is try to be positive and try to enjoy ourselves. So spread love and laugh as much as you can

So I’m not into resolutions so much these days. They seem to reaffirm and reify that your not already perfect. Affirmations could be seen in the same way but the way I figure, this illusion of time doesn’t appear to be going anywhere and affirmations – while they may also require some actions – are at least a step in the direction of positive solutions ie a poitive way to spend the illusion of time. I mean what’s the alternative to positive solutions? Exactly. So I requested some NYE affirmations instead of resolutions this year.

Affirmation suggestions from friends

I am pure Love.”

I am Exponential Omnipresent Exaltation.”

“We are free”

“I am happy and healthy and whole in mind, body and soul. I am a co creator of my reality, flowing in synchronicity, every thing I desire will be my destiny. Most of all I am free. Free from shame and lack and pain, free to move and do and say, free to travel, free to stay, free to be what and who I am, to feel the joy that I can. Free to create. I meditate for a peaceful world, for my friends and family to be happy too, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do, I love them all infinitely and my hearts wish is to see them grow in their beneficial power, and I wish this deeply for myself n all, I’m tired of feeling small. Abundance flows as confidence grows, no need to feel lack when you’ve got food and fire and clothes on your back and I am so so grateful for the blessings I have but there is always room for a little more flow, I welcome into my life enough for me to easily fulfil my dreams and destiny.”

Now what other specifics shall we co-create/affirm? Sustainable living? Financial abundance / independence / wealth? Any ideas?

This time two years ago I wrote the following – “People also relate to poetry where we the poets remind you the listener how wonderful it is to be you and alive. It doesn’t have to be self-referential. Positive affirmations like “I can do anything” are true, good reminders and sound great, but “YOU can do anything” feels even better, and “WE can do anything”? Well that’s perfect.”

0kay, so having said that, let’s modify…

We are infinite. We are multi-dimensional beings. 0ur future is infinite potential. We can have anything. WE can do anything.

We WILL live sustainably. We already live in financial abundance, financial independence and wealth. Feel the happiness and freedom of manifesting your dreams now, they’re here already….

A friend wants to manifest something specific “I would like a car so I can visit and discover amazing places and people. I also manifest enough money to do the courses I want to do and enough energy to get creative every day.” Please take a moment visualise a lovely lady driving to sacred spot in England (and beyond) and meeting amazing people. Everything is already complete and perfect but in the illusion of time, It’s already happened, it’s already there.

I do have some specific things I will manifest in 2016. I will manifest, conceive, host and promote the most synchronously satisfying and inspiring events in London and Bristol with epic acoustic musicans AND epic DJs, inspirational talks and stalls. They will be financially profitable for the artists, for positive causes, my team and myself. The wheels are in motion, it’s already happened and I feel the satisfaction already.

I will live with people I love with nature on my doorstep.

I will be financially stable with savings growing.

I will qualify as a Steiner School Kindergarten teacher.

My lovely relationship with my wonderful girlfriend will continue to grow and blossom in mutually beneficial ways, creatively, emotionally, and life satisfaction.

I feel the happiness and freedom of manifesting your dreams now, they’re here already….

Already healed, already perfect.

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you.

Check this, it’s full of colourful sacred geometry. If you press the black play button you get some epic affirmations. And if you press the green play buttothat rainbow flower of life starts spinning. Far out dude! lol (Thanks Jocheryl x and Core Love) – After you click the black play button don’t forget to click the GREEN PLAY BUTT0N to make the sacred G spin. It’s a trip!

(ps I do have three vague resolutions…  Do more Chi Gung. Eat less meat. Make more money n save more money. It’s all doable, in fact it’s already done.)


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 09.54.33


Lokah Samasta Sukinho Bhavantu